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In the spirit of March Madness, some of the characters from Tenchi Muyo have decided to compete in a tournament to prove once and for all who is the most popular Tenchi Muyo Character. After Sasami stealing the show in the Tenchi Survivor, once again the competetor butt heads.

Who will be victorious, only you decide.

The Tenchi Muyo March Madness is over baby! The winner Ryoko!!! Tune in back soon for Tenchi Muyo Survivor!!


Round 1  Round 2 Round 3 Final 4    Finals    Final 4 Round 3 Round 2 Round1

Tenchi  --                                                           -Ryoko
         |Tenchi(91%)                                    Ryoko(93%)--|
Yukinojo--     |                                               |     -Zero
               |-Tenchi(85%)                        Ryoko(92%)-|
Ayeka    -     |       |                               |       |     -Nagi
         |Ayeka(55%)   |                               | Nagi(76%)---|
Guardians-             |                               |             -Yugi
                       |-Washu(62%)         Ryoko(72%)-|
Ryo-Ohki--             |       |               |       |             -Mihoshi
         |Ryo-Ohki(80%)|       |               |       | Kiyone(62%)-|
Ken-Ohki--     |       |       |               |       |       |     -Kiyone
               |-Washu(82%)    |               |     Kiyone(D)-|
Washu-----     |               |               |               |     -Sakuya
         |Washu(95%)           |   Ryoko(53%)  |         Mayuka(51%)-|
Tokimi----                     |       |       |                     -Mayuka
Yosho-----                     |               |                     -Funaho
         |Yosho(78%)           |               |         Misaki(56%)-|    
Noboyuki--     |               |               |               |     -Misaki
               |-Yosho(D)      |               |   Misaki(78%)-|
Achika----     |       |       |               |       |       |     -Amagasaki
         |Achika(86%)  |       |               |       | Sagami(58%)-|
Dr. Clay--             |       |               |       |             -Sagami
                       |-Tsunami(60%)      Misaki(76%)-|
Sasami----             |                               |             -Trakal
         |Tsunami(54%) |                               | Haruna(59%)-|
Tsunami---     |       |                               |       |     -Haruna
               |-Tsunami(69%)                      Haruna(66%)-|
Kain------     |                                               |     -Fujisawa
         |Kagato(71%)                                    Fujisawa(51%)|
Kagato----                                                           -Yakage

Dick Vitale: 59%
Dennis Leary: 41%

Round 1 results:

Commentary by Dick Vitale

Tier 1 Tenchi vs Yukinojo
From the beginning Tenchi was the favorite, he left Yukinojo in the dust and never looked back baby! Oh baby! You talk about an early favorite. His next round though is against the princess who's heart he has captured. Will he be able to overcome the princess??

Tier 2 Ayeka vs Azaka & Kamidake
This one was a see saw all the way to the end when Ayeka managed to pick up a small margin of votes which she carried to the end. Oh baby! What a close one when the princess almost loses to her own servants. This week she faces the heir to the throne. Will she be able to topple him and maintain her royalty?

Tier 3 Ryo-Ohki vs Ken-Ohki
You wanna talk about a catfight? This one was an early favorite to the more well known cabbit. She got out to an early 80% lead and stayed around 80% for the entire round. Oh baby! Next week she faces her own creator. If she wins who knows what creatures she's assimilate from Washu's lab??

Tier 4 Washu vs Tokimi
Two sisters each goddess each eaqualy matched. But in this round the winner was obvious all along. Evil, well er Washu triumphed over evil. Next she faces her cutest invention. Aside from me that is. Oh baby what a matchup!!!

Tier 5 Yosho vs Noboyuki
These two semi look alikes went at it with a fury never seen before by this commentator. Yosho was an early favorite but Noboyuki's desire to proceed to the next round against a member of the opposite sex almost got him victory. It was going to be either Father vs Daughter or Husband vs Wife in round 2. This will be an interesting fight as Jurain power clashes!!!

