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Pretty Sammy
Name: Sasami Kawaii
Age: 10
Blood Type: O
Sex: Female
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Pink
Voice (Jpn): Chisa Yokoyama
Voice (Eng): Sherry Lynn
Powers: Once changed into Pretty Sammy, she has the ability to manipulate her environment. Due to her nature her spells usually change other people's emotions.
Quote: "Pretty Mutation Magical Recall!"

Pretty Sammy is Pioneer's attempt to take advantage of Sailor Moon's popularity. They chose Sasami, because she can relate to young girls better than any other character that Pioneer has rights to. The entire cast of Tenchi Muyo! was recast once before during the transition from the OAV to the Tenchi Universe, so they decided to do it again. Pretty Sammy first appeared in the OAV episode 14, Galaxy Police: Mihoshi's Space Adventure. This episode was based on a story Mihoshi tells the others about how valuable she is to the GP as an officer. Kiyone also makes her first appearance in this episode. During the Tenchi Universe episode 12 she appears again when Sasami creates her ideal universe using Washu's dimension generator. She also appears twice in El-Hazard the Wanders. Can you spot them? These cameo appearances made Pretty Sammy a very popular character. Due to this they Introduced Pretty Sammy.

Pretty Sammy is a 10 year-old girl living in Japan with her Mother Tahiro and her brother Tenchi. I don't know where her father is. Tahiro owns a record store where Kiyone and Mihoshi work. Washu is a new arrival to the town and begins working at Sasami's school as a teacher. Ryoko and Ayeka are rival students fighting (literally) for the affections of Tenchi. Sasami's best friend, Misao, is a new character to the series.

Meanwhile in the Magic kingdom of Juraihelm, a new queen is to be elected. Tsunami is the winner over Ramiya, but before she can ascend the throne she has to do some good deeds. She is to choose a human from Earth and make them her "Champion". This "Champion" reflects Tsunami and she must make the world a better place. Tsunami selects Sasami as her champion. Ramiya, who is not happy with this has selected Misao to stop Sasami from doing good. Tsunami gives Sasami magical powers and the ability to change into Pretty Sammy. She also provides Ryo-Ohki as a guide for Sasami. Ramiya selects Misao as her champion and gives her magical powers and the ability to change into Pixie Misa.

As a magical girl Pretty Sammy casts spells. As far as I can tell there is no limit to the effects generated by her, but she specializes in spells that effect other's emotions and a few actual offensive spells which she uses to destroy demons and the like.

If you look at the picture of Sasami's voice actress above, Chisa Yokoyama, she's wearing replica of Pretty Sammy's outfit. She wore this to a convention in Japan and that's where this picture is from.