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Tenchi Muyo!

Here is a complete list of the episodes released on video. The same episodes were also released on Laser Disk and DVD in a different order but they are the same videos. Recently the OAV was released again packaged differently. The cover art is different and the episodes were packaged in groups of two. 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, and both specials (7+15).

Original Animated Video

Episode   1 Ryoko Resurrected
Episode   2 Here Comes Ayeka
Episode   3 Hello Ryo-Ohki
Episode   4 Mihoshi Falls To The Land of Stars
Episode   5 Kagato Attacks!
Episode   6 We Need Tenchi
Episode   7 Special: The Night Before The Carnival
Episode   8 Hello Baby
Episode   9 Sasami and Tsunami
Episode 10 I Love Tenchi
Episode 11 The Advent of the Goddess
Episode 12 Zero Ryoko
Episode 13 Here Comes Jurai
Episode 14 Here Comes Jurai 2
Episode 15 Special: Mihoshi's Space Adventure

The Tenchi Universe

Volume 1 : Tenchi Muyo on Earth
Episode   1 No Need For Discussions
Episode   2 No Need For A Princess
Episode   3 No Need For Worries
Episode   4 No Need For A Monster

Volume 2 : Tenchi Muyo on Earth 2
Episode   5 No Need For Partners
Episode   6 No Need For Resident Officers
Episode   7 No Need For A Carnival

Volume 3 : Tenchi Muyo on Earth 3
Episode   8 No Need For A Genius
Episode   9 No Need For Memories
Episode 10 No Need For An Arch Rival

Volume 4 : Time Travel & Space Adventures
Episode 11 Time and Space Adventures 1
Episode 12 Time and Space Adventures 2
Episode 13 Time and Space Adventures 3

Volume 5 : Tenchi Muyo in Space
Episode 14 No Need For A Rebellion
Episode 15 No Need For An Escape
Episode 16 No Need For Hiding

Volume 6 : Tenchi Muyo in Space 2
Episode 17 No Need For Hunger
Episode 18 No Need For A Ghost
Episode 19 No Need For Runaways

Volume 7 : Tenchi Muyo in Space 3
Episode 20 No Need For Swimsuits
Episode 21 No Need For A Checkpoint
Episode 22 No Need For Knights

Volume 8 : Tenchi Muyo: The Final Battle
Episode 23 No Need For Karma
Episode 24 No Need For Ryoko
Episode 25 No Need For A Showdown
Episode 26 No Need For A Conclusion

Feature Length Movies

Tenchi Muyo! the Movie:    Tenchi Muyo in Love!
Tenchi Muyo! the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness (Eve of Summer)
Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: Tenchi Forever

Tenchi in Tokyo Shin Tenchi Muyo!

Volume 1: New Start
Episode   1 Separation Anxiety
Episode   2 Four's a Crowd
Episode   3 Long Distance Lunacy
Episode   4 The Eternal Pledge

Volume 2: New Friend
Episode   5 Click for details
Episode   6 Click for details
Episode   7 Click for details

Volume 3: New Legend
Episode   8 Click for details
Episode   9 Click for details
Episode 10 Click for details

Volume 4: New Enemies
Episode 11Click for details
Episode 12Click for details
Episode 13Click for details

Pretty Sammy

Episode 1 Pretty Sammy
Episode 2 Pretty Sammy 2
Episode 3 Pretty Sammy 3

Magical Project

Episode 1 The Queen's Champion
Episode 2 Star Search!
Episode 3 Love Love Monsters

Compact Disks

Tenchi Muyo OVA Vol. 1
Tenchi Muyo OVA Vol. 2
Tenchi Muyo OVA Vol. 3
Tenchi Muyo - Ryo-Ohki Best Album
Meet The Tenchi Muyo
Tenchi Universe Soundtrack
Tenchi Muyo in Love Soundtrack
Sonia Wonderland

Fan Fics

No Need For Another Episode by Michael Bromery.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

The Original Animated Video (OAV or OVA Original Video Animation) is based on a series of comic books and graphic novels written by Hitoshi Okuda named Tenchi Muyo!, which translates from Japanese to No Need for Tenchi. The characters featured in the comic book were Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Ryo-Ohki, Mihoshi, Washu, Yosho, and Noboyuki. Notice that Kiyone was not in the original cast. The name of the comic books was No Need for Tenchi.

The first six episodes were released in Japan and were such a big hit that a second series, episodes 7-13 were released. And after that the Mihoshi Special.

OAV 1Ryoko Resurrected

This is the first episode in the Tenchi Muyo Series. We are introduced to Tenchi, a teenage boy with a curious mind. Nearby to Tenchi's house is a cave, which has always been off limits to Tenchi by his grandfather. Tenchi is introduced searching through his grandfather's things in search of the keys to the lock on the cave. His grandfather tells him that if he can take the keys from him he can enter the cave. Tenchi tries...and fails...or does he? Tenchi mysteriously ends up with the keys in his mouth and rushes off to enter the cave. When he enters the cave he finds the legendary "Sword That Can Cut Through a Rock" which is said to bind the demon. He withdraws the sword from its scabbard and discovers that it's rusted. In frustration be bangs it on a nearby rock (With runes on it) and the rock splits in half which opens a nearby passage. The passage consists of a long chute which Tenchi slides down. Where he discovers a sleeping demon. At least he thought that it was sleeping. The creature touches him but is stopped by the hilt of the sword that Tenchi is still holding. He naturally runs for his life up the chute in a dash that would make even the most practiced Olympic athletes jealous.

The adventure continues a few months later in school where he's brought the hilt as sort of a souvenir of his adventures. After falling asleep on the roof during his lunch break he wakes up that night to the sound of a bell. When he awakens, he finds his kitten up on the roof with him. The kitten runs up to him and disappears. Behind him perched up on a higher roof is a woman with spiked blue hair and amber eyes. She merely says "Ryoko".

Ryoko begins to blame Tenchi for her 700-year entombment in the cave. After fleeing from Ryoko for some time during which he figures out that the source of her powers comes from a red gem that is located in her right wrist. She attempts to finish him off, However her deathblow was blocked by the hilt of the sword, which floats in midair in front of Tenchi. The sword causes Tenchi to fight the demon and with a little luck he manages to cut off her hand, destroying the gem in the process. Tenchi apologizes to her for cutting off her wrist but she says that it's ok and grows it back right in front of him. She then sinks into the earth and Tenchi goes home. When he gets home, he sits on his bed and discovers that it's a little lumpy. Pulling back the covers in horror he finds Ryoko.

OAV 2Here Comes Ayeka

The second episode begins in space where a young girl comes out of stasis. This is Ayeka, she has been on a quest for her "brother" Yosho to whom she is engaged to marry (I don't quite understand this relationship, but just bear with me.) Her ship comes into orbit with earth and she begins her search for him. This was his last known location, he came to Earth to fight Ryoko. After discovering that the time limit has just expired on the crimes Ryoko has committed she decides to capture Ryoko to learn the location of Yosho.

Meanwhile back on earth Ryoko springs out of the bed and says "Now I'll take your balls please" meaning the Three gems embedded in Tenchi's sword. Ryoko explains that without the gems on the sword she can't control Ryo-Ohki, who she explains as the other demon in the legend. At that moment Ayeka's ship hovers above Tenchi's house and she demands that Ryoko come out. When Ryoko doesn't come out she orders that a warning shot be fired nearby. This "Warning Shot" blows out all the windows in Tenchi's house. After this Tenchi agrees to give the gems back to Ryoko, but he's not stupid so he only gives her one. However, this is enough to summon Ryo-Ohki, which is a spaceship, which promptly whisks them away. Along with Tenchi's house because Ryoko didn't want anything to happen to it. After a short battle, Ayeka manages to capture Ryoko and Tenchi.

Ayeka begins to interrogate Ryoko but the more that she tortures her the more she seems to enjoy it, until she touches her with the sword. Tenchi awakens inside a series of vines that don't allow him to escape, these vines act as the ship's jail. Tenchi pulls out a small pocketknife and begins to cut his way through when a voice asks him "What are you doing?". When Tenchi looks up the is a little girl that appears to be about 10 years old. She asks Tenchi if he'll play a game with her and releases him with a key that looks a lot like Tenchi's sword. At this point Tenchi realizes that the sword is gone and agrees to play a game with the little girl who introduces herself as Sasami.

Tenchi finds himself outside Sasami's sister's room where she tells him that all he has to do is steal the headpiece from Ayeka. He sneaks into her room and sees that she's wearing the headpiece to bed. She also is sleeping with his sword, which he attempts to steal, which wakes her up. Before Tenchi has a chance to explain he finds himself being chased by Ayeka's Guardians Azaka and Kamidake (Which I affectionately refer to as Washer/Dryer.) After Tenchi escapes with Sasami he finds himself back in the jail with Ryoko who asks him to let her out. He says that he can't but when he walks up to the cage the sword glows and the vines part. Ayeka arrives and attempts to recapture Ryoko and Tenchi but once again the sword glows and the vines which she was using to capture Ryoko ensnared her guardians instead. After this Ryoko and Tenchi teleport to Ryo-Ohki which is still connected to Ayeka's ship Ryu-Oh. Ryoko, being Ryoko decides not to let Ayeka keep flying around in space and pulls her ship as well as her own out of orbit smashing it into a bridge. Both ships land near Ryoko's cave near where Tenchi's grandfather's shrine is. And the house spends the rest of the series here. Ayeka's attempts to rescue her ship fail as she watches her ship sink beneath the lake.

OAV 3Hello Ryo-Ohki

The third episode begins with a young Ayeka in a field of flowers. She is approached by Yosho, her groom to be. Ayeka offers him a circlet made from some of the flowers that she has picked. Ayeka holds a dark purple flower up to Yosho's eyes and points out that it is the same color as his eyes. Yosho tells her that the flower is a royal teardrop and it is not to be used for "Happy Occasions". The next scene Ayeka is running through darkness towards Yosho and as he turns to face her he turns into Tenchi and tells her that Yosho is dead, in the same manner as he told her in the first place in episode 2.

Ayeka wakes up suddenly and looks out the window at the sunrise. She denies Yosho's death and suddenly spots Ryoko walking out onto the lake, nope no bridge or anything just kinda strolling across the water. Ryoko sinks beneath the water and finds something within the wreckage of Ryu-Oh, Ayeka's ship. Next Sasami is trying to persuade Ayeka to come downstairs which she hasn't done since she crashed. When Ayeka comes downstairs Ryoko is sitting on the couch holding some egg-shaped, smooth stone. When Sasami asks her about it, she tells her that it's her child, the child that she had with Tenchi. Ayeka, angered by the fact that Tenchi is Ryoko's lover and that she has a crush on him, attempts to leave the room. On the way out she runs into Tenchi. He tries to comfort her but she is upset so she doesn't listen to him. She slaps him and runs out the door where she bumps into Tenchi's Grandfather and looks deep within his eyes, she notices their color is the same as Yosho's but dismisses it as coincidence and runs off.

Back in the house the egg that Ryoko salvaged from Ryu-Oh starts to hatch. When it does a cute little Rabbit/Catlike creature comes out. Ryoko tells everyone that it is Ryo-Ohki which Tenchi recognizes as the name of her spaceship that crashed. She tells them that since the first Ryo-Ohki was damaged so badly in the crash that it use its remaining to be reborn as this egg. As Ryoko walks away she bumps into Tenchi's grandfather who catches her and his hands land on her chest. He says something, and takes a quick squeeze. She turns to punch him but he catches her fist. At first she's angry but then she can't figure out how he did that. Just then everyone looks outside where Ayeka is staring out on the lake where parts of Ryu-Oh can still be seen sticking out of the water. Sasami and Tenchi watch as Ryo-Ohki goes out through the door to comfort her. Just then there's a loud crash as Ryoko demolishes the staircase still stunned by what just happened.

Ryo-Ohki goes out to comfort Ayeka which, doesn't want anything to do with the little animal. She walks away from it but it follows her away. She finally turns around and tries to scare it away by yelling at it. Ryo-Ohki bolts and hides behind some nearby flowers which Ayeka recognizes as Royal Teardrops. Ayeka begins to tell Ryo-Ohki about her problems. After a little while Ryo-Ohki gets up and persuades Ayeka to follow her. Ryo-Ohki leads Ayeka to a clearing where Tenchi is practicing swordplay with his grandfather. She recognizes his technique as that of Jurai. But suddenly falls down the hill she'd been standing on. Tenchi stops fighting to see what it was when he gets bonked by his grandfather which is standing in with his sword going under his leg to strike his grandson. When Tenchi asks him if that was part of the technique he says "Ah...No". Tenchi and his grandfather rush over to see if Ayeka's alright when they find her they discover that she has a sprained ankle...What else could it be, and cannot walk. Grandfather orders that Tenchi carry Ayeka back to the house.

On the way back it starts to rain and Tenchi and Ayeka find shelter in a nearby storage shed. Once inside Tenchi begins to remove his wet clothes but he realizes that Ayeka is embarrassed so he waits outside. She removes some of her clothes and sits by the fire that Tenchi built before he went outside. While sitting alone in the dark something jumps into her lap and she screams. Tenchi rushes in to see what happened and finds out that it was Ryo-Ohki. As Tenchi goes back outside Ayeka asks him to stay. After talking Ayeka discovers that Tenchi is not Ryoko's lover and is relieved. Tenchi discovers that Ryo-Ohki has found something in the shed. It is a carrot, which Tenchi gives to her. Ryo-Ohki's first carrot is like a child's first steps.

The next day after the rain has stopped, they head out to return to the house with Ryo-Ohki carrying a bunch of carrots on her back. On the way back, Tenchi offers to take Ayeka to Ryoko's cave in hopes that there might be some clue as to what happened to Yosho. Ayeka suddenly asks about a large tree that towers above all the other trees in the canopy below. Tenchi tells her that tree is the Holy Tree of Masaki Shrine and he takes here there. When they get there Ayeka discovers that the tree is Funaho which is Yosho's spaceship tree. Using the master key, Tenchi's Sword, she unlocks the last memories the tree had before it crashed. the images involve Ryoko's battle with Yosho when he imprisoned her and how he used the master key to absorb the gems into it. At this point Ayeka realizes that the sword will be much more useful to Tenchi because she can't use it. After the show is over Sasami show up with Ryoko. Ryoko sees the sword in Tenchi's hand which she's been looking for the entire episode and congratulated him on taking the sword from her. When Ayeka tells her that she gave him the sword Ryoko rushes off and they all have to walk home.

Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars

OAV 4 The fourth episode in this series begins with a battle in space. The galaxy police vs. Soja (Kagato's battleship). All the galaxy police force in the battle are destroyed. Mihoshi, a bubble headed blonde, is introduced. She is ordered to report to the solar system and investigate Kagato. She is ordered NOT to engage him just to report on him. Mihoshi, as usual, not getting the point decides that she is going to bring him to justice in her ship Yukinojyo.

Back on Earth, Tenchi and his father have gone to their annual vacation to the hot springs in the mountains. They have brought Ryoko, Ayeka, and Sasami along as well. Ryoko takes Tenchi up to the girls' bath where Ryoko embarrasses Ayeka by pulling off her towel. A fight between Ayeka begins. Ayeka displays her power to create and control weaker versions of her guardians. They work together to discharge blasts of energy to attack. Ryoko decides to live up to her name (Ryoko, Japanese for "Devil Caller") summons a minor demon to attack Ayeka. The demon does not obey her commands however. Ryoko forgot that she needs a gem in her right wrist to control the demon that she summoned. The gem that Tenchi gave her (In her left wrist) only allows her to summon demons. Ayeka and Ryoko run away from the demon while Tenchi gets his sword. The battle between Tenchi and the demon causes a vortex to form pulling Mihoshi's ship out of orbit and the demon into it. Swirling in the tornado being caused by the vortex as it pulls everything in Tenchi catches a strange girl. The vortex ends and Tenchi and Mihoshi fall to earth.