Tier 6 Achika vs Dr. Clay
The daughter of Yosho easily overcame the evil octopus. This one was never even close to within the Doctor's reach. Next round she fightes her father. Oh baby!

Tier 7 Sasami vs Tsunami
A goddess vs her own corpreal form??? Oh baby!! This one was fierce. But in the end Tsunami's pure power overcame Sasmi's ultra cuteness. I never predicted this one baby! And once again she faces Kagato, but this time Tenchi's not here to help! Who will win this one???

Tier 8 Kain vs Kagato
Two of the most evil combatants in the Universe went at it in the earliest round. In the end Kagato's pure evil defeated Kain's raw power. It'll be interesting to see how Kain recovers from this one baby! Next round he gets another chance to capture Tsunami. He'd better get started on building a new environment for her if he hopes to succeed.

Tier 9 Ryoko vs Zero
Ryoko vs herself how much more can you ask for than a mirror match. But the true Ryoko was completely overwhealming over her doppleganger. Will she be able to escape Nagi this time? Only you can decide!!

Tier 10 Nagi vs Yugi
On the side, Nagi engauged the Jurian mutant Yugi and contained her. I wonder what the bounty was on this one. Nagi was in command of this battle the entire round. Yugi tried to make a comeback by using her shadow to distract Nagi, but it was not enough. Next she faces Ryoko, her greatest challenge! Oh baby!!

Tier 11 Mihoshi vs Kiyone
These two galaxy police officers went at it in a battle which was close at first but gradually Kiyone developed a dominating lead and won the day. Next the GP's most likely to succeed officer has to overcome the child of Tenchi and a dark tree augmented with the power of the goddess Washu. Oh baby!! Kiyone looks like an early favorite though. Oh baby!

Tier 12 Sakuya vs Mayuka
Tenchi's Daughter takes on the girl who wants to have Tenchi's daughter. A good matchup, both characters share the same personality traits. But it appears that the fact that Sakuya was in Tenchi in Tokyo cost her the match. Mayuka got out to an early lead only to be overtaken by Sakuya who could not maintain it for long. This was one of the closest battles of the week.

Tier 13 Misaki vs Funaho
The Queens of Jurai went at it in this round. At first Misaki's lovable demeanor was favorite, but Funaho's sincerity and wisdom almost overcame. A good match. Next she clashes with the Jurain knight Sagami.

Tier 14 Amagasaki vs Sagami
The battle for who had the biggest bit part in an episode of Tenchi Muyo was also another see saw battle. Amagasaki thought he could overcome Sagami by appearing in Tenchi in Tokyo, but it bckfired and Sagami overcame him by hitting on Tenchi. Next he goes on to face the Queen of Jurai herself. Will he be able to overcome his duty? Oh baby? This one could go either way.

Tier 15 Mihoshi vs Kiyone
Another battle between two characters who only appeared in one Tenchi Muyo production. Each appeared in one Tenchi Muyo Movie. But Haruna was victorious over operative A who was slain by Kain who was angry after losing to Kagato. Kain is currenlty wanted for questioning. Any who wish to collect the bounty, please contact the Galaxy Police Headquarters at 1-800-911-GPHQ. Or on the web at

Tier 16 Mr. Fujisawa vs Yakage
Fujisawa's cameo in Tenchi in Tokyo qualified him for competitio in Tenchi March Madness. He got out to an early lead over the villan from the Manga. Completely sober he easily began to overpower even the strongest of villans. However as time went on he made frequent trips to the Mens' room and his performance began to faulter. When we went into the mens' room to interview him we found him with a large bottle of saki and a cigarette in his mouth. Ironcally, the teacher has received 100 hours detention for smoking and drinking on school ground. This sentence has been suspended until after he is no longer in the competition.

That's it baby! Its been a kick being the commentator for Tenchi Muyo March Madness. Looking forward to seeing you again next week. Until then, this is Dick Vitale signing off....

