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Name:Judy & Punch (Big Shot Hosts)Big Shot Hosts
These two are the hosts of a popular TV show designed to tell bounty hunters about the most recent bounties. Since Bounty hunters are called "Cowboys" they appear a cowboy and cowgirl with comical accents which they use to when doing the show.

Name:Asimov SolensanBounty:2,500,000 WAsimov
This Russian patriot used to work for the Syndicate as a chemicals expert. He was charged to create some "Bloody Eye" which is a drug created by the military. Essentially what it does is increases the amount of adrenelin in the bloodstream giving the user superhuman strength, reflexes, and speed. It does take its toll on the user though and over extended use causes delusions of grandeur. The drug is administered by a hypospray in the eye.

He stole the Bloody Eye that he had created and was trying to make his way to Mars to start up a new life for him and his wife. Before leaving Earth though he's trying to sell as much of it as possible. He's killed trying to run a police barracade by his wife who shoots him in the head just before their spaceship is destroyed by the police.

Name:Katerina SolensanKaterina
She makes her first appearance as a very attractive woman who is obviously extremely pregant. She's trying to make her way to Mars with her husband who is escaping the Syndicate after stealing an entire batch of Bloody Eye. Her dreams are to settle down on Mars and live a happy life with the profits from selling the Bloody Eye.

During a shootout her stomach is shot and her dress torn which causes all the Bloody Eye that she was hiding in her dress disguised as a pregnant woman. Click here to see when that happened. While trying to escape from Spike her husband takes too much of the Bloody Eye and loses his mind. He charges a police barracade but she shoots him before they get there. She dies when their ship is destroyed by the police at the barricade.

Name:Abdul HakimBounty:8,000,000 WHakim
Hakim is an extremly tall individual who once worked at a syndicate owned animal research lab. One day he stole a Data Dog named Ein which contained years of research and was worth a fortune. To disguise himself he actually had plastic surgery done to change his appearance. However beat up the surgeon rather than paying and because of that the surgeon sent a pciture of his new appearance to a number of bounty hunters including spike.

He is also well versed in martial arts and equaled Spike in a fight. He managed to recapture Ein with Spike in persuit. Ein jumped from Hakim's stolen car and may have died from the fall or drowned but Spike sacrificed the chance to capture Hakim and saved Ein. Hakim was recaptured by the police so Spike got no bounty.

Name:The Pet Store OwnerPet Store Owner
Yes that is a turtle on her head. This old woman is a very minor character in the series. She loves animals and is somewhat of an expert on breeds. When the thief who stole Hakim's suitcase tried to sell the Data Dog to her she was not very interested. Had she known that Ein was a data dog she probably would have been more interested.

Name:MorganBounty:8,000,000 WMorgan
Morgan was a bounty that Spike and Jet had tracked. He is a loudmouth, frequently bragging about his latest crime. They located him and were moving in to apprehend him but just then Twinkle Maria Murdock and her gang stormed in the door and Morgan was killed in the firefight. So, Spike and Jet were once again cheated out of a bounty. They captured Murdock because they knew of her bounty.

Name:Twinkle Maria MurdockBounty:25,000,000 WTwinkle Maria Murdock
This woman is the leader of a radical group of Eco-terrorists who fight for the rights of animals. They stole a virus which causes humans to de-evolve rapidly called "Monkey Business" and were planning to release it on the human popluation of Ganymede. They wear masks of the Ganymede Sea Rat, an endangered species on Ganymede. They were trapped in a collapsing warp gate and were trapped in subspace. She is referred to by the other members of her group as "Ma" but I'm not 100% sure that they're actually related or if its just what they consider her as.

Name:Mao YenraiBounty:25,000,000 WMao Yenrai
Mao was a major player in the Red Dragon Syndicate but times have changed. Knowing that he's on his way out as far as his influence on the Red Dragon he's become very paraniod. He was close to Spike when he was in the Syndicate. There is a photo with Mao, Anistasia and another unknown person which is rumored to be Spike's father. Which would explain how Spike got involved in the Red Dragon in the first place.

Name:Wen (The Devil Kid)Kid
Wen, or as he is also referred to as "The Devil Kid". This kid was born shortly after the completion of the warp gate that went to Earth. Then there was the day when the Warp Gate Accident occured. He was in a field playing his harmonica, enjoying being a kid with his parents. When the accident occured his parents threw themselves on their son to protect him. If you look carefully at the picture on the Right you can see the shape of his Father's charred body after he shielded his son from the blast. Click the picture for a better view. They both died and time around the kid's body was halted. Because of this this kid will remain eternally young.