The next scene begins in a room where Mihoshi awakens surrounded by strangers. Mihoshi's identity is quickly given by her Galaxy Police watch that indicates the presence of a most dangerous space pirate nearby. Mihoshi faints when she learns that she is standing face to face with Ryo-Ohki, possibly one of the cutest most wanted space pirates I've ever seen.

That night everyone is asleep in their beds when Sasami has a nightmare. This nightmare involves a sinister looking man and Sasami calling out for help from Tsunami. She wakes up from her nightmare and goes outside where she sees Ryo-Ohki looking up at the moon. The silhouette of Soja, the in the beginning of this episode, crossing the moon. Ryoko, who was sleeping on the roof also sees this. Aboard this ship is the sinister looking man which was seen in Sasami's nightmare. His scans indicate that Ayeka, Sasami, and Yosho are on the planet below and he says that Ryoko has finally given him what he wants.

OAV 5Kagato Attacks!

Episode 5 begins with Ryoko drinking saki lying in a domed hot spring near Tenchi's house that I have no idea where it came from. Ayeka walks in and is coersed into drinking saki with Ryoko. After reliving memories...a large green sphere hovers down into the bath (No it isn't the good witch of the North) and a sinister looking man comes out. Kagato quickly subdues Ryoko. Mihoshi who finds the person she is lookin for follows him outside where he's floating in front of a large tree. After being told by Mihoshi to come out Kagato emerges and discards Ryoko. After discovering that Tenchi has the sword, he decides to see if Tenchi is the rightful owner. Kagato completely humiliates Tenchi the tries to take the sword, which flies away to the shore. Standing there is Tenchi's grandfather. Tenchi's grandfather easily defeats Kagato but wasn't paying attention to Ryoko who is being controlled by Kagato. Katsuhito (Tenchi's grandfather) defeats Ryoko who gets her wrist cut off again. Kagato returns to Soja (his ship) and invites Tenchi and the others to come to fight him. At this point Ayeka realizes that Tenchi's grandfather is her long lost Yosho and he tells her that he's to old for her. Yosho went to earth to fight Ryoko never to return because of the unrest about a new law passed on Jurai that they were to mix with blood from other planets. Yosho was not well liked because his mother, Funaho, was from Earth.

At this point they realize that they don't have a ship. And Ryo-Ohki runs off toward the lake where Ayeka's ship Ryo-Oh crashed. Ryo-Ohki lifts Ayeka's ship from the bottom of the lake using psychokinisis (moving objects with one's mind). Then she turns into a spaceship. This is the first time that they learn that this cute little cabbit that they've been carrying around is a spaceship. So they all go off to fight Kagato. Once they engage Kagato they all realize that none of them knows how to use Ryo-Ohki's weapon systems. Ayeka decides to use her ships Offensive/Defensive systems "The Lighthawk Wings". Tenchi raises the Lighthawk Wings and Kagato decides to fire a blast that is so powerful that it punches right through them and destroys Ryo-Oh. Ryoko, who is being held captive on Soja, escapes and goes to find Tenchi among the wreckage of Ryo-Oh. Ryoko only finds the bandana that he was wearing covered with blood. Her screams echo through space as she declares that she will make Kagato PAY!!!

OAV 6We Need Tenchi

This episode begins with Ryoko drifting among the remains of Ryo-Oh. As she's sitting there Ryo-Ohki floats by. She teleports to the ship where she tells Ayeka and the others that Tenchi is dead. They use Ryo-Ohki and punch through Soja's shield.

In the next scene Sasami is seen running through a forest. She stops in front of a large tree. She begins chanting a spell and disappears into the tree. As the camera pulls away there is a glowing orb. When the camera gets closer it is Azaka and Kamidake forming a shield around Tenchi keeping him alive. Unfortunately, Tenchi's legs were obliterated during the destruction of Ryu-Oh. If you look closely at the shield around Tenchi you'll notice that there isn't enough room for his legs. A strange woman appears and looks into the shield. She then enters his body and the whole thing disappears.

Once aboard they easily find Kagato who leads them to him. Mihoshi naturally gets lost and ends up as a reflection in the floor. Ryoko and Ayeka find Kagato in his cathedral. Ayeka charges Kagato but is blocked by the shield around the cathedral. While Kagato is dealing with Ayeka Ryoko teleports behind him and stabs him through the chest. He disappears and she realizes that it was his shadow. Kagato turns Ryoko to stone then begins to extract the secrets of Jurai from Ayeka.

Mihoshi is wandering around the other part of the ship when she walks into a room and activates a trap. Two huge cobras attack her and she blasts them with her gun. While the cobras are recovering from being encased in ice small cracks begin to appear on a seal behind Mihoshi. Encased in this seal is a red haired woman in a giant crystal. The snakes continue to attack her until the seal finally breaks and the snakes are frozen in place. The red haired woman shatters the two snakes and introduces herself as Washu. Washu pulls Ryoko, who is turned to stone out of the ground and turns her back to flesh. Washu tells Ryoko and Mihoshi that she created Ryo-Ohki, The Soja, and used her ova to make Ryoko which makes her more Ryoko's mother rather than her creator. She tells Ryoko that she knows everything that she knows including how she feels about Tenchi because they are linked telepathically. Ryoko teleports back to the other side of the ship to go avenge Tenchi. Washu desperately tries to explain why they can't get back to the other side of the ship but she doesn't get it (As usual).

The next scene is inside a ship of Jurai. Tenchi is there with a strange girl that tells him that she is Tsunami the flagship of Jurai. Tenchi's body has been completely regenerated and is glowing. The sign of the lighthawk wings is visible on his forehead. She tells him that the owner of the ship is Sasami, and that she can't accompany him when he goes to Soja to fight Kagato.

Ayeka is floating in a blackness when she is approached by her long lost Yosho who asks her to share the secrets of Tsunami. After realizing that it is not Yosho she refuses to help him and he begins to unravel her body. Suddenly the scene ends as Kagato is expelled from Ayeka's mind. Ryoko shows up and a battle begins between them. As the battle is happening, Washu who has made detailed diagrams in an attempt to explain to Mihoshi why they can't return to the other side of the ship. Mihoshi still doesn't get it. Washu and Mihoshi begin watching the battle between Kagato and Ryoko, but Washu can't figure out why Ryoko isn't using her full power. After a short time she realizes that if she did she'd kill Ayeka, which goes to show that she really doesn't hate her. Washu pulls Ayeka to the mirror realm to protect her from Kagato who won't follow her there. As revenge Kagato points his ship at Earth and fires another blast that destroyed Ryu-Oh. Just before the blast hits Earth a large Jurian ship which absorbs the blast. The ship disappears and reappears in front of Soja and released a volley of missiles that hit Soja. This ship is identified as Tsunami the most powerful ship that Jurai has.

Kagato invites the ship to come to him. Ryoko tries to fight Kagato again but falls to the ground as Soja begins to drain the power from the gems from her. Ryoko begins to die from this. Kagato picks up Ryoko and begins to taunt her. Just then his hand is sliced off and Tenchi is standing there. Tenchi begins to fight Kagato but he is too powerful for him. Kagato begins to use the gems that he created for Soja to absorb Tsunami. Tenchi regretfully says that he's sorry for failing in his mission. Tsunami tells him that the power to defeat Kagato lies within him.

Tenchi suddenly stand up which catches Kagato's attention. He tosses the sword aside and Kagato laughs that he's given up. He turns and gives him a good bye line. He blasts and the explosion engulfs Tenchi. After the smoke clears Tenchi is still standing there surrounded by three curved beams of light which protected him from the blast. Two of them form armor for him and the third form a sword. These are the Lighthawk wings. Tenchi deflects another laser fired by Kagato with his last Lighthawk wing. Kagato send out a series of crystals which are quickly destroyed by Tenchi. As the smoke clears Tenchi sees Kagato charging him and he does on of those dramatic slashes that you can see in any good anime. The wound inflicted by Kagato on Tenchi's armor quickly loses. And Kagato fades out of existence.

After the battle Ryoko decides that she will be the first to hug Tenchi. Just then the others that were trapped on the other side reappear. Ryoko quickly trips Ayeka and Mihoshi. When she turns to face Tenchi she sees that Ryo-Ohki has already beaten her to Tenchi. She grabs her and yells at her. She turns again to hug Tenchi but Washu is already there and asks if Tenchi would like to be a guinea pig for her experiments. She pulls Washu aside and turns again to hug Tenchi but Sasami is already there. Next everyone but Ryoko is hugging Tenchi. When suddenly there is a loud crash. Tenchi hit Kagato with so much power that he not only split Kagato in half but the entire ship. Everyone escapes while Soja explodes.

The Night Before The Carnival

Tenchi Muyo Special This episode was a special episode released after the seven listed above. It begins on a sunny day Tenchi is seen waking up when he sits up he sees Ryoko's head floating there with her body phased into subspace. Her eyes are bloodshot because she's been up all night watching him. Tenchi leaves his room with Ryoko following quickly behind. He goes to a room and says that he needs his privacy. When Ryoko asks him why he points to a sign on the door which says "Restroom". Tenchi goes into the bathroom alone but when he sits down on the toilet Ryoko's head is there looking through the wall. Next Ryoko can been seen scratching at the door like a dog trying to get out of the rain. While Tenchi is changing in the bathroom he sees the ring which Tsunami gave him on his finger. When he goes to take it off he activates it and changes into his battle gear. A small seed falls out of his clothes and he picks it up. Ayeka is walking by while Ryoko is scratching at the door, but the two just stare at each other. The door Ryoko is leaning against is suddenly opened and Ryoko falls in while Tenchi comes out. He goes up to Ayeka and hands her the seed. The seed is Ryu-Oh's. With this seed Ayeka can revive Ryu-Oh in time.

The next scene is in Washu's subspace lab. Ayeka comes in asking if there's something that she can build for Ryu-Oh's seed. At first Washu is angry and refuses to help because she insists that she be called Little Washu (Washu-chan in Japanese). After Ayeka breaks down and calls her Littler Washu she says that she'll help her. Washu hands her a flower pot which Ayeka quickly smashes over her head. Meanwhile outside Washu's lab Mihoshi and Sasami are reading comics for girls which belong to Tenchi's father...but that's his business. Ryoko wakes up wondering what all the fuss is about and Sasami tells her that they're reading how to get guys Earth style. Ryoko realizes that these comics might give her a hint on how to get Tenchi and begins reading. Back inside Washu's lab she opens a portal to subspace and takes out a shell which looks much like Ryu-Oh's. Washu tells her that Kagato made it to keep Tsunami in and it should be perfect for Ryu-Oh.

Tenchi is in the field farming carrots when Ryo-Ohki shows up Tenchi tells her that "All these carrots are just for you." Ryo-Ohki becomes excited and begins digging into the ground but Tenchi tells her that they're not ready yet. After that Tenchi goes home and when he comes into the house, Sasami is making lunch. She asks if he'll go get everyone. First he goes into Washu's lab. When he gets there he asks where's Ayeka. She tells him that she's planting carrots...or something. Ryo-Ohki quickly runs away. Washu decides to she needs Tenchi for a few experiments when suddenly a large contraption comes up behind him and ties him up.

Ayeka is gently planting Ryu-Oh in the unit. When she goes to get some water she finds Ryo-Ohki digging up the seed. She screams at Ryu-Ohki "This is not a Carrot!" Back in Washu's lab Tenchi is being held in an uncomfortable position. Washu says that she needs just one more sample. She puts on a nurse's uniform and tells him that she needs a sperm sample. When she's just about to use her "Magic Fingers" Mihoshi comes up behind her and asks what's she's doing. Washu can't figure out how she just stumbled into her subspace lab. Mihoshi leans on a console and little Ryo-Ohki and Ryoko dolls begin to pop out.

In the next scene Tenchi is outside sweeping and Ryoko closes the book she's reading. She walks up behind Tenchi and kicks him over. When he starts to help her up, she tells him that her name is Ryoko. And in the middle of her dramatic moment scripted directly from the comic book Mihoshi shows up and asks why Ryoko's face is red. Ryoko tries to send her away but she's worried about her and takes her away to treat her illness. As Mihoshi drags Ryoko up the stairs Ayeka and Sasami are standing there listening. Sasami tells her sister that Ryoko has been reading Nobuyuki's books. The next scene Ayeka is there reading books. Tenchi is on his way up the hill to his grandfather's shrine when he stumbles and falls. Ayeka comes rushing up and gives him her handkerchief. As she leaves she tells him that her name is Ayeka. Tenchi confused pulls his foot up and there's a rope tied around it. At the top of the hill Tenchi and his grandfather are working, when Tenchi's grandfather asks him what the girls are up to? They look over and the two are trying poorly to hide behind Azaka and Kamidake. They quickly leave after being spotted.

Back to the house Ayeka and Ryoko are looking for new ideas. Ayeka bribes Ryo-Ohki with the promise of carrots if she delivers a letter to Tenchi. She hurries to the top of the shrine. While Ryoko decides that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. When Ryo-Ohki samples the food Ryoko has made she passes out.

After many failed attempts to get Tenchi on their own, Ryoko and Ayeka decide to team up. Ryoko, pretending to be Mihoshi's superior officer, calls up Mihoshi and orders her to report back to GP Headquarters. While Ayeka sets up a forcefield at Washu's door. After the two have successfully eliminated all rivals, Ryoko turns on Ayeka and ties her up. Ryoko sneaks up the stairs and just when she's opening the door she's whisked away into the middle of the lake by a small guardian placed above the door. Ryoko storms into the house where she finds Ayeka untying herself. The two begin to fight.

Sasami is walking in complete darkness when suddenly she falls through and hits her head. After falling some distance Sasami is seen lying in a pool of her own blood. Tenchi appears and reaches out a hand to help her. But just before they touch, a large hands grabs him. Sasami sees a strange woman, which later turns out to be Tokimi, and wakes up crying.

Back in the hall Ryoko and Ayeka are still fighting. Sasami walks by crying and they both stop. She goes to Tenchi's door and knocks. Tenchi opens the door and lets her in. She asks if she can sleep with him tonight. Tenchi says OK and Washu and Ryo-Ohki can be heard in the room. When Ryoko and Ayeka realize that they're the only ones not in the room they run to the door but are teleported outside into the lake. Tenchi wondering what the noise was goes to the door but nobody's there. Washu, glancing out the window says, "Two fools who forgot to knock." As everyone is dozing off a strange sound is heard. It's Mihoshi returning from Headquarters. Mihoshi...being Mihoshi crashes into Tenchi's house, destroying it.

The next day all that's left is Washu's door. Inside the door everyone is sleeping in sleeping bags. Ayeka is awakened by Ryo-Ohki digging up her tree again. When she goes over to stop her she finds out that she was talking to her tree.

OAV 8-9Hello Baby

The 8th episode of the Tenchi Muyo OAV begins when Ayeka is escorting Sasami back from A trip to Tenchi's aunt. The next day the doorbell rings and Tenchi answers it. When he does he is given formula, toys, diapers and his baby cousin. His aunt has taken ill and they need someone to take care of the baby. Before Tenchi can think about it his aunt is well down the road.

