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 Select Music :

Tenchi Muyo!

Up-Walk in Galaxy (TV series ending theme)

(Verse one, Ryoko's part)
When you go fishin, you catch a boot or some other trash.
When you play at cards, you lose all your cash.
You're so pathetic, you never win and you never will.
Not the kind of girl, who'd make any guy feel a thrill.

I'm sorry you'll never be a goddess like me.
Step aside this is how its got to be.

I'll get the guy.
Yes I'm the one that will always win the day.
I'm strong and I'm beautiful, what more can I say.
I'll get the guy.
He'll hold me close till the very end of time.
When you lose oh how you'll moan and cry, cuz the will be mine.

(Verse two, Ayeka's part)
While you've been bragging, I had to laugh at your silly fold.
Clearly I'm the one, that he loves the most.
Because I'm gentle, and I'm refined, like you'll never be.
I have won his heart, its a prize you won't steal from me.

Forget it your words won't mean a thing in the end.
He'd be glad not to see your face again.

I'll get the guy.
Each time I try, in a sweet and quiet way.
I'm a queen and you're a hopeless fool, that's all I can say.
I'll get the guy.
There's so much love, he and I were met to fly.
You can stay with all the other girls, cuz the guy will be mine.

(Duet Ryoko and Ayeka)
I'll get the guy.
Yes I'm the one...

Ayeka: Hey what do ya mean?
Ryoko: What are you talkin about?
Ayeka: Oh you're so lame.
Ryoko: Oh so are you.
Ayeka: You think you can get a guy with a face like that?
Ryoko: Hey!
Ayeka: I hope you rot and a giant wad of greesy gunk oozes out of every pore.
Ryoko: Hey, you're no beauty contestant!
Ayeka: What?
Ryoko: Some day you're going to dry out!
Ayeka: Wait 'til I get my hands on you!
Ryoko: Just ask in some dark corner of the nearest sewer!
Ayeka: If I could just tear you limb from limb I would!
Ryoko: Just try it!
Ayeka: *Cackle*
Ayeka: *Cackle*

Fade out


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