Living forever in the body of a child has warped the kid's mind as well as having his parents sacrifice themselves to save him. He seems to have the ability to mesmerize adults and use use them to maintain the facade that he's just a normal kid with only 1 parent. As his "Parents" grow old and die he replaces them with a new one. The kid is exceptionally cruel as well.

Since his body is essentially trapped in time he never grows old. And his body itself is extremely resistant to being changed at any time. For example at one point he takes a bullet directly in the forehead and walks away. It knocked him over but did not hurt him.

Contained within a crystal is the time that the child lost. If he's reunited with it he will rapidly age and die of old age as time catches up with him again. Giraffe acquires the crystal and tries to use it as a bargaining chip to get the kid to release his old friend Zebra who is the kid's current "Parent". When Giraffe dies he gives it to Spike who puts it on the end of a bullet and shoots the kid with it which kills the kid.

Name:Louie Hey and DeweyBounty:1,500,000 WLouie, Huey, and Dewey
Louie, Huey, and Dewey were three hijackers which were capturing passenger ships going from Earth to Venus. Spike and Faye got aboard one of those ships in hope that they would try to capture the ship they were on. They did and were quickly apprehended by Spike and Faye. Roco was impressed by Spike's use of martial arts and followed him when he left the space port.

Name:Picarro CalvinoBounty:1,100,000 WPicarro Calvino
Piccaro Calvino is a small time gangster who deals primarily between Venus and Earth. He's been able to grow some Grey Ash which can be used to cure a disease on Venus caused by the plants used to cure the disease. One of his gang, Roco, stole some of his Grey Ash and him and his gang have gone after him.

Name:Roco BonnaroBounty:100,000 WRoco
Roco is a former member of a small-time crime syndicate. When he and his sister moved to Venus, she caught a rare disease caused by the planet's atmosphere. Roco stole a rare plant called "Grey Ash" to sell and pay for her operation to get her vision back.

He meets up with Spike when return from Earth to Venus and is impressed by Spike's mastery of the Martial arts and tries to become his "Student"

Roco is shot and killed in the end but Spike makes sure that the Grey Ash is sold and the money goes to Stella, Roco's sister

Name:Stella BonnaroStella
Stella is Roko's sister. When they both moved to Venus she caught a rare disease caused by the planet which cost her her vision. She is comfortable with the prospect of not being able to see. She lives in an abandoned ship which crashed in the desert and is overgrown with vegetation.

She knows that her brother's involved with some shady characters but still loves him dearly. Spike makes sure that she gets the money to pay for her operation by selling part of the plant that Roco stole that was not destroyed. The first thing that she wanted to see was her brother but Spike told her that he had died.

Name:GiraffeBounty:3,000,000 WGiraffe
A member of a small-time syndicate this man has a bounty on his head. He loses his partner and finds him in the clutches of the kid mentioned above. Since the kid is invincible, Giraffe gets ahold of crystal which can return time to the kid. He embeds it into a ring to disguise it.

Because there's a bounty on him he's being hunted by Spike and Jet. When trying to save his partner Zebra he's killed by the kid. He gives the ring to Spike before dying though.

Giraffe's partner disappears suddenly but is tracked down by his partner. The kid has mesmerized Zebra and is playing the part of the kid's father. He is pushed around in a wheel chair.

He also has a bounty on his head and Spike and Jet are also looking for him. Although he's been brainwashed he still sheds a tear when he sees his partner get shot and is unable to act. Spike, Faye, and Jet use the "Alfa Catch" to read his thoughts. That gives them an idea of what happened that caused Giraffe to die and some clue as to what the ring is.

Name:VT (Victoria Telpsicorei)VT
VT is a very masculine looking woman who is a interplanary truck driver. Her entire attitude is like that of a classic trucker, standing up for a damsel in distress etc. She fights like a man too. When traveling with her cat Zeros, she goes by the name "Heavy Metal Queen" and listens to Japanese Heavy Meatal music at a high volume. She also is well known by other truckers and works with them when one of them is in need.

She carries around with her a stack of cash. From time to time, somebody will come up to her and offer money to guess at her name. If they get it right they get to keep the money if not their money is added to the stack. Nobody's guessed it yet.

She also has an extreme dislike of bounty hunters. And espeiscally doens't get along with Faye. Eventually you find out that her husband was a bounty hunter and died doing it. Spike find a locket that she keeps with her and recognizes the person within it and it has the name "Victoria" on it. Since he knows her name and her husband's name he gets her name right but does not take the money.