So they're all stuck with this kid. Ayeka, Ryoko, and Mihoshi all attempt to impress Tenchi with their maternal skills. Unfortunately none of them have any. They manage to muddle their way through it. Changing the baby, feeding the baby, attending to the baby's needs. After a day of taking care of the baby, Ryoko is awakened in the middle of the night. She changes the baby in record speed then falls back to sleep. The baby gets up and wanders into Washu's lab under the stairs. When Washu finds the little tike she quickly returns him to the living room. When she gets there she gives the baby back to them. Washu returns to her lab but cannot work. She keeps tossing and turning, thinking about the baby. After a little while she returns to the living room and sees that the baby has made a mess. She takes the baby into the kitchen and doesn't like the ingredients in the formula. So she creates a super formula and gives it to the baby who loves it.

The next day Tenchi comes into the kitchen where Washu is with the baby in a papoose. When Ryoko appears she gives the baby over to Ryoko to take care of him. When she sees how poorly she's feeding the baby she takes it and shows her how to feed it.

Over the next couple of days Washu spends all her time with the baby, including a scene in which she imagines the baby as a small blonde child. Washu turns out to be very motherly and grows to love the baby. When Tenchi sees her holding the baby he asks if that's how Mothers and children are supposed to be. When she tells him that it is how he was with his mother, she tells him that she knows that this is how it was.

The next day while Washu is in the kitchen caring for the baby the doorbell rings. It is Tenchi's aunt and she's gotten better. When she returns the baby, the baby reaches out towards Washu and says ";Mama". Tenchi's uncle, which looks way too much like him, thinks that the baby is talking to his mother. After the baby is gone Washu sigh in relief, but Tenchi doesn't believe that she means it. Washu tells him that when she was young she had a baby, but it was taken from her by the baby's father. The baby was taken from her because she was not of the proper heredity. Rather than allowing anything like that to happen again she changed herself into an eternal child because such things are not important to children.

When Tenchi turns to comfort her he realizes that she's taken the form of a grown up Washu. She offers to have his baby. Ayeka and Ryoko are not fond of this idea and begin fighting with Washu and each other.

At the end of this episode Sasami can be seen looking out the window of her room with a very sad and disturbed look on her face.

Sasami and Tsunami

The 9th episode of the OAV tells the past of Sasami. It begins when Tenchi the others return to the vacation spot the they went to in episode 4. Remember the one that Ryoko and Ayeka destroyed? When they arrive they are put to work by the old woman who owns the place. That is everyone except the children Sasami and Washu.

During the night while everyone is doing their chores, A mysterious figure appears and disappears. While Ryoko, Ayeka, Mihoshi, and Tenchi are discussing what they saw in the kitchen, a mysterious fog begins to form. Tenchi's grandfather appears in the background and tells them a tale about a couple in love and the woman is dying. The woman died and is in search of her lover. At that moment the old woman, who is wondering why nobody is working, barges in and reveals that Tenchi's grandfather made it up.

That night while Tenchi is working on the lights, he gets tapped on the shoulder by a ghostly hand. She ends up in the hot springs with the girls. While he's telling them about what he just saw Mihoshi asks if it looked like that thing standing on the edge of the pool. When they all look up there is a glowing person standing there. At that moment Tenchi's father gets the lights going and they find its Sasami. Then suddenly Mihoshi notices that Sasami's reflection is not hers. Its Tsunami's. Sasami runs away, Tenchi's father gets electrocuted, and the lights go out.

Everyone begins searching for the missing Sasami. Ayeka finds her first. Then Tenchi comes up behind her and is pulled behind a bush. Washu is there with Mihoshi and Ryoko tied up. Washu and Tenchi watch as Sasami tells Ayeka that she's not the real Sasami.

During a flashback of Ryoko's attack on Jurai, Sasami is a little girl and is in the Royal nursery where hundreds of trees of Jurai are being grown. While crossing a catwalk a Jurian battleship crashes into the building that she's in. The impact knocks her off the catwalk and she falls to the floor below.

Next Sasami is seen lying of the bottom of the chasm in a pool of her own blood. Some of the blood flows into a nearby pool of water which is feeding a tree. Tsunami senses the dying little girl and appears. Sasami's body disappears and the reflection on Tsunami changes to that of Sasami and the triangular marks appear on Sasami's forehead.

Back to the present time Sasami tells her sister that Sasami died that day. Ayeka tells her that they love each other and that all that really matters. Suddenly Tenchi is thrown from his hiding place. He tells Sasami that he still loves her too. And they both comfort the scared little girl. Sasami runs towards her sister, runs right past him and hugs Tenchi.

Later that night during the celebrations of the reopening of the hot spring, Tsunami appears to Ayeka and Tenchi and tells them that Sasami is not dead, she's just become one with her. She tells them that one day when Sasami is old enough she will meld with Tsunami and live on. Later Ayeka is drinking sake and Ryoko comes up to her. Ryoko asks her what's wrong. Ayeka tells her that Sasami is Tsunami and when she grows up they'll be exactly alike. Tsunami appears and tells them that Sasami will still remember her life as Sasami buy they tell her that that's not what they're worried about. Tsunami is confused and they tell her that they hadn't considered her a rival for Tenchi.

OAV 10-11I Love Tenchi

One day while cleaning up his room Tenchi discovers a Kimono. It belonged to his mother, so Tenchi puts it up on display in his room. Later that day when Tenchi returns home he finds that Ryoko has taken it down and is wearing it. While showing it off to him she gets it caught on the doorknob and tears it. A look of horror comes over Tenchi. Ryoko in order to make the outfit work tears off the other sleeve. In horror Tenchi yells out ";I HATE YOU!"; just as Ryo-Ohki enters the room. Ryo-Ohki thinks that he's talking to her and runs away. Tenchi runs to comfort the poor creature leaving Ryoko still stunned.

Tenchi finds her where else but at the garden near the carrots. In order to make up to the cabbit he picks a bunch of carrots just for her and loads them in a huge basket. When he returns home Ryoko has fixed his mother's kimono and everything is ok.

Saddened by the fact that Tenchi has just completely forgotten about her goes off to Washu's lab. When she gets there she leans up against a glass cage and some creatures which look egg shaped pieces of clay. Washu comes up and tells Ryo-Ohki that they are called Mass. And that they are what Washu used to create Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki. Just then Washu and Ryo-Ohki rush off to watch their favorite soap opera. While watching the soap opera the Masses, which reacted to Ryo-Ohki's feelings toward Tenchi break out of their cage and escape from Washu's lab.

When Washu returns to her lab she finds that the Masses have escaped. In order to find out what they want to do she probes Ryo-Ohki's mind and discovers that the Masses just want to help Tenchi. But she fears that if the Masses discover the hidden power in him they might become scared and destroy him.

Outside Tenchi is working in the garden when this mysterious naked brown woman shows up. When he runs away the woman begins working on the garden. Everybody shows up and the Masses blast Ryoko. While the Masses are distracted Ryo-Ohki jumps on top of it and assimilates it. The result is a creature that resembles both Ryo-Ohki and the Woman. Ryo-Ohki speaks her first words ";Carrot". After realizing the she doesn't know how to walk Ryo-Ohki takes on the form of a toddler.

The Advent of the Goddess

This episode begins with a mysterious man making a visit to Tokimi who was seen briefly in the OAV episode 7 in Sasami's dream. After the meeting the robot that has accompanied the man seems intimidated by the extra planar being that they have just encountered.

Back on Earth Ryoko is returning from getting sake for tonight's dinner, when suddenly she's trapped by some sort of blob. The robot appears and takes on the appearance of Ryoko. However, the jewel that she created in her hand explodes because it cannot be copied. In order to make her appearance perfect Zero, which is the name of the robot, removes the gem from Ryoko's wrist.

When Zero, posing as Ryoko, returns to the house she meets Tenchi. With whom she falls in love with because she copied Ryoko's mind too. Zero's mission is to capture Washu and take her back to her boss the Evil Dr. Clay. Washu notices something is wrong when her and Zero are in the hot spring near Tenchi's house and there's a logo on Zero's bottom. Washu knows who's logo this is and is very careful around her daughter for a little while.

Zero makes attempt after attempt to abduct Washu but always fails whenever Tenchi is around. Until one night Zero is summoned into outer space by Dr. Clay and told that if that boy keeps getting in the way eliminate him. At first Zero refuses but Dr. Clay increases his control over her.

That night Zero appears in the moonlight, goes to Tenchi's room draws a lightsaber on her beloved sleeping Tenchi and...

OAV 12-14 Zero Ryoko

Zero's screams of sadness can be heard throughout the valley in which Tenchi's house is located. Inside Tenchi's room he is still asleep with Zero's lightsaber piercing his pillow inches from his head. Zero breathes a sigh of relief and leaves his room. In the hall a voice calls out. It is Washu. Zero realizes that if she captures Washu now she won't have to kill Tenchi. After failing...again (Hey this is Washu we're talking about) Ayeka shows up an confronts Zero. When Tenchi wakes up and comes out of his room, Zero cries and flees. Washu decides that they must save Ryoko and pulls Ryo-Ohki out of her shirt.

After the confusion clears Tenchi, Washu, and Ayeka are off in Ryo-Ohki to save Ryoko. After leaving the solar system they come across Mihoshi, who has just happened to discover the Dr.'s ship. Tenchi and Ayeka rush off the ship to save her, while Washu finds the easy way into the ship.

Washu and the Doctor finally meet again. They both worked at the space academy together and Dr. Clay was always trying to outdo Washu. After reliving old memories, the Doctor decides that he's going to capture Washu but this time he succeeds due to Zero's help. Dr. Clay plans to extract Washu's memories but Zero turns on him. Dr. Clay has his own safety measures. The ring he wears around his finger shatters and Zero drops to the floor. Washu breaks free of the trap the Dr. has set for her.

During the Dr.'s retreat he sets the ship's engine to self destruct. Washu has to let the doctor go in order to stop the self destruct. Otherwise the explosion would cause a black hole. Washu separates the ship saving herself but the others Tenchi, Ayeka, and Mihoshi were trapped in the other part of the ship. Without thinking Tenchi forms a shield around himself and the others using the lighthawk wings. Not even a black hole can effect the lighthawk wings. While Dr. Clay is watching him do it he's not watching where he's going and crashes into Ryo-Ohki and gets arrested by Mihoshi. On the part of the ship that didn't explode, everyone is there and Tenchi is holding a dying Zero. He calls her Ryoko and she tells him that that's all she's ever wanted to be. Washu tells Tenchi that she split Ryoko into two because she couldn't control a complete Ryoko. In order to save her Washu tells him that she's going to put Ryoko and Zero back together. After telling him this Ryoko, who is naked in a giant beaker in the background, telepathically calls Washu a liar. Washu tells her that she won't do it if she doesn't want her to. Ryoko does not respond and Washu takes it as a yes.

Everyone gets back to home safe and Ryoko experiences the emotions of love for Tenchi that are increased by Zero's true feelings. Tenchi catches the attention of Tokimi. Tokimi tells her advisor to erase the doctor's memory and not to touch Tenchi.

Here Comes Jurai

After the incident that occurred in the last episode Mihoshi's report to the Galaxy Police catches the attention of the Jurai Royal Family. So they decide to make a visit to see how everyone is doing. Yosho's mother, Funaho, and Sasami and Ayeka's mother Misaki come to Earth to see their children. Funaho visits Yosho to have some tea and back at the house the doorbell is ringing. Sasami asks Ryoko to answer the door. Suddenly this strange woman springs in the door and grabs Ryoko by the hair calling her Sasami. Ryoko keeps trying to tell her that she's not Sasami but Misaki is not known for listening. When Sasami does come out of the kitchen Misaki sees her daughter and without thinking (Something she does a lot) slams Ryoko into the wall.

Back in the shrine Yosho is having tea with his mother she tells him that she's not fooling her. Then suddenly his old appearance fades and he still has the appearance of a young man. He tells her about how the energy that powers Ryoko's gems also feeds his Spaceship Tree (named Funaho after his mother) keeping him young. She also discovers that one of the reasons he didn't return to Jurai after defeating Ryoko was that he met a woman.

In the house Ayeka has arrived. She greets her mother in a very formal way. Her mother seems confused and warns Ryoko that she's about to do something very embarrassing and not to tease her about it later. She stops talking proper and begins talking like a little girl that hasn't seen her mother in a long time. Ryoko begins to make fun of Ayeka but Misaki gets angry with her and starts stretching her mouth. Sasami writes a sign as to what to say to her to calm her down. When Ryoko says what's on the sign Misaki stops hurting her and starts hugging her. Then Ryo-Ohki catches Misaki's eye. Without thinking (again) she slams Ryoko into the wall and rushes over to Ryo-Ohki and starts to hug her.

Tenchi is escorting Funaho back to the house when they meet Washu. Funaho asks to be alone with Washu and Tenchi goes ahead to the house. Funaho shows her true intention to get Washu to mass produce Ryo-Ohkis and Ryokos for use as the new generation of Jurai's battleships. Jurai is interested in this because of the destruction that Ryo-Ohki caused on Jurai 700 years ago. Washu refuses to do it. Jurain battleships are more powerful but Ryo-Ohki can be produced faster in more quantity. Funaho who looks very distressed by not being able to convince Washu to make Ryo-Ohkis only for Jurai is worried that she might sell the technology to Jurai's enemies. Washu lays this fear to rest by telling her that she will not help anybody. She will not create another Ryoko or Ryo-Ohki. A Jurain battleship flies overhead and they return to the house.

Back at the house the Emperor of Jurai named Azusa has come to collect his wives and his girls. The girls do not want to leave. And the Emperor introduces Ayeka to her husband to be Seriyo. Seriyo is a pink haired, wussy, show off and he sounds gay. Ayeka is hardly taken with her new fiancÚ. The Emperor tells her that if Tenchi can defeat Seriyo in combat she can stay there with him. Before the battle starts everyone is placing bets on who will win. The Emperor bets on Seriyo but everyone else except Washu bet on Tenchi. When they ask Washu who she's betting on she says Mihoshi.

Just after that a screaming can be heard from the sky as Mihoshi's ship is plummeting towards the Earth. It misses the house (this time) and lands in the water. The resulting tidal wave knocks out Seriyo and the Emperor permits the girls to stay with Tenchi. Just before leaving Tenchi's grandfather, who has resumed his old appearance, greets his father. Azusa tells his son that he can wait another 700 years and they all leave.

After the ship is on its way back to Jurai the Emperor lets out an evil laugh and vows revenge against Tenchi.

Here Comes Jurai 2

Here Comes Jurai 2 was not an actual episode to Tenchi Muyo! it was a series of still pictures after the credits of the last episode. All it basically does is tells the characters what happened to Dr. Clay (His memory of Tokimi was erased) and Washu reveals that his proudest possession, an ancient vase from a long dead civilization, was a fake produced by Washu just because she needed some quick easy money.

Watch after this for some initial character sketches of the second half of the series as well as interviews with the voice actors from both the English and Japanese versions.

Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure Mihoshi's Space Adventure

This special episode of Tenchi Muyo casts all the characters in different roles. This casting of different roles happens quite often in the Tenchi Universe. In this particular episode Mihoshi tells her friends about one the cases that she solved.

The credits begin with a dreamland in which everyone plays a character from different fairy tales. Ryoko is Snow White, Sasami is Little Red Riding Hood, Mihoshi is Sleeping Beauty, and Ayeka is The Wicked Witch from Snow White with a basket of poisoned apples. When she wakes up Ayeka is teasing her about being lazy and how she must be a useless detective. In order to prove herself Mihoshi tells her story of ";The Case of the Ultra Energy Matter";. Mihoshi cast all the characters starting with Ryoko stealing the Ultra Energy Matter. Ultra Energy Matter is Matter with an incredible Ultra Energy (??? That's how Mihoshi describes it anyway ???). So, Ryoko is stealing this Ultra Energy Matter when Investigator Tenchi bursts in and tries to stop her.

