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 Post subject: Ghost in the Shell World
PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 8:11 pm 
Now this is probably the most confusing place you'll ever see in an anime. First off forget everything you know about todays world, the world of GITS is set in the year 2030 the world has gone through 4 World wars and in the end Japan has become the economic and military powerhouse. The US and Canada are in shambles and are still fighting to get back to an economic powerhouse. Europe hasn't changed much and is has somewhat of a good economy. Noone is too sure on the details of WW3 and WW4. But most of this info has little to do with the show or movie will just give you some idea of why japan is so powerful. In the year 2030 everything is done by computer even peoples brains can be run completly on computers. People can have there memories erased, hacked, distorted through hacking, even changed to the point where they live in a world that doesnt exist. Theres also different types of people theres Androids which are human looking creatures but are totally machine, Cyborgs which are humans which implants that make them extremely powerful and Robots which can look like anything and are totally mechanical. The Movie, Manga and Show revolve around the elite group Section 9 which is a group of special covert goverment police who use unconventianal methods to accomplish there goals.<br><br>Ill go through the characters now<br><br><!--EZCODE IMAGE START--><img src="" style="border:0;"/><!--EZCODE IMAGE END--><br><br>Motoko Kusanagi 2nd in Command of Section 9.<br>Motoko was handicapped as a child and required cybernetic implants to surivive and fuction. After living her life with these implants she became quite use to them and can now use them to there full advantage. She was in ww4 and after she joined section 9 she is the main character of GITS. Shes also a A+ hacker which makes gives her the ability to hack and dive into enemy minds.<br><br><!--EZCODE IMAGE START--><img src="" style="border:0;"/><!--EZCODE IMAGE END--><br><br>Aramaki Leader of Section 9<br>Not much is known about aramakis past he is the big brains behind all of section 9s operations. <br><br><!--EZCODE IMAGE START--><img src="" style="border:0;"/><!--EZCODE IMAGE END--><br><br>Batou Motoko's Side Kick<br>He also server in ww4 and is the muscle in section 9 he has an assortment of weapons and the ability to use them effectivily. Hes also a cyborg like Motoko but not as fast.<br><br><!--EZCODE IMAGE START--><img src="" style="border:0;"/><!--EZCODE IMAGE END--><br><br>Togusa Another of Motokos sidekicks<br>Togusa has little cybernetic enhancements hes mostly human. He was picked up from the regular police force by Motoko for his superb skills at finding things in a case. He is the typical movie cop smart and carries an old pistol.<br><br>Other Characters<br><br>Ishikawa Computer and Elctronics Specialist<br>Ishikawa is section 9s bloodhound when it comes to find information on the enemy through the net. He also does some sabataging work sometimes.<br><br>The above Characters are all in GITS movies and tv shows below are characters that where added to SAC.<br><br>Saitou Section 9s sniper <br>Saitou is section 9s elite sharpshooter he is usually used for recon missions and assasinations. His left eye is cybernetic which gives him the abilty to snipe with no faults. He can also access a satelite which also helps him improve his sniping.<br><br>Pazu Section 9 Officer<br>Not much is known about Pazu he just does little jobs for section 9 and sometimes helps the major.<br><br>Boma Section 9 Computer Specialist<br>Boma will sometimes do groundwork but he mostly acompanys ishikawa in finding information through the net.<br><br>Hope this helps give some info on GITS.<br><br><br><br><br> <p><!--EZCODE IMAGE START--><img src="" style="border:0;"/><!--EZCODE IMAGE END--><br>Favorite Animes<br>1. Tenchi Muyo<br>2. Ghost in the Shell<br>3. Read or Die <br>4. Cowboy Bebop<br>5. Onegai Teacher</p><i></i>

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