Round 2 results:

Commentary by Dick Vitale with special guest host Dennis Leary.

Dick Welcome back to week two of the Tenchi Muyo March Madness!! We've had a sad sad week this week. I'll explain more about this controversial issue in the matches' commentries. This week, we've got a very special treat for you. The NFL has Dennis Miller, the XFL has Jesse Ventura, and Nascar has Jason Priestly. So in following with this tradition, we've brought in Boston's very own Dennis Leary. Dennis, can you tell us what you think of the matchups this week.
Dennis Thanks Dick, its good to be here tonight. Glad somebody saw me as a being able to give better commentary than that *$%$ Dennis Miller. I mean that %$(*%$'s carreer is over, he treats every show he's on like Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. I mean get some $%*%ing variety in you act!
Dick Uh yeah. Well, we've got some good matchups this week including a few tragedies.
Dennis You wanna talk about tragedies? I'll tell you about tragedies. Its a $%# damn tragedy that Jason Priestly is doing commentary for Nascar. I mean can you think of a Nascar you think of greasy guys workin down in the pit with $%#% all over their face. And you think there's a man who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. And then you look up in the booth and you got some *$%#ing prepie that's wearing so much hairspray that he won't go anywhere near an open flame. Did you know I was up for that job? Huh? And they give it to that *$%$ Jason $$(%in Preistly. Can you believe that #$%*?
Dick Uh yeah. I think i may understand why you didn't land that Nascar deal. Well baby, we got some great matchups this week. Including some sad last minute disapp.... Dennis *Takes a sip of coffee* You call this coffee?
Dick Uh yeah. We can get you a fresh cup if you want one
Dennis Yeah I could use a fresh coffee, *Shoves some money in Dick's Pocket* Here's a dollar, why don't you run down the the Dunkin' Donuts and get me a nice BLACK coffee. You put some creme and sugar in that #$%^ and I'll snap your $%^&ing neck like a twig.
Dick Uh yeah. Well Dennis, I can't leave the booth right now we're in the middle of a commentary. We'll send out a page to Dunkin' Donuts to get you some coffee. Hey! Can we get this man some coffee? I fear for my life
Dennis You should.

Tier 1 Tenchi vs Ayeka
Dick Oh baby! All I can say about this one is one word. Blowout! Tenchi took the early lead and never looked back. Sad for the Princess. Soon into the match she tried to Summon Azaka and Kamidake but it was too late by the time she realized that she defeated them in the previous round. Next Tenchi goes on to face Washu. Oh baby! A Goddess vs an Avatar. What an exciting matchup!

Tier 2 Ryo-Ohki vs Washu
Dennis *Gets elbowed in the ribs by Dick* Huh? Oh right the red light is on. Yeah well, in this one we got some red haird chick vs some sort of rabbit thing kinda like a cat. Kinda cab-bit hehe get it combining the words cat and rabbit.
Dick Actually baby, that's what the cute little thing is called.
Dennis Hey! You speak when spoken to. Now was I speaking to you? No! Now... This "Cabbit" was beat by the red haird girl who apparently created the little rodent. But isn't that the way it should be? Hehe this commentary thing is kinda fun!

Tier 3 Yosho vs Achika
Dick This is one of those sad things which I mentioned before that happened this week. Things were going well for Yosho all week. Up until the end when a fury of absentee votes arrived which tipped the scale in Achika's favor. After review of these votes, it was discovered that all these votes for Achika were posted by the same person. Because of this Achika was disqualified and Yosho moves on to the next round. Oh baby! What a tragedy.

