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Dr. Clay
Name: Doctor Clay
Nickname: Octopus
Age: 20,000+
GP Classification: Evil Scientist
  Rogue Scientist
  2nd Best Mad Scientist
Sex: Male
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Voice (Jpn): Seizou Katch
Voice (Eng): ?
Spaceship: Shunga
Powers: Doctor Clay is a brilliant inventor and scientist.
Quote: "Why would I want something that I can't tell the front from the back?!"

Doctor Clay was a professor at the Galactic Science Academy until his unwilling retirement. He taught alongside Washu and had a close relationship with her. But even then she could tell that he was evil. He used his intelligence to create weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Clay has been working for Tokimi, who he calls "Lady Tokimi". Tokimi is one of the three goddesses in the Tenchi Universe. She commissions him with a mission to capture Washu and bring her to Tokimi. He thinks that this will be a fairly easy task but he knows that it has its risks.

His plan is to capture Ryoko and use his robot named Zero who has the ability to copy anything and mimic it to perfection. Zero seems to have maintained some memories from previous missions despite his repeated attempts to remove them. Zero and Dr. Clay manage to capture Ryoko and copy her. They cannot copy her gem because of its power so they take Ryoko's.

Zero cannot capture Washu because Ryoko's feelings for Tenchi do not allow her to do anything that will make him upset in front of him anyway.

Dr. Clay also has a character flaw of an immense ego. This is his downfall because he puts his "logo" on everything that he likes the most. Washu figures this out and finds him within his ship. He is also somewhat of a pervert. Many of his inventions take the appearance of beautiful and often naked women.

After Zero turns against him he disables the robot and sets the ship to self-destruct. He escapes in an escape pod. After the ship's core overloads and forms a black hole he sees Tenchi using the Lighthawk wings to save Mihoshi and Ayeka. While stunned by this he crashes into Ryo-Ohki and is captured. After capture Mihoshi brings him in a stasis cell and Tokimi erases his memory of her.