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Name: Funaho Jurai
GP Classification: 1st Queen of Jurai
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Voice (Jpn): Rei Sakuma
Voice (Eng): Grace Zandarski
Powers: Funaho is the 1st Queen of Jurai and has the powers that come with that position. She also has access the Jurian Military.
Quote: "Mihoshi wrote shall we say... an exhausting report"

Funaho is the first queen of Jurai. She is Yosho's mother. She was born on Earth but somehow met the king of Jurai, Azusa. They fell in love and he later married her. Jurain nobles did not approve of the inter-racial marriage of their king and showed discontent. Azusa had his first son from Funaho and they named the child Yosho.

Her son was lost to her for 700 years after which she found out where her son was by reading Mihoshi's report on Tenchi's defeat of Kagato. She and her "sister" Misaki went to earth to find Ayeka, Sasami and Yosho.

Although Funaho is from Earth she has lived long beyond the life span of any human. Being the Queen has its perks too. Her lifespan has been lengthened by her husband's Jurai powers. Funaho has one circular marking on her forehead. This is considered in Jurian society very desirable. Funaho uses make-up to achieve this effect. It is believed that people with such markings are blessed by Tsunami. Even though some women use make-up to create these markings, those with true markings are rare. Sasami and Tenchi have true blessings. I believe that the one marking indicates that she is the first queen.