The next scene Mihoshi is running frantically to her office, with complete composure, as usual (??? Keep in mind this is how Mihoshi is describing it ???), when she gets to her office we are introduced to her partner Kiyone (This is the first appearance of Kiyone, she was not one of the original cast). Ayeka is in the office and has a case for the two detectives. Ayeka is an Jurain aristocrat and self-proclaimed finance of Investigator Tenchi. Over tea, which cadet Sasami is serving, Ayeka tells them that Tenchi was taken prisoner by Ryoko and she wants the two to recover him.

So Mihoshi, Kiyone, Ayeka, and Sasami head off to find Ryoko. They find her on an asteroid with Ryoko written on it. But when they try to sneak into the house Ayeka captures Ryoko. She is arrested. During their searching of her house for clues as to what she did with the Ultra Energy Matter. While doing so they find family picture albums of Ryoko's childhood.

After confronting Ryoko, she promises to turn over a new leaf and help Mihoshi. After Mihoshi lets her out of the cave she breaks out of jail, steals a shuttle, and escapes...with Investigator Tenchi again. So Mihoshi, Kiyone, Ayeka, and Sasami are off to save Tenchi again. They go to the Evil Dr. Washu's fortress, played by the Soja, because they saw her in Ryoko's photo album.

When they get there Mihoshi leads them...into a trap. A giant roach motel to be exact Sasami is not captured but a plate of carrots catches the eye of her pet Ryo-Ohki and they both fall into another trap. Ayeka, Kiyone, and Mihoshi wake up tied to crosses in front of Dr. Washu. Dr. Washu shows them her new invention which is her pride and joy ";The Galaxy Destroyer";. Washu's goal is to destroy the galaxy without any good reason, buy hey when did mad scientist ever need a reason to destroy the universe? Sasami is awakened by Ryo-Ohki, who can talk and is a boy. He tells her that its time for her to transform into Pretty Sammy. She does and runs off. In Ryoko's room she has Tenchi tied to the bed. Just before she has a chance to do anything she is knocked out from behind. Back in Washu's lab she has begun using her galaxy destroyer. It begins smashing the space-time continuum with giant mallets. Soon after Pretty Sammy shows up and casts some spells foiling Dr. Washu's plans. Kiyone and Mihoshi begin to move in to arrest her but Mihoshi slips on a banana peel and knocks Kiyone into a deem chasm of lava

When Dr. Washu goes to use her Galaxy Destroyer on them Pretty Sammy knocks the control out of her hand. It falls into the lava and the whole ship begins to explode. Everyone escapes and on the return voyage which Sasami is on the ship, everyone is wondering who Pretty Sasami is. Mihoshi makes a comment as to how brave her partner was to sacrifice her life for justice. Back in the rubble Kiyone is standing in space. She shouts ";Mihoshi, I'm going to KILL YOU!!";.

During the credits there is what I thought was a preview of Pretty Sammy, a spin-off of this episode. But when I watched Pretty Sammy it had nothing to do with what I saw during the credits. If anyone knows what that is please E-Mail me.

The Tenchi Universe

After the success of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, a television series was released. This Television series is also known as The Tenchi Universe, Tenchi Muyo on Earth, and the TV series. The TV series retold the story of Tenchi but was not the same as the OAV. In the Tenchi Universe, the characters are the same but the way they met and their relationships with each other are slightly different. It was also geared more toward being entertaining than telling the story from the comic books.

Included with the Tenchi Universe was a series of collector's cards. Below are the cards released with each episode. On the back of each of the cards is a piece of a puzzle which forms the picture below.

Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Card 5 Card 6 Card 7 Card 8

Cards assembled in the proper order

The boxes of the eight volumes of video cassettes formed another puzzle when placed in order from first to last, this is common with anime series. Below is the completed puzzle.

Image formed when all volumes are placed in the right order

Tenchi Muyo on EarthNo Need for Discussions

This is the first episode in the Tenchi Muyo TV series. Tenchi is walking down the stairs remembering the ";Carnival That Would Never End";. It all began that day...

A battle rages between two space ships of very different make. Eventually the damage they have caused to each other forces them to crash land on a nearby planet, Earth. Tenchi sees these two things impact on the surface. When he goes to the rubble he finds a young girl. Smelling alcohol on her breath he gives her some water and she wakes up. He takes her back to his house. When he gets there she tells him that her name is Ryoko and she's being chased by a dangerous space pirate. They meet the space pirate who corners them on a cliff. The space pirate is some sort of mech(A mechanical battle suit). After escaping from the clumsy space pirate they return to Tenchi's house. Tenchi's father Noboyuki and his grandfather Katsuhito feel sorry for the poor lost girl.

That night back at Tenchi's house there's a knock at the door. Its the space pirate. It chases them upstairs, out the window, and up the hill to the Masaki shrine on top of it where Tenchi's grandfather lives. He helps Tenchi and Ryoko by slicing the space pirate in half with a wooden sword. After the mech blows up there is a blonde girl there claiming to be a police officer. After showing them her ID and Ryoko, the wanted space pirate's wanted poster, Galaxy Police Officer Mihoshi fires on Ryoko. But her laser blasts are deflected around her. Given no other option they run away. Down the hill, into Tenchi's house, up the stairs, and out the same window. Their landing is not as soft as when with Ryoko though. Mihoshi has done the clichÚd twisting of the ankle. Tenchi turns to fight Ryoko. He picks up a hoe and holds it like a sword. Ryoko, respecting his braveness, and the fact that they're not running away anymore says that she was just kidding.

No Need For A Princess

After the ordeal of last night Mihoshi's ship is destroyed and she has nowhere to go. She pulls out her control cube, which she doesn't quite know how to use, and tries to send out a distress signal.

At that time a space ship is passing through the solar system. picking up the distress signal the commander of the ship decides to investigate. The commander is Princess Ayeka of Jurai returning from some diplomatic talks. Having some time to spare before rendezvousing with Princess Sasami, her younger sister, Ayeka decides to respond. When she arrives on Earth she finds Mihoshi who tells her that she sent the distress signal. Shortly after she sees Ryoko. Ayeka and Ryoko know each other there is bad blood between them. Each tell a story of when they first met and how the other ruined their perfect day. Gee I wonder whose story is true?

During her stay Tenchi's grandfather orders him to show her around their planet. During their walk through the woods feelings between Ayeka and Tenchi surface. They visit the tree of Masaki (Which is really Yosho's tree, Funaho, but that comes in later). While leaving the tree Ayeka stumbles into Tenchi's arms. They nearly kiss but nothing happens.

When returning home Ryoko and Mihoshi are waiting. After an argument begins between Ayeka and Ryoko they both fly above the atmosphere to fight ship to ship. Ayeka's Ryu-Oh vs. Ryoko's Ryo-Ohki. Ryoko takes Tenchi along with her. While fighting and taunting each other over view screens Ryoko grabs Tenchi and hold him tight. This makes Ayeka very jealous. In a desperate show of love Ayeka decides to ram the other ship resulting in a big explosion which destroys both ships.

The next day while eating breakfast Ayeka is upstairs and won't come out of her room because she's so upset. Tenchi brings her up some food and she decides to take a vacation and enjoy her stay on Earth.

No Need For Worries

The third episode begins when Ryoko goes out over the lake in which the spaceships crashed. She says that its finally born. Meanwhile Tenchi is working near the Masaki shrine. In the sky there is something flying about. It flies in strange directions darting out at right angles. Suddenly a heavy breeze kicks up and Tenchi spots a young girl up the road. After talking to her for a while she tells him that her name is Sasami and then she disappears. Tenchi, thinking that she's seen a ghost, runs back to the shrine. When he gets there his grandfather describes the girl that he just met in the forest in great detail. Just then Tenchi's father is coming up the stairs escorting a young girl. She is Sasami and they're talking about how she likes to cook.

That night while they're all enjoying a dinner that Sasami cooked Ryoko says that she's not hungry. She says that she desired pickles and ice cream. Tenchi's father puts two and two together and remembers that that is what his wife ate when she was pregnant with Tenchi. Ryoko rushes off into the bathroom and comes out with an egg. Claiming that she and Tenchi made love and that the egg was theirs. Ayeka objects to this and begins to fight with Ryoko. In the scuffle Ryoko drops the egg and if hatches. Inside is a Rabbit/Catlike creature. Ryoko names the new animal Ryo-Ohki. Mihoshi remembers that Ryoko's ship was also called Ryo-Ohki. But that's all she figures out. Ayeka figures out the rest of the story. The egg is the child of Ryo-Ohki. You see when Ryo-Ohki is about to die she produces an egg. Inside is an exact copy of herself which in time hatches and Ryo-Ohki is reborn. Sort of like the legend of the phoenix.

Sasami makes friends with the "Cabbit" she feeds her its first carrot. The next day while Sasami, Ayeka, and Mihoshi are preparing to return to Sasami's ship to return home, Ryoko offers to take them out of the solar system. She picks up Ryo-Ohki, who is being fed carrots by Sasami, and throws her into the air. Ryo-Ohki turns into the spaceship Ryo-Ohki and they begin their voyage home. During the return home Ayeka reveals her feelings for Tenchi and she gives Tenchi her final good byes. Just after that Sasami pulls the carrot that Ryo-Ohki was eating just before they left. The ship Ryo-Ohki sees her do it on the view screen and becomes extremely excited. Ryo-Ohki heads straight for Sasami's ship and without thinking crashes into it destroying it. Back on Earth Ryo-Ohki is eating the carrot that she wanted so badly. While Ayeka and Ryoko are fighting over who gets to feed Tenchi sweet potatoes, Sasami is already doing it. They weren't too happy about that.

Tenchi Muyo on Earth 2No Need For A Monster

This episode begins with Tenchi's grandfather telling Sasami and the others about the origin of the Masaki shrine. He tells a story about an ancient goblin that appeared and the townspeople sealed the goblin in the cave near the shrine. After hearing the story Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki and Sasami want to see the goblin. Mihoshi and Ayeka don't want to go. After Ayeka talks her sister out of going to see the cave Ryoko decides to visit the cave. But she doesn't want to go alone so she decides to take Tenchi prisoner and take him to the cave. Ryo-Ohki finds Tenchi's bag in the middle of the forest where he was on his way home from school. They bribe Ryo-Ohki to take them to where Tenchi is.

In the cave Ryoko and Tenchi are exploring the cave. They run across a series of traps which Ryoko deals with easily. When they arrive at the inner chamber Ryoko tries to seduce Tenchi but Ayeka and the others come in. While fighting Ryoko lifts up the huge crystal in the middle of the room and tosses it at Ayeka. When it hits the ground it cracks and a ball of glowing energy comes out of it. It chases them out of the cave. When they get outside Tenchi's grandfather is there and he tells the orb that ";All right you've had enough fun for one night";. The energy materializes into a young girl. The girl introduces herself as Washu. After finding out who woke her up she turns Ryoko into a water sprite. Ayeka asks Washu if that was a little silly so she turns her into a sprite too.

The next day Ayeka, Tenchi, and Ryoko are looking in the broom closet under the stairs. Inside Washu is creating a subspace lab. She's a litle rusty so she decides to start inventing again.

No Need For Partners

This episode begins with an annoying alarm clock going off. Kiyone, Mihoshi's partner, is seen shutting off the clock and waking up. After praying for the soul of her lost partner Mihoshi she goes to work. There she finds out that her long lost partner might be still alive. She is sent to her last known coordinates to look for her. She goes on a half-hearted attempt to find her. When she finds her way to Tenchi's house she is surprised to find Mihoshi there.

After finding Mihoshi, Kiyone is invited to eat lunch with the others. At lunch she is introduced to Tenchi's family, Ryoko the space pirate who she begins to arrest, the missing princesses of Jurai, and the exiled mad scientist Washu. This comes as quite a shock to Kiyone. Suddenly she's enjoying lunch again with everybody and she jumps up asking what happened to the scene she was just in. The next day Mihoshi and Kiyone are planning to leave. Mihoshi gives everyone a farewell. As they're in the ship preparing to leave a message from central command comes in instructing them that they've been assigned to the Solar System.

The news comes as quite good news but to Kiyone its like being demoted, something which she is really against.

No Need For Resident Officers

During their stay on Earth Kiyone and Mihoshi need somewhere to stay. They don't want to be a leach on Tenchi so they go to get part-time jobs. They still have duties as Galaxy Police officers though. In all the jobs that they have Kiyone excels while Mihoshi screws up making Kiyone look bad. The two can't keep a job. Whenever they do have a job they sometimes have to leave without giving any explanation. I mean what are they supposed to tell them, that they're aliens and they need to go off into space to help fix a flat tire.

They get jobs as Construction workers, and working as at a fast food joint. The jobs that they do have provide enough money for rent, but that's just about it. They spend all their extra money on Karaoke. After some time Tenchi and the girls come to visit, but Ayeka and Ryoko get into a fight and blow up their apartment building.

Despite all the problems the two continue living together on their own.

No Need For A Carnival

During an annual carnival at the Masaki shrine everyone goes there to have fun and make money. Ryoko has a goldfish scooping booth. Ayeka has a shooting gallery and all the targets are small stuffed versions of Ryoko. They also appeared in the Mihoshi Special from the OAV as Mecha-Ryoko. Washu has opened a house of horrors, but being Washu she is able to provide a more realistic environment. As a matter of fact she sends all her customers to hell and other unholy places. Mihoshi and Kiyone have started a booth which serves food. But Ryo-Ohki eats all the carrots so they have to close.

Ryoko is discovered cheating at her goldfish scooping booth and is closed. So she decides to sell some snake oil. She splits into two making a spectacle for on looking potential customers. Once again she's discovered to be cheating customers and is closed. So she starts a Shooting gallery right next to Ayeka's but this one has small stuffed versions of Ayeka. Kiyone have opened a cotton candy stand but Mihoshi is making the cotton candy and she leaves it in too long so it makes a giant cotton candy tidal wave which ends the Carnival

After the carnival is over Sasami is going to sleep and she's looking at the goldfish that Tenchi won her at Ryoko's booth.

Tenchi Muyo on Earth 3No Need For A Genius

Washu is seen being condemned for her acts at the Space Academy. She is loaded into the crystal and shot into space. Washu wakes up from her nightmare. She goes back to working on her latest invention.

She is creating a robot version of herself. While preparing to copy her brainwave pattern to the machine Mihoshi comes in. Washu decides to take advantage of this and asks her to help her. Washu gets into a large glass tube but as she does one of Mihoshi's hairs is caught in the door. She starts the machine and there is a large explosion. Washu thinks that her experiment is destroyed but it gets up and starts working. Something's not right though it seems to have more in common with Mihoshi than she has with Washu.

The clone gets out of her lab and starts nuking the area with her laser that shoots out of the triangle on Mecha-Washu's shirt. On top of the hill Mecha-Washu is blowin up everything and Kiyone is coming up the hill. When she get there everyone is hiding from a temper tantrum throwing Washu. After telling Mihoshi ";It's time"; she runs down the hill past Mecha-Washu who also realizes what time it is. When they get back to the house Mihoshi and Mecha-Washu are there watching TV. The program that they're watching is Moldiver another Pioneer series which I haven't seen yet.

While they're watching TV Kiyone comes up behind Mecha-Washu and turns her off. The next day Washu has fixed the robot. But when she unveils the robot its hunched over and has whiskers and a jewel in its forehead. Back in her lab Ryo-Ohki is crawling out of the glass tube.

No Need For Memories

In this episode much is revealed about Tenchi's past and about his mother. It begins on a snowy morning. Everyone seems excited that it is snowing, except for Ryoko who is upset because snow is cold. Sasami is having the time of her life. She is enjoying running around in the snow, building snowmen out of Azaka and Kamidake, and ice skating.