Tier 4 Tsunami vs Kagato
Dennis Let's see uh here. We got a tree vs an evil scientist. Hmmph well I gotta vote on the scientist. Let's see. Oh the tree won? That looks like a damn shame. *Takes a drag off his cigarette*.
Dick Uh Dennis, you can't smoke in the booth. See that sign over there says...
Dennis What did I just tell you about speaking when spoken to? And as for this sign... Look you just PULL it off the wall. Take a pen and sign the little *$@$%^& then throw it out into the audience. They get a souviner and problem solved. Anyway, the tree. Oh she's a goddess? In that case I bet on the tree. Anyway, I'm tired of talking about the money I lost on this. Back to you Dick. See, now I've spoken to you. You can go.

Tier 5 Ryoko vs Nagi
Dick And the blowout of the week was this one. I thought this was going to be a true grudgematch. Ryoko takes on her long time rival Nagi in a battle to end all battles. But Ryoko was the clear favorite collecting 92% of the vote. Too bad this one was such a landslide victory. In the early round Nagi got crushed by a falling building and was unable to pull herself from the rubble by the end of the competition. Oh baby what a disappointment. Next week Ryoko attempts to evade the Galaxy Police's finest.

Tier 6 Kiyone vs Mayuka
Dennis Let's see here... This is another one caused by the same absentee thing that happened with that uh... let's see Yosho against a chica. Yeah looks like some $*@$ voted a bunch of times just enough to tip the votes to Mayuka's favor. And uh.. she was uh.. Ah disqualified.

Tier 7 Misaki vs Sagami
Dick Oh baby, this was the grudge match this week. Each character only appeared in one episode of Tenchi Muyo. It was close all week, but never turned in Sagami's favor baby. But in the end Misaki gained a slight lead and held it to the end.

Tier 8 Haruna vs Fujisawa
Dennis Oh man I was likin' that kung fu dude. It looks like he got caught drinkin and smokin in the mens' room at halftime and came out and wasn't doing that Kung fu *$%^ anymore. I don't know why he gave up on that strategy.
Dick Uh Dennis, I thought i heard that it was you who gave him the alcohol and cigarettes.
Dennis Uh Dick. When spoken to? Uh yeah, I was in there takin a piss knocking back a few shots of scotch before coming back up here to this ultra helth concious environment and drinking this mud you call coffee and this nice guy asked for a few drinks. I didn't know he was going to bogart the entire thing. Anyway, how was I supposted to know that he couldnt' fight when he was drunk. Look at me, I'm Irish. We see drinking as a reason TO fight.

Dick Well, that's it for this week baby! I'd like to thank my very special guest Dennis for coming down this week. And I'll miss you next week. Too bad you can't come back.
Dennis Actually I had kinda good time. I was thinking I could come back next week and...
Dick Well that's great Dennis, but there's only enough room for one star commentator in this booth so good luck with your
Dennis Only enough room for one huh? Well mind if I ask a question to our fans?
Dick Sure Dennis. And I'm Dick Vitale signing off for Dennis Leary. See ya next week.

Round 3 results:

Commentary by Dick Vitale

Welcome back baby to Tenchi Muyo March Madness. Although we're well into April now, the competetors are still going strong. And despite Dennis's attempt to remove me from commentary, the majority of you guys voted me back on. I just wanna send out a personal thanks to everybody out there baby! Thanks again everybody!

Let's get to this week's action.

Tier 1 Tenchi vs Washu
Although I wouldn't call this one a runaway victory for Washu, she was definately the favorite. She got out to an early lead and never let up a bit. Tenchi tried to pull it within striking distance but never was able to gain any ground on the goddess. I guess that's just one of the disadvantages of being a mortal, even if you are favored by another goddess. Next Washu goes on to face her sister. Oh Baby! This is going to be a great battle.

Tier 2 Yosho vs Tsunami
Oh baby! The guarian of Jurai himself takes on its own god. The sparks flew during this battle as Yosho tried to defeat the goddess from who he had gathered his strength for so long. She thought by cutting off his power he would be an easy victory. But Oh baby! Did he have a surprise in stall for her. Drawing upon Ryoko's gems Yosho laid a heavy attack into Tsunami. Realizing this she cut off Yosho's power by not allowing him to gather power from Funaho his spaceship tree anymore and overcame him. What a battle, I'm shaking just thiniking about it. Next she goes on to face her sister Washu to see who is the most powreful of the two goddesses.

