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Name: Kagato
Age: 57
True Age: 5000+
GP Classification: Evil Scientist
  A-1 Class Criminal.
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Hair: White
Eyes: Amber with Red pupils
Voice (Jpn): Norio Iwamoto
Voice (Eng): Weston Peese
Spaceship: Soja
Preferred Wpn: Beam Sabre.
Powers: Teleportation
Extract Memories
Phase with Matter
Super Strength
Deflector Field
Quote: "What a comical pair you two are."

Kagato hovering over RyokoKagato is the best bad guy I think I've seen since Darth Vader. In the OAV his ultimate goal was to absorb Tsunami and gain her power. Using Washu's own invention the Soja he managed to capture her. He also created gems for Soja similar to the ones owned my Ryoko. His gems were more powerful but not nearly as compact. Using the Soja, his gems, and Ryoko's gems he nearly managed to absorb Tsunami. If he had that would make him the the most powerful in the universe. But Tenchi stopped him by drawing on the power he has within him.

In the TV series he was Yosho's friend growing up. Their power rivaled each other and Kagato was considered the greatest Jurain swordsman. Kagato failed to control the Jurai power that he possessed. This twisted him into an evil man who takes pleasure in killing people. Because of this Yosho was forced to fight him. After his defeat Kagato's name was erased from Jurain history. Yosho then became the greatest Jurian swordsman. But the dark power that made him protected him and brought him to it. It taught him how to use the Black Jurain Arts. After his training was complete her returned and ascended the Jurain throne claiming to be the lost Yosho. Nobody challenged his claim to the throne because his display of Jurain power was too powerful to be anyone else's. He ordered the unjust capture of any who might oppose him. He defeated Yosho and Tenchi took up the torch to defeat him.

Kagato is a genius scientist, like Washu. As a matter of fact he was her student but using Washu's own ship and his own power he imprisoned her. After the disappearance of Washu, Kagato took credit for all the inventions that she created. He is somewhat of a renaissance man and collects relics of the past, both for their historic value and to unlock the secrets they hold.

Kagato is also associated with cold. When he appears, it begins to snow, his clothes are that of cold tones, and even the auras of things he creates such as his swords and laserblasts have a light green color ot them. He delights in tormenting his ememies through taunts and using his extensive vocabulary to belittle his enemies.

Kagato is perhaps one of the few people to understand how Ryoko's gems work. Using the knoweledge he gained he created more powerful versions of them which he installed on the Soja. The power generated by gems was used to punch through Ryu-Oh's lighthawk wings and destroy the ship.

Using his intelligence he has genetically altered himself to gain powers. Most of his powers are similar to those wielded by Ryoko. His powers are slightly different, usually increasing the effectiveness. For instance, his Deflector Field is similar to Ryoko's Force Field. What's the difference between the two? Well when you shoot a energy blast at an force field it is absorbed by the field. This absorbing of the energy somewhat damages the field making it unstable. A deflector field redirects the energy around the subject weakening the field little if any. Kagato can steal memories from people my inserting one of his ghostly fingers into their eye sockets. You can barely see it when he does it to Ayeka.

In the TV series his powers were that of a dark Jurain knight. I don't think he had the powers listed above, but I'm not sure.

I like the way the English voice actor's name sounds like Elmer Fudd giving a speech at someone's funeral. "I hope that wabbit will Weston Peese". Say it out loud in your best Elmur Fudd impwession. I really like the voice actor for Kagato, I think he brings out the evil in the character.