But for Tenchi there is little time to rest. Despite the fact that its freezing outside his grandfather still expects him to practice sword fighting. While Tenchi is keeping a small piece of wood from hitting the ground by batting it up with his wooden sword. He is balancing on small pieces of wood driven into the ground. While Tenchi is performing this extensive training his grandfather is sitting on a nearby rock staring off at the falling snow. While they begin to practice dueling Ayeka comes up the stairs of the Masaki shrine with some hot cocoa. She sees them practicing and notices that Tenchi's movements mimic those of a swordsman of Jurai. When she makes herself notices Tenchi gets bonked on the head by his grandfather who is in a rather interesting striking position.

Just then Sasami comes up the hill and tells her sister to look towards the lake. There is a beam of light coming from it going straight up into the sky. When they get closer on the frozen lake there is a small sapling growing out of the ice. The sapling is Ryu-Oh, Ayeka's ship. Although it survived the crash and is still alive it cannot fly anymore because it has rooted itself in soil. Ayeka is happy to see that her spaceship tree is still alive.

That night at Tenchi's house everyone is drinking...heavily. In the middle they run out of sake and send Tenchi out to the store to get some more on his way back he catches a fever and starts to see things. When he gets home Sasami is there to greet him but he suddenly staggers and passes out. Sasami runs into the living room to get help but everyone is out cold. Not knowing how to help Tenchi she asks the guardians and they tell her that Ryu-Oh's sap has healing powers. She runs out to the lake and prays to the tree to help Tenchi. The tree responds by giving her a drop. Sasami uses the sap on Tenchi.

That night in Tenchi's dreams he is seen as a small boy building a snowman at the shrine. His father is seen coming up the stairs and mouths some sad words to his son. Tenchi begins to cry and his father hugs him.

The next day Tenchi wakes up and remembers that the snow has been bothering him because when he was young it snowed one day and that day his mother died. When he gets to the top of the hill his grandfather is there with his father. They are praying in front of a tombstone. It is the grave of his mother. Tenchi says his feelings and life continues as usual.

No Need For An Arch Rival

Somewhere in space in a dark and seedy bar a cloaked figure enters. Steps up to the bar and orders a drink. Conversation is light in the background. The topic is the sudden disappearance of Ryoko the infamous space pirate. One man suggests she's settled down with some guy on a remote planet. Suddenly the figure appears at the end of the table and asks for more information. The person is Nagi the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter. Realizing this the criminals draw weapons to fend off this person that might be searching for any one of them. After she defeats them she leaves the bar with everything she needs to know.

Back on Earth Tenchi is working the fields planting carrots for the next harvest. A cabbit catches its attention in the grass. When he gets closer he finds that its not Ryo-Ohki. The blonde cabbit runs off suddenly. Back at the house all the girls except Ryoko are watching TV when Ryo-Ohki becomes alarmed. There's something in the chandelier. When it jumps down they see another cabbit. The two cabbits stand off growling and hissing at each other. Sasami picks up Ryo-Ohki and tells her to be nice to the stranger. They are both given a basket of carrots to share. Ryo-Ohki dives right in to eat the carrots but the newcomer seems confused. They offer it a carrot of its own. Carefully it takes a bite and it loves it. Ryo-Ohki and the stranger develop a relationship. Hey, I'm sure you'd like the first member of the opposite sex if you'd never seen one before. After eating all the carrots, Ryoko comes out of the bath drying her hair. She is shocked to see the animal. She screams out ";Ken-Ohki". She knows if Ken-Ohki is here Nagi must be here somewhere. Their concern turns to Tenchi who's out alone.

Back in the fields everyone is there and Tenchi is missing. Out of the shadows appears Nagi who has come for Ryoko. She has take Tenchi captive and demands that Ryoko surrender herself to save Tenchi. She throws Ken-Ohki into the air and tells Ryoko to meet her at Venus. Ryoko and the others go to Venus where Nagi is waiting. She begins to attack them. Ryo-Ohki disobeys Ryoko's commands to attack her new boyfriend. When Nagi orders the final attack to be made on Ryo-Ohki he doesn't respond either. They decide to settle it on the planet where Washu fasions a wild west type scenario. Nagi arrives dragging a coffin behind her. When she gets there she opens it and Tenchi is inside tied up. They begin to fight but Nagi is kicking Ryoko's butt. When Nagi has her whip wrapped around Ryoko's neck and points her blaster at Ryoko's face she's distracted by Ayeka opening the coffin and stealing Tenchi away. Nagi points her blaster at Ayeka and fires but Ayeka gets up a deflector shield in time. The blast bounces off Ayeka's shield and cuts Nagi's whip. Ryoko seizes the opportunity and blasts Nagi into a nearby building. Nagi is trapped under the debris and when Ryoko comes in to finish the job Ryo-Ohki steps in the way. Ryoko lets Nagi go because of Ryo-Ohki's plea and Nagi walks off into the sunset.

Time and Space AdventuresTime and Space Adventures 1

During this volume they completely change formats again. At the beginning of this episode all the girls are in the bath which Washu created in an alternate dimension. Meanwhile all the guys are in the normal bath. Because only women are allowed to enter the women's bath. While Tenchi and his father are in there the room is suddenly filled up with water. In order to get air they both swim towards the surface. Tenchi emerges in the women's bath while his father emerges in the kitchen sink. In order to find out what just happened everyone goes to Washu's lab where she's working on an experiment. There she shows them her newest machine which can create any reality its user inputs. She tells everyone, especially Ryoko, to stay away from it.

That night Ryoko sneaks into Washu's lab. While she inputting her ideal reality everyone else comes up behind her and stops her. One by one the all begin playing with the machine, putting in whatever reality they want. Due to the overload of information and conflicting realities the machine goes haywire and everyone is transported away to parts unknown. As they fade out of existence Washu tells them that she will have to cancel all the realities one by one.

The first reality that comes true is placed in feudal Japan. This is the one created by Ayeka. In it she is the princess and Tenchi is her fiancÚ. A nearby town has been attacked by the Demon at Roshoman (which Mihoshi mentions during Tenchi Muyo in Love and in Time and Space adventures 2, while teaching her class literature.) Tenchi goes off to fight the demon. Ayeka hires two local mercenaries Kiyone and Mihoshi to secretly follow Tenchi and make sure that he's ok.

When Tenchi gets to Roshoman he finds Ryoko, the demon, and it turns out that they have know each other for a long time. While Tenchi is talking to Ryoko Kiyone and Mihoshi show up and find out about Tenchi's little secret. In order to cover up this they tell Ayeka when she comes to visit that night that the demon has been defeated. In the middle Ryoko shows up and tries to take Tenchi away. A fight breaks out and in the middle of it their reality is cancelled and they move on to the next.

Time and Space Adventures 2

The new reality begins with Kiyone arriving at a small port town at the end of the world. She goes into a local restaurant where Tenchi is cooking noodles and Ayeka is a customer. After enquiring about her they learn little about Kiyone's past because she says that she's running from something. Ayeka leaves and goes to her nearby tavern which Sasami and her run. Kiyone gets a job working there waiting tables and sweeping floors. That night the regulars drop by including Tenchi, Ryoko, Noboyuki, and Katsuhito.

Over the next few days she becomes quite content with her life and settles down there. Everything was perfect until Mihoshi found her. After Kiyone quit the force she'd been looking for her. Mihoshi settles down in the town too and Kiyone flees on a train. As the train enter a dark tunnel her reality is cancelled The next reality begins with Ayeka on her way to school. She runs into the school delinquent Ryoko. They exchange insults and Tenchi shows up and they quickly shape up. Later that day Mihoshi is running to her class which she has to teach. She teaches literature and she's telling the story Yugi Shui volume four, which is a story about the demon at Roshoman (Ryoko). While the entire class is losing consciousness Ayeka sees Ryoko enjoying a early lunch and drinking sake.

Outside in gym class Tenchi is playing baseball. The ball is hit deep into the forest when he gets there he finds a Ryo-Ohki who was hit by the ball. He bandages the wound and Sasami shows up. He gives her the cabbit and goes back to class. Sasami falls in love with Tenchi. After school, Sasami is waiting for Tenchi. He meets Ayeka who offers to walk him home. But Ryoko is also there and she tells her that Tenchi offered to take her out on a date. A fight ensues. And Sasami decides to stop the fighting by making Ryoko and Ayeka fall in love. Just before they kiss their reality is cancelled.

Time and Space Adventures 3

In Mihoshi's reality she is married to Tenchi. Sasami is their daughter and Ayeka is Tenchi's old maid sister. She lives with them and basically orders Mihoshi around telling her what a bad job she's doing. That day Mihoshi is out shopping under orders from her sister in law. While she's out she pays her old high school friend Kiyone a visit. When they meet Mihoshi vents all her problems on Kiyone. When Mihoshi returns home she meets her neighbor, the widow Ryoko. Ryoko asks Mihoshi if she can borrow some soy sauce. When Tenchi comes home she invites him to a bed & breakfast in the mountains. Yep you guessed it, A fight between Ayeka and Ryoko breaks out. and during the fight the current reality is cancelled.

In the USA a gang of bank robbers has gone on a crime spree. The gang consists of Ryoko and and unwilling Tenchi. FBI agents Kiyone Mackenzie and Mihoshi Grammy are hired by Miss Ayeka Jurai to find Tenchi and arrest Ryoko. One night after a series of robberies Ryoko and Tenchi are sitting on the shore in San Francisco. Tenchi and Ryoko are discussing their recent robberies. Suddenly Washu shows up and has fixed her machine. Although Washu cannot cancel Ryoko's reality until she renounces it. Ryoko refuses to and flies away. While she's away she considers her selfishness and returns and everyone returns home. An the journey home Ryoko promises to take Tenchi on a real adventure.

After they all return home all the girls are in the bath when Ayeka realizes that Ryoko is not there. Outside at the Masaki shrine 4Ryoko is sleeping on top of one of the gates when Tenchi calls her and gives her an apple

Tenchi Muyo in SpaceNo Need For a Rebellion

Tenchi, Ayeka, and Sasami are outside admiring Ryu-Oh, Ayeka's spaceship, growth. Tenchi leaves for school and Ryoko sees him off. At Kiyone and Mihoshi's apartment they are getting packed. Kiyone has gotten a promotion and is returning to Galaxy Police headquarters. When Mihoshi finds out that she's not going too she's devastated. While Kiyone and Mihoshi are at Tenchi's house. Kiyone is saying goodbye to everyone. Tenchi is on his way back from school when a Jurain battle cruiser flies overhead. When he gets home... its not there. Only Ryo-Ohki is there and is telling him what happened. Unfortunately he doesn't speak cabbit. Tenchi's grandfather shows up and a crystal falls from the sky. It opens up and Washu, Kiyone, Noboyuki, and Mihoshi fall out. Washu tells Tenchi what happened. The battleship transported them all aboard. Ayeka, Sasami, and Ryoko (Because she couldn't keep her mouth shut) were arrested. The Azaka, Kamidake, and the house were shrunk down to a more portable size.

They all go off in Yagami, Mihoshi and Kiyone's ship, to save their friends. On the ship somebody names Emperor Yosho has ordered the arrest of Ayeka and Sasami. Using one of Washu's inventions, the Inter-dimensional Door, they sneak aboard the Jurain ship. They need to be within 800 meters in order to use the door. You see the door doesn't work like it would in a cartoon. After a few skirmishes they find the prison and in order to break them out they change Ryo-Ohki into a spaceship which bursts out of the ship and everyone gets away.

No Need For an Escape

After Tenchi and others escape from the Jurains Kiyone and Mihoshi return to Headquarters. When they get there they find that things have changed. Kiyone runs into her old classmate from the academy, Mitsuki. Mitsuki has become head of the internal affairs division of the Galaxy Police. After discussing their careers Kiyone reports to the chief and when she gets there there is a man in the shadows. The chief begins asking Kiyone about her time on Earth. While he is asking her, the man in the shadows makes Kiyone suspicious. Kiyone finds out that the new emperor has ordered the arrest of Ayeka and Sasami and all the people who helped them escape are also wanted criminals. Kiyone offers no help to them and goes to get Mihoshi.

Mihoshi, who has been watching TV learns about the police warrant on the others. She goes to the chief's office to tell her. When she gets there she accidentally hears some of the plans that the chief discusses with the strange man. She finds out that the Galaxy Police are setting up a trap for the others. They figure that Mihoshi knows too much and order that Kiyone and Mihoshi be arrested. Kiyone becomes trapped in a corridor by Mitsuki and her men. Suddenly the wall is smashed open and a long tunnel appears. Mihoshi's voice rings out telling Kiyone to get in. She does and they all escape in Yagami, their patrol cruiser.

Meanwhile Ryo-Ohki and the others get trapped by the Galaxy police. While coordinating their attack Kiyone and Mihoshi hear them on their police radio. Ryo-Ohki becomes trapped and their only chance is to kamikaze the Galaxy Police. Just before they collide, a bright light disables the GP and they manage to avoid collision. It is Kiyone and Mihoshi. They disable the battle cruisers and they all escape.

No Need For Hiding

One day while cruising through space Kiyone calls everyone to the bridge. Nobody responds. Back in Tenchi's house, which has been restored to normal along with Azaka and Kamidakein Yagami's cargo bay Ryoko and Ayeka are taking turns singing on a Karaoke machine. When Kiyone finds out what they're doing she tells them that they've almost run out of gas. When asked why can't they just buy more, Ryoko tells them that they spent all their money on the karoke machine.

So they decide to open a bar on a nearby planet. Katsuhito is the bartender, Ayeka is the hostess, Tenchi and his father are waiters, Azaka and Kamidake are bouncers which keep forcing people into the bar, Kiyone and Sasami are cooks, and Ryoko, Washu and Mihoshi are...female companions. One evening Nagi shows up looking for Ryoko and they tell her that they've never heard of her and give her an expensive bill. After closing the bar on the way home Mihoshi forgot to shut off the gas and their pub explodes. Everyone is forced to flee the planed because the explosion attracted the Jurains. The fleet begins to attack Ryo-Ohki but are intercepted by Nagi who tells them that she will kill Ryoko. While the police are fighting Nagi they all escape.

That night Washu sings a song of scientific song.

Tenchi Muyo in Space 2No Need For Hunger

The episode begins off with Sasami telling Ayeka that there's not much food left. Not too bad of a problem, all they have to do is stop at the next grocery store. Simple enough...Until the ship breaks down. So they all stroke Washu's ego and talk her into fixing the engine. Washu begins to fix the ship and with Mihoshi's help, blows the whole thing up. They give Ryoko some money and send her to a nearby planet to get some food. Again Washu fixes the engine and with Mihoshi's help blows the whole thing up again.

Ryoko has been gone for a long time and Ayeka is worried about what Ryoko is doing with their money. On a nearby planet Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki are living it up on Ayeka's money. They're just going to have a little fun before they get groceries. The lack of food begins to get to everyone on the ship. Mihoshi begins to hallucinate that she's eating food, while everyone else's stomach growls. Ryoko is spending her money in a casino, on feasts, expensive hotels and lounging by the pool.

Suddenly Ryoko remembers about everyone on the ship. She pays off all her tabs. After receiving her change she has about only a few dollars. Out of ideas Ryoko is walking by a bank. Ryoko robs the bank and gets away. Ryoko returns to the ship of hungry people, when she gets there they all run and escape. They find that Ryoko's bag doesn't containing food but instead its filled with money. But Ryoko didn't have time to get food too.

No Need For a Ghost

For this episode Pioneer brought in a special writer names Ms. Naoka Hasegawa and wrote a few episodes to the TV series. Her episodes are more emotional than others.

