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Name: Kain
GP Classification:   A-1 Class Criminal
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Voice (Jpn): ?
Voice (Eng): Michael Scott Ryan
Powers: Absorption
Dimensional Shift
Time Travel
Polymorph Self
Life Drain
Quote: "What is the secret of Jurai Power?"

"Class A. Universal Era 507410. Characteristic energy form classified as NVO Code Name Kain. Wanted for destruction of planets and suspicion of murder. General warrant issued. Destroyed 13 federated planets and 275,000 space crafts before he was apprehended and confined in the Galaxy Police Sub-space Network. Considered to have the power to overcome even a large force of Galaxy Police. Has been confined in the headquarters sub-space room for the past 100 years."
- Galaxy Police File

After going on a rampage that destroyed 13 inhabited planets and well over a quarter of a million spacecraft he is suspected of murder. Apparently the Jurain judicial system is as messed up as ours. Basically around the year 1896 Kain got really pissed and blew up a lot a shit. He was confined only by the collaboration of the House of Jurai and the Galaxy Police. They couldn't destroy him so they managed to imprison him in another dimension. The subspace dimension they imprisoned him in was completely devoid of life and dark. Looks kinda like the surface of the moon, just with a lot more wind (I know that for certain because there's no wind on the Moon). It took so much power to contain him that the Jurai emperor who wielded the power did not survive. As villains do when they're imprisoned, Kain plotted his revenge. On both the Galaxy Police and the House of Jurai that imprisoned him. In the beginning of Tenchi Muyo in Love, Kain escaped from his prison and actually drew the entire Galaxy Police headquarters into the dimension. Very few of the officers survived. After escaping he turned his attention to the second phase his plan. To kill all the members of the Jurai family. He chose to attack the family in the past where he knew that they could not stop him. This was because Achika did not follow in the footsteps of her father. Instead of training hard and learning the ways of Jurain swordplay she wanted to be a normal girl.

So Kain went back to 1970 when Achika was vulnerable to sever the family line there. When he did the effects of the altered timeline rippled through the years, causing Tenchi to begin to disappear as his timeline shifted. The only thing that stood between this succeeding was the Genius Scientist Washu. Washu created an energy web capable of keeping Tenchi from disappearing as the timeline shifted.

Tenchi and the others returned to 1970 when they knew that Kain was going to attempt his mother's murder. At that time there was nobody capable of imprisoning Kain again. Through everybody's cooperation and the use of the "Dimensional Cannon" they sealed Kain away in the dimension once again.