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Here are some files which I have found on the Internet. I don't know who the authors are, but if they object to their files being available here or wish thier name be listed with the file please E-Mail me and let me know what you want listed. Some are even links to other pages because I don't have the disk space or patience to download them. One last thing, if you want to link to these files feel free, but I would appreciate a link to my main page. Click here for a bunch of stuff that can be used as banners.

Screen Savers:

There are also some included in the Desktop Themes.
Ryoko Screen Saver547kI really like this one.
Tenchi Cube551kA floating, rotating cube featuring the women of Tenchi Muyo! Alternate Images
The Bridge of Ryo-Ohki40kThis is what it looks like to be on the bridge of Ryo-Ohki.
Ryo-Ohki Screen Saver41kRyo-Ohki tries to catch the carrot.
Ultra Cute Ryo-Ohki466kThis screen saver has Ryo-Ohki running and flying around your screen. (Very Nice!!!)
Achika Screen Saver1.9MScreen saver featuring scenes with Achika.
Tenchi 2 Screen Saver1.5MScreen saver with music and images from Tenchi 2: The Daughter of Darnkess.
El-Hazard3.3MScreen saver with music and images from El-Hazard OAV.

Tenchi Muyo MP3s and Winamp

WinAmp is a program which can play many different audio formats. Its a great program which allows you to create a play list so you can play song after song like a CD player. As an added feature the standard face of the console can be replaced with files called skins. Here are skins created for Tenchi Muyo.

Winamp?Download Winamp.

Amp Muyo!144k
Pretty Sammy Skin136k
Tenchi Amp46k
Shrine Skin164k
Washu Skin160k
More Tenchi Skins?Josh Linder's Winamp skins. Click here for his homepage.

Non-Tenchi Skins:

Ifurita (El-Hazard)144k
Sailor Moon Skins


(Files that you listen to with WinAmp)

I've finally found a home for the MP3s. For those of you who don't know I stored these files on a friend's webspace. But around November of 99, the server crashed and I lost everything. I've spent the past few months recovering all the MP3s and now here they are!! As for the rest of the files... I'm still working on them, but there are temporary links here so you don't have to wait.

Click here for the MP3s.

Screenshot from Tenchi Muyo! Screenshot from Tenchi Muyo!Tenchi Muyo Video Game

In Japan a turn based strategy game was released for the Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo a.k.a. Super Famicom). However it was never released in America. Well here it is in rom format.

** Warning ** these ROM things are only only supposed to be used if you already own the game. If not, you're supposed to delete them one day after downloading them. I'm not responsible if you do not delete them. But I figure that if you still want it you're eventually gonna find it. So I might as well save you the trouble. If it was available in the U.S. I would not have it here, because that would be just wrong. Besides, how else are you going to play this game? Buy a Super Famicom off the black market?

There now that I've warned you here it is...

Great News! Just released was a new version which is translated into english. Naturally, there are a few bugs, but now you can play the game and know what's going on.

Name SizeComments:
Tenchi Muyo!1.0 MJapanese Super Famicom game
Tenchi Muyo! 1.0 M Fully Patched English version of the Tenchi Muyo Japanese game.
SNES Emulator 350kThis is the best damn emulator I've ever found. And best of all it plays Superfamicom games such as this one.
Walkthrough 7k A walkthrough for this game.

Here are other games.

Name Size Comments:
Virtual Cabbit 321kCute Ryo-Ohki game.

Kiss Files:

Kiss stands for something which I can never remember. Its something Japanese. Anyway, its a program which takes a image (usually an anime character) and lets you mix and match his/her clothes. Sort of like paper dolls. There are tons of characters to choose from on then net. I know I have more than this. I'm searching my floppy disk archives for more of them.

Name Size Comments:
Kiss?Download a Kiss viewer

Ayeka49k An Ayeka doll.
Pretty Sammy 39k A Pretty Sammy/Misao doll.
Ryoko 32k A Ryoko doll.

Tenchi Muyo Desktop Files

NameSize Comments:
Tenchi Muyo!1.3M An entire Tenchi Muyo desktop theme.
Ryoko Theme 1.9MDesktop Theme featuring Ryoko.
Ryoko Theme 2 1.5M Desktop Theme featuring Ryoko.
Ryoko's Birth Theme 4.4MDesktop Theme featuring Ryoko's birth.
Ayeka Theme 1.6M Desktop Theme featuring Ayeka.
Kiyone Theme 1.6M Desktop Theme featuring Kiyone.
Sasami Theme 1.7M Desktop Theme featuring Sasami.
Startup Logo 1*68k Startup Logo for Windows 95/98.
Startup Logo 2* 70kStartup Logo for Windows 95/98.
Startup Logo 3* 60k Startup Logo for Windows 95/98.
Tenchi Muyo Icons 45k A Variety of Icons for Windows 95/98.

* In order to use the startup logos download this file which I made that contains batch files necessary to change all the logos on your computer and back again. To make sure you don't lose your original logos (like I did cuz I'm a moron) you can't execute a change without changing it back to the original logo. Just unzip these files into the same folder as your new logo. Then execute the one you wish to change. To change back just execute the appropriate change back file.

All Startup, Shutdown, and Wait screens can be viewed in Microsoft Paint by opening Paint and changing the file type to all files. These logos are saved as *.sys files and you can change any bitmap into a logo by renaming it. Gifs and JPEGs can be converted into *.bmp file using a graphics program then renamed to logo.sys. Execute the appropriate program to create your own startup, shutdown, or wait logo. If you use one of these programs you must name the file "Logo.sys" regardless of which file you wish to make it.

Tenchi Muyo Wallpaper

The wallpaper section has gotten bigger and badder. To go to the new wallpaper section click here.

Movie Files:

Something has happened to the URL where the movies were located. I may be able to recover some of them. Check back soon.


ICQ is a program in which you put in the numbers of people you know and you can tell when they're also using ICQ online. You can chat, share files, etc... Much like AOL's Instant Messengener.
Name SizeComments:
ICQ? Download the ICQ core program.
ICQ Plus? You need to install this program along with ICQ in order to use skins.

Stuff I wrote:

Name Size Comments:
Striptease19k A silly program I wrote. It should keep you entertained for about 10 seconds.
Limit Break 2k This is the applet I used to create sentences with changing letter colors. Both 12 and 24 point versions.
Empty Recycle Bin 342k Wav I made that I like for Empty Recycle Bin in Windows.