That night the accidentally enter The Sargasso Sea, a spaceship graveyard. A large derelict ship appears in front of them and the engines of Yagami fail. On the ship everyone is sleeping and strange things begin to happen as an eerie presence walks about the ship. In Sasami's room she's awakened by the sound of a bell. A young girl comes through the mirror. It is a young girl about Sasami's age dressed in fine clothes. She tells Sasami that her name is Mirei and the two girls fly through the mirror along with Ryo-Ohki. Tenchi sees them leaving and tells everyone.

Sasami, Ryo-Ohki and Mirei appear in a well furnished room. She tells Sasami that she doesn't remember her past and her only clue is a picture of her sitting on a bench. Mirei takes Sasami on a tour of the ship and when they leave the room the room becomes black and white.

Everyone on Yagami crosses over to the ghost ship. They split up into teams and explore the ship. Sasami and Mirei decide to play some practical jokes on everyone by putting sheets over their heads and appearing through mirrors. Mirei shows Sasami a special place on the ship. There is a garden which she read from Sasami's mind. They begin to play in the hedge maze. They find their way to the end of the maze and sit at a fountain and play. Mirei tells Sasami that the Merry-Go-Round in Sasami's mind had a sparkling sticker on it saying two thumbs up. Sasami tells her that she puts that sticker on all her favorite memories.

After playing Sasami returns home and the ship regains its power. Back on the ghost ship Sasami and a sparkling sticker appears on the picture Mirei showed her earlier.

No Need For Runaways

While everyone is dining at a beef bowl restaurant two smalltime hoodlums named Imarube and Yura steal Yagami to start their career as unstoppable criminals. Ryoko, Tenchi, Kiyone, Washu, and Mihoshi head off in Ryo-Ohki to catch them. Ayeka and Sasami are stuck with the bill but they don't have any money and have to wash dishes. Meanwhile back on Yagami Tenchi's father and grandfather are completely unaware of what is going on. A GP detector picks up Yagami which they believe Ayeka and the others are in and begin pursuit. They watch the news and find out why the police are after them. Everyone is watching the same program on Ryo-Ohki and use it to find where Yagami is. The police are still chasing Yagami and while trying to find a way to get away they accidentally fire on the GP ships. The police return begin to return fire and the gangster wannabees begin to panic. Their pathetic cries for help are heard on Ryo-Ohki. In order to catch them Ryoko chooses to use Operation Speed Up Ryo-Ohki. This works by feeding Ryo-Ohki a red hot chili pepper.

At the speed that Ryo-Ohki achieves after eating a chili pepper they quickly catch up to Yagami which is on a collision course with a star about to go super-nova. They board the ship and go to the cockpit where the hoodlums are unconscious. Washu comes up with a equation to escape the police using the gravity of the supernova. As for the criminals... they were ejected into space. Then they remember they forgot Ayeka and Sasami.

Tenchi Muyo in Space 3No Need For Swimsuits

In search of money the gang finds their way to a resort planet. Here they plan to sell food and drinks to the visitors. But business is not going as well as planned. Maybe it has something to do with Ryoko eating all their merchandise. Nagi finds her way to the planet too. Kiyone finds a job working as a lifeguard to earn some extra cash. The girls find out about a swimsuit contest in which the winner get 1,000,000 Jurai (Dollars.) All the girls except Sasami are certain that they will win the contest. Later that day Nagi wanders into their shop and orders a beer. She challenges Ryoko but Ryoko tells her to wait until after the contest.

So the contest begins. While all the girls are getting ready Kiyone finds that her job gave her a sunburn. And Ryo-Ohki turns up missing. She's gone off to spend some time with Ken-Ohki. Ayeka and Ryoko enter the contest as look-alikes. Maybe the Ryoko look alike is Minagi (See the Comic books)? While the judges are making their decision, Nagi enters the contest as a surprise contestant.

The judges make their decision and the winner is......Nagi. But Ryoko, not being one to be outdone takes the prize money and gets away. Ryo-Ohki picks up everyone and catches up with Ryoko.

No Need For A Checkpoint

Everyone arrives at a checkpoint before they arrive in Jurain space. The Jurain border is the most difficult to pass. In order to sneak through they pose as a girls' school class. Katsuhito, Noboyuki, and Kiyone are chaperones, Mihoshi is the school nurse, Washu is a teacher, Ryo-Ohki is Sasami's teddy bear, and Ryoko, Ayeka and Tenchi are students. Because its a girls' school Tenchi is dressed up as a girl. Washu has designed the perfect disguises to sneak through all the retinal scans and other precautions the border has to offer.

In a large office an old man is watching a series of security monitors. He zeroes in on Sasami. Tenchi meets a man named Sagami and he seems to like Tenko (Tenchi.) When Mihoshi passes through the metal detector she still has her Galaxy Police blaster and it sets off the alarm. Back on the ship Azaka and Kamidake hypnotize the inspectors and make them report that nothing is wrong. While running away from the authorities she runs to Ryoko and she gets caught up in the chase. While Sagami is buying lunch for Temko and Sasami they get caught up in the chase too. Sagami "accidentally" trips their pursuers and they escape. The gig is up and everyone is on the run.

The man in the security booth continues to follow Sasami around the station. There is a flashback of Sasami as a little girl calling out for her uncle. Sasami is rescued by Sagami who can open the gates on the station. He gives Tenchi a wooden sword and he proceeds to hand out an ass woopin to all the guards. They find Sasami nearby. Both teams meet and just when the guards have them cornered, they use Ryo-Ohki to get to their ship. The guards are prevented from capturing them by the security gates. As the ship flies away Sasami sees her uncle and Sagami through a window. She knows that he helped them escape.

No Need For Knights

They finally make it to Jurai space, but the Jurain ships are in pursuit. In order to escape, Katsuhito suggest that they go to a nearby sector of stars. Ayeka tells them that that area is known as the Sacred Place (I think they could've come up with a better name but...) The battleships won't follow them there because its forbidden. Then grandpa gives them directions to a planet in the Sacred Place. He goes home to rest.

Ayeka tells her sister of a legend of two knights who sleep on a planet in the Sacred Place. She wonders if this is the planet where they sleep. Grandpa leads them to a huge Jurain tree. On the trees are two Japanese symbols that match the signs on Azaka and Kamidake. They assume positions on the tree next to their corresponding signs. Katsuhito, using the powers of Jurai awakens the two knights in a lightshow that looks like it could cause seizures. The firs time I saw this scene I was in a dark room with the lights off and I'll never do that again. The two knights names Azaka and Kamidake awaken. The guardians acted as storage for the essence of the two knights. Sort of like two big hard drives. The guardians themselves burn out and die.

Here Katsuhito tells everyone that his real name is Yosho, the legendary knight of Jurai, and that the man claiming to be Yosho is false. He tells of his past when he was young man. He found his way to the planet Earth and fell in love so he settled down there. He married the woman and inherited the Masaki Shrine. He was then given the name Katsuhito Masaki. The Jurain battleship shows up and tries to capture everyone. So Azaka and Kamidake blow the thing up. They pay their final respects to the guardians and continue their journey. Back on Jurai the emperor is told of their escape. Anyone who has seen the OAV will recognize the voice of Kagato. And if you miss that they give away the identity during the previews of the next volume. And Azaka becomes addicted to video games.

Tenchi Muyo: The Final BattleNo Need For Karma

Yagami lands on a planet which was the where the imperial villa used to be. Here they can hide and prepare for their upcoming battle. Standing in a clearing with two statues. One is a statue of Yosho, he looks a lot like Tenchi. The other is a man who they do not recognize. Yosho tells them that the other statue is the other great knight of Jurai. He and Yosho trained alongside each other. But he allowed himself to be changed by the Jurai power. It twisted him into a ruthless man. Sort of like the dark side of the Force. He's the closest thing to Darth Vader in this series. He works for the dark side, he wields a lightsaber, you see any parallels here? Yosho names him as Kagato and tells them that the reason they've never heard of him because after he was shamed by the Jurain counsel his name was erased from the history books. Eventually Yosho fought Kagato and defeated him

That night Ayeka tells Tenchi about her feelings for him. And Kagato reveals himself to Yosho. Kagato has not aged at all since he last fought Yosho. Yosho finally whips out Tenchi the sword of Jurai. It appeared in the OAV but it looked a little different. A fight begins between Kagato and Yosho. Yosho used his most powerful attacks to defeat Kagato but due to his age he is unable to do so. The resulting explosion attracts the others. Ryoko is the first there. She attacks Kagato but he kicks her ass. She gets hit with some sort of dark Jurai power which causes her to bleed indefinitely. Kagato tries to capture Ayeka but Azaka and Kamidake interrupt. He kicks their ass too. Tenchi protects his grandfather with a stick and Kagato goes to kick his ass. He realizes who Tenchi is and decides this is not the time or place for a final battle. He kidnaps Ayeka and escapes.

Yosho was not killed by Kagato but he's hurt bad. He gives Tenchi the sword and tells him that it is his destiny to stop Kagato.

No Need For Ryoko

On their way to Jurai, Tenchi is having doubts about his ability to defeat Kagato. Ryoko's wound is causing her great pain and is not healing. While trying to escape from the Jurai battleships Nagi comes to their rescue. She doesn't want anyone else to kill Ryoko. They invite Nagi into the house. Grandpa is in a hypervalic chamber, a medical chamber used to heal serious injuries. Life 4, Matter 3, Prime 2 talisman for those of you that play Mage: the ascension :). Ryoko begs Tenchi not to go to rescue Ayeka. Just to run away with her. After she can't convince him to do so she offers to escort him to Jurai. Nagi shows up at her room and challenges her. Nagi discovers Ryoko's injury and tells her that she doesn't want to kill her like that.

The next day they're preparing to leave. Yagami will keep the fleet busy while Ryo-Ohki sneaks by. Nagi begins to leave but Ken-Ohki seems upset with her. On Jurai the fleet is defending Jurai. They pick up Ryo-Ohki on radar and move to persue. When they do Ryo-Ohki runs away and the fleet follows. Meanwhile another Ryo-Ohki after eating a chili pepper speeds by. The first ship shatters its shell and its Ken-Ohki. Ken-Ohki engages the fleet. When Ryo-Ohki gets to Jurai they have to run a gauntlet of planetary defenses. Including an orbital laser array, giant dandy lion looking spike things, and a bunch of other nasty things. The amount of energy Ryoko spends on busting in takes its toll on Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki. Ryo-Ohki is badly damaged and leaving a trail of black smoke. But they manage to crash land on Jurai near the palace. Ryoko parts company with Tenchi, Azaka, and Kamidake. After they're out of sight Ryoko collapses in pain.

Kagato is waiting on the throne for Tenchi's arrival. As for Ryo-Ohki and Ryoko, they're cruising away from Jurai. Ryoko is limp in her command chair. She is very weak. Suddenly her hand falls from her chair and a stream of blood rides down it an into a puddle on the floor. Ryo-Ohki's screams of sadness are heard echoing through space.

No Need For A Showdown

While Tenchi, Azaka and Kamidake are rushing to the throne room, Nagi is fighting the Jurain fleet. She's easily destroying ship after ship. While heading for the throne room they run into Tetter, a knight of Jurai. Tetter doesn't seem to care about Kagato's unworthy ascension to the throne. Azaka stays to fight Tetter while Tenchi and Kamidake escape. On the Jurain flagship, Soja (for those of you that remember it), Washu uses the door from an earlier episode to sneak aboard one of the ships. Once there Washu threatens that they surrender or she will release her ultra computer virus into the system. They activate the self-destruct device on the ship that they took and everyone runs back through the door. But not before Washu has time to infect some of the Jurain battleships. Kamidake meets another knight of Jurai named Tessei. Both Azaka and Kamidake's fights are not going well the newer and younger knights have access to more techniques that were not available during their time.

Tenchi reaches the throne room, there he finds Kagato with Ayeka being held at his side. He runs up the long flight of stairs only to be knocked back down again. Meanwhile Nagi is getting bored with her fight. She charges into the middle of the fleet taking some serious damage but releases a 360 degree beam which destroys all the ships at once. Azaka and Kamidake are not yet defeated though. They didn't become legendary knights for nothing. Using hyper charged power they overwhelm the evil knights and destroy them. Weakened by the energy they just burned they pass out. The Jurai fleet shoot down Yagami and Kiyone, Mihoshi, Sasami, Noboyuki, and Washu are captured.

Kagato continues to taunt Tenchi. He moves in to kill him. But Ayeka shatters the bonds that hold her. After all this time Ayeka releases the Jurai power that she has. While its pretty powerful its not enough to kill Kagato. Tenchi cries out to Kagato not to harm Ayeka when the Jurain trees in the throne room come to life. They bless Tenchi with their power. They have accepted Tenchi as their champion. Tenchi's sword glows brighter and stronger. Jurian power can be seen resonating from the blade. Tenchi and Kagato charge each other. Tenchi's speed and agility which he gained from his grandfather allow him to land a fatal strike on Kagato. Kagato falls to one knee and dies.

No Need For A Conclusion

After the fall of Kagato, everyone was proven innocent of treason and all charges. Ayeka did not punish those involved in the conspiracy, instead most resigned on their own accord. Grandpa got better and is surrounded by young nurses. Dad is there too. The guardians were revived by Washu. The knights Azaka and Kamidake are resuming their lives as humans. Azaka has become addicted to video games. Washu become elected president of the Universal Science Academy. In her acceptance speech she promises to use her knowledge only in the pursuit of peace. A few months later she was discovered developing a weapon that could destroy the Universe. Back at GP headquarters Kiyone has ascended to Mitsuki's boss and enjoys bossing her around. Mihoshi also got a promotion but she still spends most of her time with Kiyone.

As for Ryoko she has not been seen since she left Jurai. Nagi continues her search going from bar to bar with a picture of Ryoko. Its suspected that her wounds inflicted by Kagato were too great and she passed away. Back on Jurai Princess Ayeka has taken the throne. Tenchi is going home and Ayeka can't convince him to stay on Jurai and be her prince. She says her final good byes and walks off into the shadows.

Back on Earth Tenchi has resumed the life of a normal boy. He's back in school and his days spent in space were reguarded as an excused absence. Ryo-Oh is growing bigger and bigger. Grandpa has gone back to his shrine. Noboyuki has resumed his job as an architect and continues to hit on his secretary. They still have the karaoke machine, but they don't use it. The house is very quiet without so many people living in it. Washu's lab has changed back to a broom closet. There is a for rent sign on Mihoshi and Kiyone's apartment.

The next day on Tenchi's way to school he's haunted by the memories of his time with the others. He hears a meow and its just a normal cat (His cat is named chibi by the way). He remembers the first episode when he found Ryoko. He hears Ryoko's voice behind him and when he turns around she's standing there but disappears. She reappears on a rock beside him bur this time she's real. Its a good thing that Ryoko regenerates huh :).

Back on Jurai Princess Ayeka has turned up missing. But Sasami knows where she's gone and rushes off to join her. Kiyone and Mihoshi are reassigned to Earth. They move back into their old apartment. Washu's portal opens under the stairs again. And the story begins again... At the end of this episode is the full version of the ending song.

Tenchi Muyo the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love!Tenchi Muyo! In Love

Immediately after the ending credits of the Tenchi TV series were aired a promo for Tenchi Muyo in Love aired. Tenchi Muyo in Love is the first full length feature film released about Tenchi. It also aired on the Sci-Fi channel's Anime festival which occurs annually. In America the movie was imported before the TV series was but after the OAV which got little attention. The showing during the Sci-fi channel's anime festival is what drew me to this series. Tenchi Muyo in love was the only of the Tenchi series to get a large budget. The animation is crisper, the story deeper, and the soundtrack was done in full surround sound. In Japan the movie was released into theaters which is not uncommon in Japan. At the end of the Tenchi Muyo in Love video are the actual promos that were on TV and in coming attractions. A few scenes were cut from the Sci-Fi's channel to save airtime but most of the movie remained intact.