Zeros is VT's feline companion. He travels with her and acts sort of as a concience for VT guiding her when her she's going down a wrong path. For example when VT took an immediate dislike to Spike, Zeros persuaded her to pay attention to him. Which led to them become close friends.

Muriel is a waitress who works at a diner and is a close friend to VT and also Spike. She is the personification of the "Dumb Blonde". But despite her good intentions, she watches while some guys vandalize the Swordfish because Spike beat them up.

Name:DeckerBounty:12,000,000 WDecker
Decker is a man of few words. He looks like Woody Allen with a jean jacket with the sleeves torn off revealing his Dragon tattoo. He's responsible for stealing a large quantity of explosives and is being hunted by Faye and Spike.

When Faye accidentally captures the wrong guy Decker escapes and they chase him into an abandoned asteroid mine. He is killed by VT when she rams his truck with hers.

Name:MPUBounty:8,000,000 WMPU
MPU was a self-aware network of satelites created before the "Warp Gate Accident" which destroyed part of the moon. Because of the debris field caused by the accident, pieces of the moon constantly rain down upon the Earth. Because of the people went underground. To keep in touch with other humans in space a network of communication satelites was created to communicate with the people living on Mars and Venus.

The constant bombardment of rock destroyed the Nazca Lines, enormous ancient drawings only visible from the air, which actually exist in Peru. MPU had seen these lines from space and had always admired them. One day he decided to re-draw all the lines using the lasers on the network of satellites. When this happened the humans below assumed that a hacker had broken into the computer system and made them draw these lines.

Edward befreiend the computer's AI and since MPU was responsible for creating the lines there was actually a bounty on MPU. Spike and the others captured him but Edward downloaded MPU to save him from being destroyed by the authorities. They claim that MPU was a weather satellite network but that sounds like a cover up to me. How many Weather satellites are equipped with lasers capable of carving up the Earth below.

Name:BakerBounty:800,000 WBaker
Baker is a bank robber who was actually captured by the crew of the Bebop. Its quite rare that they actually successfully capture a bounty. Looks like they're going to enjoy something besides Bell Peppers and Beef tonight. Baker is assaulted by Edward who attacks him like a rabid dog for no apparent reason. It was entertaining.

Name:Yuri KellermanYuri Kellerman
Your Kellerman is the psychic employed by the news channel that Spike and Jet were watching when the mysterious grafiti was reported appeared. He is convinced that aliens are responsible. And if they weren't directly responbsible they were by influencing people's minds. Either way aliens are responsible.

His name is a parody on the famous psychic Yuri Gellar. If you don't know who Yuri Gellar was he was that guy who could bend spoons with his mind. It turned out that it was a scam but it made him famous so I guess it worked. Very often in Cowboy Bebop is the influences showed.

Since there aren't any women on Callisto some people have found a niche to make money. They're doing so by becoming transvestite hookers. Julius is the person that Spike encountered while looking for Julia. So I guess that Charlie Sheen would like it on Callisto. But I wouldn't say to him if I were you. He'll cold cock ya. Classic Sheen.

Alisa is the woman who disappeared from Jet's life shortly after he left the force. The reasons for her leaving are not konwn. Jet came home one day and there was just a letter and a pocket watch. Jet made a vow that he'd wait until that watch wound down. After that he'd know that she was not returning.

Jet returned to Ganymede and went to visit her at her bar called La Fan. There he encountered Rhint who would later become a bounty. Jet captures Rhint despite Alisa's objections. He does not let his old feelings interfere with what he knows that he must do.

Name:RhintBounty:1,800,000 WRhint
Rhint is Alisa's main squeeze. He's not a bad guy, but borrowed some money from a loan shark. When the loan shark came to collect his money there was a struggle and in self-defense Rhint killed the leader. Because of this, a bounty was put on his head. He was captured by Jet who did not let his feelings for Alisa stop him from capturing Rhint.

Miles lives on Earth and is the apprentice of Doohan. He an optimistic kid who's got a good heart. Miles is a huge baseball fan listening to games on the radio. His favorite team is the Blue Sox. And apparently he has "Never been with a woman"

Doohan is much more old school tech than Miles is. When Spike brings the Swordfish in for a tune up, Miles has numerous ideas for new enhancements that will make the Sworfish faster and more powerful. But (Insert name later) doesn't want to have anything to do with Miles' new ideas for the Swordfish and rejects them all.

