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Earth is now one of the hardiest places in the solar system. In the year which I think is 2017 there was an "Accident" which occured with one of the warp gates that makes interplanetary travel feasible. The accident destroyed a great deal of the moon and now the Earth is surrounded by a debris field of rocks. Frequently some of these rocks falls out of orbit and strikes the surface. There is even a "Rock Storm Forecast" done in much the same fashion as a weather report which predicts the likelyhood of a some of these meteorites falling in certain regions.

Because of the constant falling of large rocks from the sky, much of the Earth's inhabitants have left and moved to other terraformed planets. Because of this, three groups of people remain on the Earth. Some people remained holding the belief that Earth is their home and they shouldn't abandon it. Others could not afford to move. And the others are Computer Hackers. Much of Earth's infrastructure is still in tact. Satellites, lines of communication, power plants, etc these things still remain, after all the Internet was designed to work even if large pieces of it were destroyed. This infrastructure provides an advantage for hackers on Earth as opposed to other planets.

The climate of Earth has changed quite a bit as well. The atmosphere is much warmer because of the friction caused by meteorites burning up in the atmosphere. The terrain has become much more arid. Other parts have also changed. For instance most of Japan sunk into the Pacific ocean.

Technologically, Earth is the most advanced in the solar system. The knowledge is available but not profitable in most cases. On Earth it all exists but on other planets they'd have to start from the ground up. The benefits do not outweigh the costs so their computers are adequate but not powerful.. Earth has high tech but not much else.



In reality Mars is a planet similar to Earth. However it has no atmosphere. Its believed by scientists that Mars did one day have an atmosphere but because its size is about 75% the size of Earth, its gravitational pull was not powerful enough to prevent the atmostphere from floating into space. This might have been caused by a meteor, comet, or solar wind. Other than hanving no atmosphere, it is similar to Earth. There is even believed to be frozen water and ancient early signs of life were found in a meteor which crashed in Antarctica

Because Mars is the closest planet to Earth in the Solar system and it was much more hospitable than Venus it was chosen as the first planet to be terraformed (Terraforming is a method of taking a dead planet and making it hospitable to life. Mars is actually being considered to be the first planet to be terraformed in real life). The first of the people to leave Earth mostly settled here. The Red Dragon Mafia has a tough grasp on this planet. Mars has the highest population in the Solar system in Cowboy Bebop. Life on Mars is comfortable there are no rock storms and the citizens are fairly wealthy.

The architecture vaires quit a bit on Mars. Different sections have different styles. Much of the corporate sector has a gothic incfluence. The buildings are very tall and close together. Other parts seem to have a marketplace atmostphere much like that in Europe. Naturally because this is a Japanese production, there is quite a bit of Japanese influence as well. Many of the bars and other establishments have an Old West feeling. The bars for example are dark, dusty, and have a smoky atmostphere.

Mars is hightly commercialized. Its influenced heavily by polititions and the Red Dragon Mafia. Since trade is so huge on Mars the residents tend to live more financially comfortable lives than the ones on other planets. Mars is also the most advanced when it comes to spaceship technology. Most likely due to the fact that its between Jupiter, the Asteroids, Earth, and Venus. Mars is also close to the asteroid belt which is where a lot of mining is being done. There is limited terraforming there too. Mars also has a lot of money for Research and Development into new spaceship drives.



In reality Venus has a highly toxic atmostphere of carbon dioxide, sulfur, and other gasses which prevent life on Venus impossible. The amount of gasses in the atmosphere has caused a greenhouse effect similar to the one currently being dealt with on Earth but Venus suffers from it much worse. This greenhouse effect has made the surface too hot to sustain life. On Earth plants filter out carbon dioxide from the atmostphere keeping the Greenhouse Effect under control. Because of the surface temperature plants cannot survive on the surface.

In Cowboy Bebop Venus was terraformed by a floating islands which drift around the atmostphere and filter out the Carbon dioxide. The reason that these plants were grown on islands is because the surface was too hot to support them. These plants still exist there and the islands which can be seen floating around. It has been some time since the surface temperature was too hot to live on. The floating islands still exist but don't necessarily have to be on the islands anymore. They do keep the gasses which the planet is constantly releasing under control and make the planet able to support life.

