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Name: Azaka & Kamidake
GP Classification: Guardians of Jurai
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220 lbs
Voice Azaka (Jpn): Kenichi Ogata
Voice Azaka (Eng): Mark Tracy
Voice Kamidake (Jpn): Wataru Takagi
Voice Kamidake (Eng): Phil Fox
Powers: Absorb Matter
Force Field
Quote: "Here We Come!"

Azaka and Kamidake in human formAzaka and Kamidake are Ayeka's guardians they protect her and obey her without question. They serve as advisors, companions, servants, and protectors of the princess. In the TV series Azaka and Kamidake also act as storage devices for the essences of the Knights of Jurai. The knights are pictured on the right. They are named after their corresponding knights. Ayeka can create lesser versions of Azaka and Kamidake but these copies are not nearly as powerful. The reason that they look so much like logs is that they are crafted from a tree of Jurai.

Azaka and Kamidake can attack by firing lasers while flying about individually. However, their most powerful attack can only be performed while both are present. They can emit massive amounts of electricity. This can be used as either a physical attack or to form a force field for defense. They can also absorb normal matter which allows them to imprison anyone like they did to Ryoko in OAV episode 2.

For the most part they hang outside the gates of Tenchi's house and terrorize mailmen and paperboys. Hey how would you feel if you were doing your job and somebody's mailbox asked you how your day was?