Doohan is an ex Mono-racer pilot who after spending years on the ciruit retired to somewhere in the desert with his apprentice Miles. His hobby is reparing old spacecraft and actually has the Columbia Space Shuttle which he has been working on for years, trying to get it to fly again.

When he was racing in the circuit his racer was called the "Swordfish" because of the long, pointed front of the racer. Its racing number was 4. When he retired he met spike and modified his old racer adding some armament and gave it to Spike. The Swordfish was destroyed and when Spike returned to Doohan to tell him about it he gave the Swordish II to him which is the ship that Spike still uses to this day.

He eventually did manage to get the Columbia to fly again. He actually used it to save Spike who lost his engines and was going to burn up in the atmosphere. He caught the Swordfish II in the cargo bay but knocoked off both wings doing so. After that he repaired the Swordfish II because most of the craft was intact.

Name:Young FayeLittle Faye
When Faye Valentine was a little girl she made a tape of herself which she mailed to herself. It was supposted to have arrived 10 years after she sent it so that she could have a memory of what she was like when she was young. Due to the warp gate accident it got lost but eventually it was found and sent to Faye. This tape of a young Faye is all she has as far as memories since she lost most of her memory of before the Warp Gate accident.

Name:The Video Store OwnerBeta Man
This guy is a collector of electronics from the 20th century. He is a big fan of sitcoms, dramas, comedys, etc which are on TV today. He goes crazy anytime he has the opportunity to pick up some videocassettes of 20th century entertainment. When Spike and Jet first enter his store he's watching the end of a movie. If you look at the names during the credits it mentions Jason Presley and Sharon D-Something. These names are close to Jason Priestly and Shannon Dohrety. Just a little interesting thing I noticed.

Anyway he explains how archaic the videocasette is that Spike and Jet bring to him going into a gbrief history of the Beta format of videocassette.

Name:Chessmaster HexBounty:12,000,000 WChessmaster Hex
When "Chessmaster" Hex was young he was a brilliant programmer who worked in designing the Warp Gate system. However the coorporation that was funding the warp gates hurried production much against Hex's wishes. There were still flaws in the gates that needed to be fixed before they could be used safely. The company ignored his warnings and that caused the Warp Gate Accident.

To get back at the corporation, he placed a trojan program in the Warp gates's software that would allow him to siphon off some or all of the tolls paid by warp gate users. But one thing he hadn't counted on was getting old and senile. By the time that his plan got into motion he had forgotten that he even did the thing. Now he spends his days playing chess vs Edward. At the end of the episode it shows him closing his eyes. I'm not sure if he died or fell asleep. It looked like he died, but if he did, Jet and Spike gave up a lot of money to see that he wasn't bothered.

Name:Domino WalkerBounty:1,200,000 WDomino
Domino is a dealer in illegal mushrooms. The mushrooms act as a hallucionagenic drug which is illegal just like drugs are illegal now. Domino grows these mushrooms on his ship on Europa. The ship was involved in a hit and run with the Bebop before it crash landed on Europa.

Ed captures Domino but she releases him when Domino bribes Ed with a bag full of mushrooms that he claims are "Worth 100,000 Wulongs each". Turns out that they were normal mushrooms though.

Shaft is the only remaining member of the Shaft gang. Which consisted of him and his brother. Shaft's brother died when he ate a bad mushroom sold to him by Domino. Because of that Shaft is on a relentless persuit of Domino. When they first meet Shaft is dragging a coffin around town which he plans to put Domino in. But that coffin is run over by a truck. Its pretty funny that they incorporated the 70's Shaft into Cowboy Bebop.

Coffee is a bounty hunter in search of Domino for his bounty. She's arrested when the police ask to inspect her trunk and find a dead child and a dead dog in there. Turns out to be Edward and Ein who just fell asleep. They wander off but she's takin into custody. She escapes and continues to persue Domino. During the chase her expensive car was destroyed.

Name:Dr. BaccusDr. Baccus
Dr. Baccus is the doctor who works at the cryo-clinic which revived Faye after her Accident. Once she was revivied they gave her a bill for the operation. There was no way that she could pay the bill so she would live with them to work off her debt.

Name:Miss ManleyMiss Manley
Miss Manley is Dr. Baccus' assistant. She is apparently the voice of reason in the somewhat excentric doctor's life. Her duties appear to be that of a nurse, receptionist, and secretary.