These same plants release spores which cause a condition called "Venus Sickness". Its a rare disease which only effects people who are genetically pre-dispositioned to it. Unfortunately there's no way to tell if you're immune to it or not until you've caught it. Sort of like being stung by a bee. Visitors to Venus are warned ahead of time that if they suffer symtoms of the disease to find a doctor immediately. This disease is what Stella, Roco's sister to lose her sight.

There is a plant called Grey Ash which can often cure Venus Sickness. However its extremely rare, difficult to grow, and political factors make it unavailable to the general public. Roco stole one from his crime syndicate to hel his sister. He smuggled a leaf to his sister in a music box and carried the rest of the plant himself.

Life on Venus is not as comfortable as on Mars. The planet is still only recently terraformed and much of the land is uninhabited. The fact that you can catch a crippling disease from the plants also doesn't encourage people to move there. But they're fairly industrialized. But since the atmosphere is potentially deadly a lot of people won't go there. Therfore, the average person on Venus was tempted by a higher pay for a particular job. Also the atmosphere has a high level of helium causing people to have to take a drug to prevent talking in a high-pitched voice.

Ganymede is one of the inhabited moons that orbit Jupiter. Its the moon on which Jet was born and spent most of his life as a Police officer in the ISSP. Primarily its main export is fishing. Most of the planet is covered by water and some fish species were intruduced and have fourished in the aquatic environment. The Ganymede Sea Rat is the first species unique to Ganymede. It resembes a cross between a fish and a seal. They've become endangered however because of the level of fishing that is done on Ganyede.

Other than a huge fishing industry, Ganymede is still on the outskirts of inhabited space. Its a bit run down, and machines rust quickly there.

The planet itself is beautiful. Blue skies, blue oceans, with Jupiter looming on the horizon, it seems like a good place to vacation but I'm not sure if that's a major industry there.



Another inhabited moon of Jupiter is Callisto. For the most part Callisto is a frozen wasteland. Its also on the outskirts of inhabited space and therefore has become a haven for fugitives and the black market. Law enforcement is lax to say the least, nearly everybody on Callisto has police record of some sort.

The population of women on Callisto is practically none. I'm not sure if its the cold conditions, the level of crime, or an environmental issue, but for some reason there are few women on Callisto. Any women on the planet are stared at by the local population which also may contribute to there not being many there. Transvestite hookers are a frequent site on the street of Callisto also.

Callisto is where Spike hunted down Vicious when he was trying to sell some Red eye here. Vicious used the codename "Julia" which Spike tracked here when Faye ran off from the Bebop but not before she cleaned out the safe.

Europa is another moon of Jupiter. Its mostly a desert with the landscape littered with "Land for Sale" signs. Inside walled cities on Europa temperate climates are artifically produced. The walls of the city actually keep the climate within the cities themselves sort of like a giant refigerator. Except the inside is warm and the air is not arid. It seems that the reason that this moon is mostly desert is because its in the early stages of being terraformed.

Titan is a sparcely inhabited moon of Saturn which not much about it is revealed. The climate is mostly desert from what I've seen. There has been some introduced species which were introduced for their apparent resiliance to the harsh desert climate. Both of these things are signs of early Terraforming. This is where Vicious fought alongside Gren when they were soldiers.

Luna is the name of Earth's Moon. The first colonies in the solar system were on the Moon before the warp gate accident which destroyed much of the moon and decimated the population of the earliest settlers.

About 80% of the moon is still intact, however the rest of the moon orbits the Earth in a debris field and periodically rains down on the planet. There are no logner inhabitants on the moon.

Larger asteroids in the Asteroid Belt which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter have become inhabited. Some as hubs between Mars and Jupiter's moons, others have been turned into Mines and the materials sent to other planets for construction, spaceships, etc.

I've been told they also travel to Io, (Pronounced "Eye-Oh"). Io is another moon of Jupiter. I don't have any info on what they did there though.

I've also been told there's a prison colony on Pluto, but again don't have any info on that one.