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Achika Masaki
Name: Achika Masaki
GP Classification: Civilian
Birth Year: 1953
Occupation: Student
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Voice (Jpn): Megumi Hayashibara
Voice (Eng): Grace Zandarski
Preferred Wpn: Tenchiken.
Powers: Achika can create 1 Lighthawk Wing.
She can also command Jurai power allowing her to wield the Master Key, Tenchiken.
Quote: "Time is short, but Noboyuki and I will live our lives to the fullest I swear. That's all that really matters."

Achika is the daughter of Yosho. Yosho, who had rejected the throne had hoped to send her back to Jurai to take his place as the Ruler of Jurai. She began training in swordplay and learning how to wield Jurai power. She quickly became disinterested in training, and just wanted to live a normal life on Earth. She stopped her training and went to school. There she met Nobiyuki who she later married and gave birth to Tenchi.

Achika made an appearance in the OAV episode 10. However her main role was in Tenchi Muyo in Love, the Movie released after the end of the TV show in Japan.

In the movie she displayed her power as the daughter of Yosho when she fought Kain, a being of extreme power. Despite her apparent defeat of Kain, he was later proved to have survived her attack. She used such power against Kain that Achika died about 15 years after the battle. What caused her life to be shortened? Well...standing next someone when they get shot with a galactic cannon can't be good for anyone's health.

Because of her jurain blood, she was able to wield Tenchiken which in her hands turned into a Gaff-like spear. She used it to rescue Noboyuki by defeating Kain but she was unable to kill him.

Achika is a very kind woman and gave birth to Tenchi. She is essentially embodies all of what a Japanese woman should be.