Name:Witney Hagas MatsumotoBounty:1,980 WWitney
Witney was Faye's "Lawyer" when she was revived by the Cryo-clinic. After Faye ran away from her debts Witney went after her to bring her back but they end up falling in love. One night while they were on a date they began being chased by money collectors. They split up and Witney's car crashed. In his will he left everything to Faye and when she accepted everything that he owned she got all his debts and actually ended up with more debt.

When Jet needed some quick cash he captured a small time bounty who was scamming people out money. When Jet brings the bounty aboard it looks like Whiteny only much fatter. Faye finds his ID tattoo on his back and knows its him. Turns out that he was in quite a bit of debt and the collectors were after him. He faked his death to restart his life and even had fat injected into his body to change his appearance

Faye helps him escape. All she asks him is what he knows about her past. He has no information to give and at this point Dr. Baccus shows up. The Doctor put the bounty on Witney and Witney turns out to be the Doctor's nephew. Faye turns him in at this point.

Name:The Space PiratesBounty:5,000,000 WThe Space Pirates
The space pirates are a team of criminals who perform all kinds of hijacking of transports to steal their cargo and then sell them. They were operating in orbit around Earth raiding ships then selling the goods to the people on the planet. They were using delivery trucks as a cover with a purple penguin painted on the side. Their names are "George" the one with the hood, "Harman", the one with the sunglasses, and "Ruth", the one with the hat.

Their primary weapon is a harpoon system which delivers a computer virus which is capable of causing a ship's computer to act uncontrollably. They used this on Faye, Jet, and Ed messing up the Bebop, the Hammerhead, and the Redtail. They even got the virus past Ed. In order to defeat them, Spike actually had to unhook his ship from its computers and fly all manually. Their virus was eventually turned agianst them and their ship burned up in the Earth's Atmosphere..

Name:The Alien CreatureThe Alien Creature
Ever wonder what happens to food if you leave it too long in the fridge? Most of us throw it out, but one day Spike had dinner from a resteraunt and since there wasn't room in the main fridge, stored it in a smaller fridge which was forgotten about. Nobody knows how long spike left it in there but over the time it was in there is mutated into an alien creature which upon contact infect the victim with a disease. It can be cured if treated but it renders the victim incompatcitated.

Basically, this creature was spawned when Spike left some food in the fridge for too long. Inside the fridge spawened this creature on the right which is capable of creating smaller creatures. Click the image for a better view. Spike throws the fridge with the creature into space and the smaller creature eventually infects the entire crew of the bebop and was eaten by Edward who was half alseep. This creature appeared in the episode "Toys in the Attic".

Name:Laughing BullLaughing Bull
Laughing Bull is Spike's Spiritiual Advisor. Although he only appears in three episodes he's essentially the narrorator of the series, if it had a narrorator. In the first episode he appears and advises Spike where Asimov will next appear. In Jupiter Jazz 2 he makes a comment on a falling star as Gren dies. And appears at the end of the story to close the series.

Name:Laughing Bull's StudentLaughing Bull's Student
This kid is Laughing Bull's Student. He is learning how to predict fates from his grandfather although at this point in his life he's just merely learning the basics. The real reason that I felt a need to show this character is because his English voice talent is Julie Maddelena and I'm still miffed that she tried to ruin Tenchi Muyo with her horrible voice acting. See Sakuya on my Tenchi page for more details...

Name:Udai MaximUdai
Udai is an assassin for the Syndicate. He was imprisoned years ago and has spent the time in jail. Although he's much older now he's still lethal as ever. While he was being transported to another prison his ship had an accident which allowed the prisoners to escape. Udai took this opportunity to take command of the prisoners and is escaping the police. He contacts his old employers but they're not interested in his services anymore. He's killed when Jet teams up with his old partner Fad. Udai is partially responsible for Jet losing his arm.

Now you're asking yourself, what do you mean "Partially Responsible"? Fad is Jet's old partner. He got in touch with Jet when he learned that Udai had escaped. When Fad and Jet encounter Udai, Jet learns that Fad was the one who shot him in the arm which ended his career.

Fad kills Udai before he can kill Jet and Fad explains that he shot Jet in the arm because he was getting too close to the Syndicate and they were planning to kill him. Fad draws his gun and Jet shoots him. It turns out that there were no bullets in his gun but Fad couldn't live with the guilt anymore. Fad's preferred weapon is a Cougar Magnum.

Van are the three elders in charge of the Red Dragon Syndicate. They're getting old and their traditional beliefs have allowed the Red Dragon to become the most powerful organized crime family in the Solar System. However, now Vicious feels that their traditional practices are obsolete and is looking to overthrow them. They're all killed by Vicous near the end of the series.