The story begins at GP headquarters. Suddenly an extreme amount of energy is released and the most powerful prisoner in the Galaxy Police's prison escapes. The prisoner is K.A.I.N. He has been trapped in another dimension for a long time and has finally built up enough energy to escape. During his escape he creates a black hole which pulls in the entire headquarters. Galaxy Police headquarters is completely destroyed and there are few survivors. Kiyone and Mihoshi, out on patrol, receive the distress signal, but its too late. Kain builds up great speed and dives into the Earth. He disappears in a fantastic lightshow over Tokyo. Tenchi, who is at home, begins to phase out of existence. This is the first indication that he is going to vanish.

We are then taken to Autumn semester 1970. Here we see schoolchildren going about their daily activities. Mihoshi is here? And Kiyone? Ryoko and Ayeka wearing school uniforms? Outside Sasami, Tenchi and Ryo-Ohki are hiding in the bushes... Back to the present day, Tenchi and the girls are watching old home movies taken on 8mm film. The film they are watching is of a young girl walking through a forest. The girl is Tenchi's mother in her senior year in high school. Suddenly she vanishes and Tenchi flies across the room. He's stuck to a lighted grid on the wall. Washu shows up, and tells them that the Masaki family died out 26 years ago. The shrine around them becomes old and out of repair. While Washu was in her lab she detected a temporal misalignment. Washu comes up with a plan to send everyone back in time 26 years to before Achika, Tenchi's mother is killed. Ryoko shows up at Kiyone and Mihoshi's apartment while they're sleeping and gets them too. Everyone is in one of Washu's machine. Everyone except Mihoshi is not crazy about this idea. The only reason Mihoshi isn't bothered is because she's still asleep. Washu activates the machine and everyone disappears.

Back in 1970 Mihoshi is a literature teacher, just like in the TV series. And teaching the same story about the Demon of Rashoman just like in the TV series. In the classroom there is a mysterious man who keeps getting the attention of Ryoko. Outside during gym class Ayeka had to borrow one of Achika's gym suits while Ryoko borrows one of the gym teacher's. Apparently the gym teacher has jock itch. Tenchi gets the first opportunity to see his mother in a long time.

Later that day after school Achika returns home. When she gets there she meets Ayeka and Ryoko, two exchange students from her class. They will be staying with her and her father, Katsuhito (Yosho). That night Tenchi and the other all meet at the Masaki Shrine. While they're talking about the events of the day. Sasami comes with a message from Washu. She tells them how happy she is that they actually made it to 1970. You see she wasn't sure the time travel experiment would work.

The next day in school Ryoko gets that feeling about the strange man again. Outside in gym class Ayeka and Ryoko are playing volleyball. Ryoko spikes the ball into Ayeka's face leaving an imprint of the ball (this scene was cut from sci-fi's presentation.) They all meet to discuss anything strange, when Tenchi begins to disappear again. They all run off to find her. They find her on a hill with Noboyuki. He's showing her one of his designs for a house. She makes him promise that when he builds this house that she let her see it. They even come up with some ideas together. They nearly share tender feelings, but that doesn't develop. By the way, the house they're designing is Tenchi's house in the future. Sasami uses the shield to keep Tenchi from disappearing. Ryoko spots the strange man nearby. That night Achika tells Ryoko and Ayeka about their school trip to Tokyo which they're going on tomorrow. In the woods Tenchi, Sasami, Mihoshi and Kiyone have set up camp. Kiyone is in a large barrel of water taking a bath when she suddenly disappears. She reappears back in Washu's lab. She's still naked and Washu offers her a towel. Washu narrows the time at which Achika disappears to a few days. They access Yagami's database and discover Kain's past. They discover just what they're up against. Kain will strike in Tokyo between between November 25 and November 28 1970.

So they all headed off to Tokyo for their school trip. A fight breaks out between Ayeka and Ryoko which shorts out the passenger train that they're all on. Everyone gets off the train and the next day, onto a bus. Noboyuki shows Achika his video camera. The first stop is a park in Tokyo. Here is where Noboyuki shot the footage shown earlier. When Noboyuki asks Achika what she wants to be when she grows up she replies..."A bride." Once again Tenchi begins to disappear but Sasami is still with him with the shield. Ryoko sees the strange man again and chases him, but he gets away. The next stop is a market place. Everyone is buying food and simple accessories. The strange man appears again. Ryoko follows him but loses him in a open courtyard. He comes up behind her and tells her that he's Galaxy Police. He tells her that he's here to capture Kain as revenge. He tells her how Kain was last captured by the Galaxy Police and The House of Jurai working together. He's followed him here to stop him from killing all the decedents of the Jurains that captured him. He's here to kill Achika and Yosho. The operative escapes and tells her that he will kill Kain.

Everyone is having a meeting but Kiyone is missing. Until Washu returns her to the past...In the toilet. She's back with a communicator to Washu. They learn that Kain will try to kill Achika at Tokyo Tower. She has created a device that amplifies the psi waves of trees. Using this power she can capture Kain in another dimension. By placing other devices on the statues of 5 ancient holy places called the fudo temples. Red, yellow, blue, black, and white. Tenchi decides that he will be the one to stand by his mother and protect her. He begins to disappear but does not allow Sasami to use the shield. Achika goes through a similar experience at the same time. Everyone splits up on different subway trains to deliver the devices to the fudo temples. I don't know if I'd entrust the delivery of one of the devices by Mihoshi.

At the Tokyo Tower in the observation booth which is closed awaits the GP operative. All of the devices are delivered to the temples. As the elevator makes its ascent to the top of the tower Kain appears. He breaks open the elevator killing or knocking out all its occupants. When he moves in to finish the job he's blasted from above. He goes up to fight the Galaxy Police officer. He easily defeats the operative and kills him. Tenchi, Noboyuki, and Achika run to the top of the tower to place the generator. During his fight with Kain Tenchi screams out ";I won't let you hurt my mom!"; There Achika reveals herself as the one that Kain is looking for before they can fight Tenchi activates the generator and Kain begins to be sucked inside. He grabs Achika who is grabbed by Noboyuki and Tenchi. Tenchi loses his grip and Achika and Noboyuki are pulled in also.

Washu cannot pinpoint their coordinates in subspace so she cannot teleport anyone to them or them out. Washu comes up with a plan to use the dimensional cannon to seal Kain in subspace. The dimensional cannon is used to destroy galaxies. And they're going to use it on a little portal. By linking Ryoko's brainwaves with Tenchi's and using his Jurai power to see through the eyes of his mother. They plan to use Achika's eyes to allow Ryoko to teleport to what Tenchi sees. In subspace Kain is enjoying torturing Noboyuki and Achika. Achika chooses to fight Kain without a weapon. She changes into her combat gear (On the Sci-Fi channel part of this was edited out because you can see Achika's butt.) Since she's unarmed Kain kicks her butt. She manages to simply fend off Kain's attacks. After failing to destroy her he decides to absorb her. Tenchi flies in and attacks Kain. Ryoko and Ayeka rescue his parents. Achika realizes that Tenchi is her son. Tenchi fights Kain but can't succeed in killing him. At one point he drops the sword and Achika picks it up. When she does the sword grows HUGE. The blade absorbs all the energy Kain is using to attack. Achika uses all her power to defeat Kain. Everyone runs away but Achika is caught by Kain. Kiyone fires the cannon to the rift and it hits Kain right in the face. Achika survives and everything is quiet.

Ayeka uses one of Washu's inventions to erase Achika and Noboyuki's memories of them. They say their final good-byes and return to the future. After the battle it was discovered that the power Achika displayed in her battle with Kain caused her life to be shortened. Nine years later Achika gives birth to a baby boy. Noboyuki is allowed to design a building and Noboyuki builds their house. Achika's father, Katsuhito, names the new boy Tenchi. The end.

The ending credits have a special soundtrack called ";The Alchemy of Love"; written by Christopher Franke. Sounds a little like the theme to Legend. After the credits are the actual trailers released on Japanese TV and in the movie theaters. They're not dubbed or even subtitled but their interesting to watch.

Tenchi Muyo!: The Daughter of Darkness (Eve of Summer)

Tenchi Muyo the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness This is the second full length feature film released in Japan and in America. This movie is considerably shorter than the previous one. It also has a lot of discrepancies, all of which are minor but they should be more careful when writing a feature film. Some include: Everyone has forgotten that Tenchi's grandfather is Yosho, the battlegear worn by Tenchi is the battle gear from the OAV, the lighthawk wings never appeared in the TV series and now they call them the Lighthawk sword? Oh come on. And I didn't buy this whole Startica festival thing. Jurain trees don't come in Pine!! Why does Tenchi's daughter Mayuka feel the need to molest Tenchi any chance she gets. Don't get me wrong this movie is worth watching and I can suggest it to any Tenchi fans, but I expect better from Tenchi Muyo. The original name for this move was: Eve of Summer. Some of the voice talents have been replaced, I liked the old ones better. Sherry Lynn is no longer Kiyone. Matt Miller is no longer Noboyuki and Yosho. To be honest I'm not sure exactly which series this springs from. There are aspects from both the Tenchi Universe and the OAV. Recently somebody pointed out some facts about this movie that make it appear to be from the OAV: The location of Washu's lab beneath the stairs, The floating bath, Ryoko's changing into her combat uniform in a flash, The appearance of Lighthawk wings at all, Mihoshi and Kiyone do not appear to have their own apartment, and Ayeka says that Yosho is her brother. On the other hand there is the presence of Kiyone, who did not appear in the OAV, only the Mihoshi special. It seems that this movie was just thrown together with the characters from Tenchi Muyo as the main characters. Its sort of a combination of the two. Not much care was taken to stick to the known background.

The movie begins in the past on Planet Jurai. There is a celebration of the summer solstice called Startica. A young Yosho meets a strange looking creature. Their friendship is cut short by Jurain soldiers who drive away the creature. The creature wakes up from her memory and turns on one of the many TVs in her bedroom. Seeing the Masaki Christmas party, she decides to send a special surprise for Yosho. She steals a lock of Tenchi's hair and adds it to some of her own and throws it into a vat. The DNA combines and something is created.

Back at the house everyone is working hard on spring cleaning, except Ryoko. On Tenchi's way down the hill he meets a strange girl. The girl walk up and says, "Daddy." The girl claims to be Tenchi's daughter from the future. Her name is Mayuka. When Ryoko confronts Mayuka about her identity she panics and generates a Lighthawk Sword. Yosho breaks up the fight. And Washu steals a sample of Mayuka's hair for an experiment. At dinner Mayuka is making Ayeka and Ryoko very upset.

Later that day all the girls are talking to Mayuka. She seems to be suffering from a case of amnesia. Washu tells Tenchi that her tests have proven that she is his daughter. But she can't tell who the mother is. Washu suggests that one of the girls might be the mother. Mayuka shares qualities from all the girls. Its hard to tell who she's most like. Back in the creature's lair she is remembering just before she met Yosho. She'd just killed three of his friends bur he didn't know that. He offers her a berry which is very rare on Jurai.

Mihoshi and Kiyone help Mayuka get dressed. After Mihoshi is done brushing Mayuka's hair she discovers a silver strand which Washu gets to continue her experiment. While Mayuka, Sasami and Mihoshi are doing origami Mayuka remembers she brought something for her daddy. Its a music box which celebrates Startica. The creature appears in a hologram and Mayuka appears to be in a trance drags Tenchi to the Shrine. On the stairs she tells Tenchi that she loves him and kisses him. Tenchi begins to be transported away. Ryoko, Washu and Yosho all sense something is wrong. When Ryoko separates them she drags Mayuka away to extract some information. She takes her high above the trees and when Mayuka says she doesn't know what's going on, she drops her.

Later that night Mayuka hasn't returned they send out search parties. After its dark everyone returns home. Yosho finds Mayuka stuck in a tree and returns with her. When she gets back to the house she begins to fight with Ryoko. When Tenchi tries to break them up he slaps Ryoko without thinking. When he tries to apologize Ryoko leaves. That night Yosho visits Washu in her lab they discuss the silver hair. That night everyone is lighting firecrackers and Mayuka gets that look in her eye and under the orders of the creature takes all the firecrackers and puts them in the fire. Nobody is hurt by the resulting explosion. Later that night Sasami is sharing the photo album of last year's Christmas party. She's so impressed by the pictures that they invite Mayuka to join in next year's party.

That night Tenchi catches up with Ryoko and apologizes. After everyone is asleep the creature visits Mayuka again and order her to transport Tenchi to her dimension. The process seems to involve a lot of licking? Yosho and Ryoko interrupt. Yosho discovers that Yazuha is behind everything. Yazuha is a demon who is the essence of the dark tree of Jurai. Yazuha is the only evil Jurain tree I know of so far. Mayuka runs off that night and Yazuha takes her over again. This time she erases all Mayuka's memories. She becomes a mindless zombie. Mayuka kidnaps Sasami and takes her to the dark realm. Ryoko and Tenchi go off to save Sasami. Now I don't know why they sent Tenchi? They knew his Jurai powers wouldn't work in the dark realm but they sent him anyway. Now me I would've been smart about it. I would have sent Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki, Kiyone, Mihoshi, and especially Washu because their powers don't rely on Jurai power. Once inside the dark realm they find Mayuka. She turns herself into a creature more resembling Yazuha. In the dark realm they have to fight Mayuka, Yazuha, killer toys and lots of entangling wrapping paper. Its like the Christmas from hell. Yosho and Ayeka devise a scheme to help Tenchi fight while he's in the Nightmare World. They need the help of Tsunami, the Tree of Light, which also didn't appear in the TV series. But the closest thing they can come up with is Funaho, Yosho's tree. Mayuka begins to kill Tenchi but her memories surface and she can't do it. She attacks Yazuha and Yazuha kills her. She turns her back into the crystal from which she came from.

Tenchi gets pissed. Yazuha takes her real form. A small demon looking thing. And grows in size to a giant shadow. Ayeka shows up and throws a branch from the tree of light into the ground. Tenchi regains his powers. He creates the Lighthawk Sword and slays Yazuha. Yazuha says, "Imagine the darkness in love with the light." just before she dies. Tenchi wakes up outside the Nightmare world. He still has crystal which Mayuka turned into. Using the crystal Washu comes up with a way to revive Mayuka. She asks if anyone has anything against it. Nobody does not even Ryoko. The crystal grows into a baby girl and Mayuka gets to grow up.

After this movie there trailers for this movie before its release in Japan. Notice that they call it Eve of Summer.

Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: Tenchi Forever

Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: Tenchi Forever First, I'd like to say that this summary may be a bit out of sequence and somewhat incomplete. I haven't seen Tenchi forever in a few months and I'll try to watch it soon to make this more accurate. Also I ran out of time and I will have to finish it sometime this week.

The third movie begins with everyone cleaning up at the Masaki shrine. Nothing is out of the ordinary, as usual, Ryoko and Ayeka are fighting. Tenchi needs to take a break from them both so he wanters off into the woods. There he finds a large tree. He hears a woman's voice beckoning him to come closer to the tree. He gets closer and closer until he actually disappears within the tree. Shortly after Ryoko and Ayeka realize that he's left and go to where he was only to find the tree.

After the prelude it cuts to months in the future. Since shortly after his disappearance everyone has been looking for Tenchi in their own way. Sasami has returned to Jurai to try to use some of the power there. Both the Guardians and the knights are there and they greet the young princess. Washu, who needs more power to continue her search for Tenchi sends Kiyone and Mihoshi back to galaxy police headquarters to hijack control of their supercomputer. Although I suspect that Washu had other reasons for hijacking one of the most powerful computers in the universe other than searching for Tenchi.

Meanwhile Tenchi wakes up in an unfamiliar apartment to the sound of chopping. Before him he sees a woman who he seems to recognize and calls her Haruna. She looks a lot like Aeris for Final Fantasy VII right down to the pink bow in her hair. Tenchi himself looks different sporting long hair. Tenchi is attending art school and lives together with this woman who appears to be his lover. Tenchi even gets a little bit of action :). That night Tenchi is painting a portrait of his girlfriend. He manages to get the sketch before becoming tired and needing to go to bed.

Washu does manage to give Ryoko and Ayeka who are searching for Tenchi on foot an idea as to where they might find Tenchi. One day while on the bus, they spot Tenchi. Ryoko is hot on his but loses him suddenly. Ayeka soon catches up and is in disbelief that she actually lost Tenchi. Ayeka and Ryoko take up part time jobs as waitresses in a resteraunt to pay their bills while in so far away from home. On another day Ryoko spots Tenchi again, this time with a strange girl, and persues him calling his name. He does not respond and disappears into an ally with Haruna.

Tenchi wakes up in an unfamiliar apartment to the sound of chopping. Before him he sees a woman who he seems to recognize and calls her Haruna. Sound familiar? The scene is exacly the same as the one mentioned earlier yet something seems to be bothering Tenchi. He begins to sketch a portrait. Seemingly to be using the girl he was just dreaming about as a model. He soon joins Haruna for breakfast before heading out to school. While eating breakfast he tries to turn on the television which never seems to work. He shortly gives up on the televisoin before heading out to school. After school, in the rain, Haruna is waiting for him with an umbrella. She doesn't see him right away and assumes that he's already left. So she curls up in a storefront. Tenchi sees her an joins her on a romantic walk back under her umbrella together.

In the resteraunt, Ayeka is an excellent waitress. She is graceful and is getting very good tips, Ryoko on the other hand is breaking glasses, eating customers' food, and sleeping at the counter. Suddenly, the entire resteraunt's patrons disappear except for two sitting in a far booth. The sky darkens. When they look closer they see Tenchi. They go over and stand at the end of the table. Tenchi doesn't even seem to see them there, but Haruna looks at them both with a sadistic grin and does not pay them any attention. Ryoko begins calling to Tenchi who does not seem to hear them either. When Ryoko tries to touch him her hands go right through him. She tries again this time more violently but her hands still go straight through him. Tenchi complains of a headache (Which I'd have too if Ryoko put her fists through my head a few times) and Haruna rushes to his side. She gives the girls an ominous look and they both fade out of existance.

After this new information is obtained and she has control over the GP's computer and with the help of the house of Jurai, Washu manages to determine that Tenchi is trapped in an alternate universe and she suspects that the strange girl that they met in the resteraunt is the one causing it all.

More to come soon....

Tenchi in Tokyo

Well, everyone can relax, Tenchi has returned for another series. From what I can tell, this series seems to take place after the second movie. I'm not sure what happened to Mayuka though. Perhaps she was conveniently written out of the series. Something which we've seen in American TV series as well. For example, what ever happened to the youngest daughter on Family Matters. Did the family forget about her? No, Jaleel White absorbed her salary. Therefore she was conveniently written out. Another example might be the constant rotation of actors who play the Power Rangers. My theory is the high percentage of budget spent on the Green/White Ranger's salary. Not that I watch the show or anything but I miss Amy Jo Johnson (First Pink Ranger) she was so hot. Mmmmm Pink Ranger... Anyway let's get away from my sarcasm of Hollywood and back to what I was talking about...

A New FriendSeparation Anxiety

Four's a Crowd

Long Distance Lunacy

The Eternal Pledge

Summary needed!

Ok, by now you've realized that I don't have summaries for the Shin Tenchi Muyo series. Well there's a very good reason for that. It seems that due to financial difficulties (College Tuition) I have been unable to purchase any of the Tenchi in Tokyo series. I would appreciate it if anyone that has seen them and wishes to write a good sized summary for each episode. E-mail it to me and I will add it to this page. I don't even know the names of the episodes. Thanks a lot.

Pretty Sammy

Pretty Sammy is a spin off of the TV series. The character first appeared in the OAV in the Mihoshi Special. A character like Pretty Sammy could only come from the mind of Mihoshi. She made a second appearance in Time and Space Adventures 2. In an attempt to pick up some of the money that Sailor Moon was making Pioneer came up with Pretty Sammy. The show is centered around Sasami because she's the best character for little girls to relate with, like Sailor Moon was. Sailor Moon however is popular with all age groups.

Pretty Sammy

The first episode begins with the ascension of Tsunami to the Queen of Juraihelm, a kingdom very potent in magic. She has a rival named Ramia. In order to resolve who will become queen they are to engage in a contest. They each pick a person from Earth to be their champion. Whoever's champion gets the most points wins the crown. Sasami is selected by Tsunami and Misao is selected by Ramia.

Sasami is Tenchi's little sister. Tenchi is constantly being chased by Ryoko and Ayeka, two girls who want to date Tenchi. While Ayeka is the perfect student, Head of the student body, rich, and intelligent. Ryoko is a strong bully with a knack for getting herself out of trouble and others into it. Tsunami and Ramia each choose a guardian for their champion. Tsunami chooses Ryo-Ohki and Ramia chooses her little brother Rumiya. Rumiya can transform himself into a bird. Rumiya is not greedy like his sister but he does still love her.

Sasami's mother owns a record store. One afternoon she asks Sasami to deliver a cd to a mansion. When Sasami gets there she meets Tsunami and she tells her about Sasami becoming a magical girl named Pretty Sammy. At first Sasami thinks that she'll be a Jackie Chan like fighter and kick and punch whoever is doing evil. Misao is approached by Rumiya and forced to become Ramia's magical girl Pixie Misa. A woman named Washu moves into Kiyone and Mihoshi's apartment building. While she's moving in Pixie Misa shows up and turn Ayeka and Ryoko into love love monsters. These gummy bear looking things with love written across their chests.

When Pretty Sammy comes to stop them she tries her kung-fu but nothing happens. She finds that her powers are based around generating effects that are based around human emotion such as creating love and friendship. She uses these powers on the giant Ayeka and Ryoko and they change back to normal. The next day when everyone is late to school they find out that the person who just moved in Washu is their new science teacher.

Pretty Sammy 2: Revenge of the Imperial Electronic Brain

The second episode is starts off in the office of Biff Standard. Biff Standard shares a lot of qualities with Bill Gates. One of which, he wants to rule the world. His vision of the future is everybody in the world running his software. Even his competor's logo resembles that of Windows 95. There is even a Pineapple which comes on when the computer starts up. Most of the world has begun to use his software only except for Japan. Ramia shows up and tells him that she likes his plan. She offers to help him by using her magical abilities to enhance his software. Their first target is Akihabara. Akihabara is the technological center of Tokyo and therefore, Japan. Biff knows that if he gets them to accept his software the rest of Japan is soon to follow.

Back at Sasami's house her mother has raided the cash register in order to buy a karaoke machine. When she does buy one she buys a computer that happens to have a karaoke program. When the computer crashes Tenchi and Sasami go to Akihabara to get some new software. When they get there they just happen to run into Biff who is pushing his software. When Tenchi tries to find the software for his Mach 8(Mac?) system he can't find any. He ends up going to an underground cyber store. After he gets the software Biff tries to confiscate it. He summons some of the creatures that Ramia has given him. A few little cartoon looking guys claiming to be from different parts of his company.

Pretty Sammy shows up to protect her brother from the bad guys. She does so by teaming up with Pixie Misa who has found out about Biff's real plan from Washu. Biff plans to use giant magnets to pull the moon out of orbit and smash it into the Earth. He wants to do this because he believes that he has to start over to make his vision a reality. Actually he's been tricked by Ramia because if the Earth is destroyed she'll win the contest and become queen. After they defeat the demons together Ramia bribes Pixie Misa back to her side. Sammy goes off to the command center, a giant robot to shut down the magnet. With the help of Washu Biff is cut off from his magnets in other parts of the world. Sasami gets caught in a tickle trap on her way to stop Biff.

Rumiya cancels Pixie Misa and she changes back into Misao. Misao frees Sammy and using her magical abilities, Sammy makes Biff realize what he's done.

Pretty Sammy 3: Super Kiss

While fighting Ramia and Pixie Misa in space a comet suddenly swept through the battlefield stopping the battle. Sammy was knocked to Earth and so was Ramia, who hasn't been heard from since. Washu is investigating the impact. There they found a blob when they ask Washu to use her great scientific ability to determine what it is she takes out a giant mallet, breaks open the jar its in, and picks it up in her bare hand. After speaking baby talk to the blob for a while it begins to react to her.

Sasami and her family are going to the beach on vacation. Kiyone manages to convince her boss to take her too. When they get there they meet a boy names Mokoto Mizushino. Kiyone has an obvious affection for him, but he seems more interested in Sasami. In a seaside mansion Ramia is sitting in a chair staring off into the ocean. A strange man who claims to be taking care of her appears and tells her that he's got some errands to run. Ramia seems to have amnesia and doesn't remember who she is. Back on Juraihelm Rumiya is thrilled that her sister is missing. While he's watching her holo-diary. She mentions that she only wants to control Juraihelm for him. He feels bad and goes off to find her. He rushed off so fast that he missed the part when she said she was only kidding.

Rumiya employs Pixie Misa to find his sister. While they are out searching for Ramia they encounter the strange man who has detected her magical girl abilities. When she doesn't provide any useful help to him he beats her up. Sasami finds her later and carries her back to the hotel where they're staying. Back in Washu's lab she has begun to talk to the blob which has morphed into a crab. She learns that the blob is from a race of creatures that was using the comet as space travel. When the creatures come in contact with any being they take on some of the appearance and personality traits of it so they can assimilate into their new environment. She has combined with Washu. Another combined with Ramia and must be stopped before it kills Pretty Sammy.

After taking care of Misao Sasami goes off to fight the strange man. After fighting a losing fight, Mokoto shows up and saves her from the man. Mokoto is quickly overwhelmed and changed back into the blob which he was. Mokoto was one of the creature too that combined with Pretty Sammy when she was hit by the comet. The man throws the blob into the ocean where he'll become a fish or something. In the mean time Ramia is out wandering on the beach and finds a bird which is not awake. She carries it with her and continues walking. Pixie Misa wakes up and come to fight the man too. Pretty Sammy and Pixie Misa combine their powers and defeat the man. Just then Ramia walks by and sees Pretty Sammy. Her amnesia lifts and she's back to her old self again.

Magical Project

After the success of The Pretty Sammy series the series was continued under the name Magical Project. Once again I haven't seen any of these because I ain't got no damn money. If anybody has seen these and would like to write a summary of each episode so I could post it I'd appreciate it. And I'd also appreciate it if anyone is in the market for a good web designer :)

The Queen's Champion Star Search Love Love Monsters
The Queen's Champion Star Search 1 Love Love Monsters

Compact Disks

There were also eight CDs released for Tenchi Muyo featuring the soundtracks played in the background and during the credits. While I'm not sure how many of them were released in America, I know that they are available in Japan and can be imported. I know that the Tenchi Muyo in Love soundtrack was released in America, but I have yet to find it. I've been corresponding with an online CD company recently where these CDs can be purchased.

Tenchi Muyo OVA Vol. 1


  1. Tenchi Theme (Re-mix)
  2. Mini-Drama 1
  3. Ryoko's Theme
  4. Mini Drama 2
  5. Ryoko's Song
  6. Mini Drama 3
  7. Ayeka's Song
  8. Mini Drama 4
  9. BGM 1
  10. BGM 2
  11. BGM 3
  12. Mini Drama 5
  13. Tenchi Ayeka and Ryoko's Song
  14. Mini Drama 6
  15. Talent for Love (Ending Theme)
  16. BGM 4
  17. Mini Drama 7
  18. BGM 5
  19. Mini Drama 8
  20. Opening Theme (Original version)
Tenchi Muyo Soundtrack 1

Tenchi Muyo OVA OST Vol. 2


  1. Imasarasekitsuidoubutsu
  2. BGM 1 (Kagato's entrance)
  3. BGM 2 (Mihoshi's entrance)
  4. BGM 3 (Sasami's Dreams)
  5. BGM 4
  6. BGM 5
  7. BGM 6
  8. BGM 7
  9. BGM 8 (Kagato plots)
  10. Police Magic
  11. Oujosamatooyobi
  12. BGM 9 (Ryoko's memories)
  13. BGM 10 (Washu's lab)
  14. BGM 11 (Attack)
  15. BGM 12
  16. BGM 13 (Attack 2)
  17. BGM 14
  18. Yukinosanbaimei
  19. BGM 15 (Tsunami's theme)
  20. BGM 16
  21. BGM 17
  22. BGM 18
  23. BGM 19 (Aftermath)
  24. BGM 20 (Tenchi Attacks)
  25. Kimino Carrot Cake
Tenchi Muyo Soundtrack 2

Tenchi Muyo OVA OST Vol. 3


  1. Bokuwamottopaionia [I'm a Pioneer]
  2. Mini Drama 1
  3. BGM 1
  4. Washunokomoriuta [Washu's Lulaby]
  5. Mini Drama 2
  6. BGM 2
  7. Samba! huuhuuzenzai
  8. Mini Drama 3
  9. BGM 3
  10. Mini Drama 4
  11. TsukinoTragedy [Lonely Moon]
Tenchi Muyo Soundtrack 3

Tenchi Muyo - Ryo-Ohki Best Album


  1. Imasarasekitsuidoubutsu
  2. Ayeka's Song
  3. Pretty Samy
  4. Tenchi Ayeka and Ryoko's Song
  5. Kimino Carrot Cake
  6. Oujosamatooyobi
  7. Ryoko's Song
  8. Police Magic
  9. Yukinosanbaimei
  10. Ainoejike
  11. Talent for Love (Ending Theme)
  12. Koiwasesesshoyaomahenka
Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki's Best

Meet the Tenchi Muyo


  1. I'm a Pioneer
  2. Dream Away
  3. Washu's Lullaby
  4. Sleeping Beauty on the Balcony
  5. Pretty Sammy, The Magic Girl
  6. Your Hiroshi
  7. Money No More
  8. The Lonely Moon
  9. Talent For Love
Meet the Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Muyo TV


  1. Sacrifice
  2. File 1 (CD-Drama)
  3. BGM 1
  4. File 2
  5. BGM 2
  6. File 3
  7. BGM 3
  8. File 4
  9. Renainogikuu
Tenchi Muyo Soundtrack

Tenchi Muyo In Love! Soundtrack
US Version


  1. Prologue
  2. The Opening
  3. The Rythem of Cause and Effect
  4. First Encounter with Achika
  5. Operative A
  6. A Change in Tenchi
  7. The Future House
  8. Kain's Image Analyses
  9. Nobuyuki and Achika
  10. Ryoko's Chase
  11. Tenchi's Decision
  12. Achika and Tenchi
  13. Power Booster
  14. The Battle Against Kain
  15. Sadness
  16. Come to the Rescue
  17. The Power of Love
  18. Kain's Return
  19. Achika's Theme
  20. Epilogue
  21. Alchemy of Love
  22. Achika in Rage-Bonus Track
Tenchi Muyo the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love Soundtrack

Tenchi Muyo! - Sonia Wonderland


  1. Tenchi Muyo! ~ Sonia Mix
  2. Supersonic Love
  3. Electronic Lover
  4. Zuttodakishimeteite
  5. Chibiunimemori
  6. Tenchi Muyo!
  7. Modern Girl
  8. Love Train
  9. Typhoon Girl
  10. Heart to Heart
  11. [Mesage to fans]
  12. Tenchi Muyo! (TV Theme)
Sonia Wonderland