Tier 3 Ryoko vs Kiyone
Once again Ryoko eluded the Galaxy Police as her spree of crime continues. Even though Kiyone is one of the GP's best, she couldn't contain Ryoko. Sad really, a very one-sided victory for Ryoko. Next Ryoko Goes on to face the Queen of Jurai Misaki who has a grudge with Ryoko and her rapmage of destruction to the property of Jurai.

Tier 4 Misaki vs Haruna
Misaki overcame another opponent. This time she overcame her Nephew's former wife. It ended well though. Misaki gave "Little Haruna" a big hug afterwards. Oh baby Haruna's eyes practically popped out of their sockets.

Well, see you next week baby! We're down to the final four finally. In Vegas the odds are being placed. So far:

Ryoko    1:1
Washu    2:1
Tsunami  5:1
Misaki  12:1

Not that I'm a gambling man anyway baby! See you next week!

Round 4 results:

Commentary by Dick Vitale

Welcome back baby! The finals four is over and now it comes down to the last remaining characters. As expected its come down to a fierce final battle. Who will win this week?????? Its anybody's game at this point baby. Both competetors are evenly matched. But first let's get to this week's events!!

Tier 1 Washu vs Tsunami
Oh baby! Pitting sister against sister, goddess against goddess. And it comes down to this. Tsunami, who is personally responsible for the entire society of Jurai and all its culture. Caregiver of life baby! Against her Genius Scientist sister. Who is responsbie for... It looks like her past is a complete mystery. Just possiblity that she dated Dr. Clay in college. Yuck! Must've been the brew causing that. I've had Washu's special brew. Its something baby! But anyway, Washu was the early favorite in this one. And the Vegas bookies were right when they chose her to come out on top of Tsunami. A valient effort by Tsunami to come back into this one at the end but after all the smoke and Mecha-Ryokos had cleared Washu stood victorious. She moves on to the finals.

Tier 2 Ryoko vs Misaki
This was another early favorite from the beginning. Although Ryoko was inintially incapacitated by Misaki's powerful grasp, she managed to escape cleverly by calling Misaki "Pretty Young Lady". After that Misaki tried to take Ryoko out to the beauty salon to get "Ryoko's hair soft and not pointy anymore" But while sitting underneath the hair dryer, Ryoko switched Misaki's "Little Mermaid Soundtrack" tape with "Soothing Sounds of the Serengeti". Misaki fell asleep for 12 hours longer than she was supposted to be under the hair dryer and when she work up (The battereis in her walkman ran out) she had a frizzled hairdo baby. It was somthing to behold let me tell you. She promptly returned to Jurai where "Armand" is currently working to restore the softness of her hair. Ryoko advances to the final round in Misaki's absence.

Oh baby! Here it comes a battle! Mother vs Daughter! Goddess vs Avatar!! Anyway you cut it, there's going to be some lighthawk wings being thrown around today!! Oh baby! I'm so excited about the finals!! Happy voting everybody!!!

Final Round Update:

Good evening baby!. Well, the results from the final round were discovered to be tainted. Large quantities of votes from the same IP address were detected which caused the results to be completely wrong. So to make sure that its a fair battle the old polling method has been thrown out! And a more reliable polling method has been selected. Sorry everybody who voted the first time and were looking forward to see who won. Oh baby! This is going to be a battle to be remembered. Happy Voting!!

Update: What a final round baby. It was close all the way. But Ryoko was the winner receiving 53% of the votes baby. Ryoko was an early favorite from the beginning, but Washu gave her a run for her money.

Tune in soon for Tenchi Muyo Survivor 2: No Need for Survivors! This is Dick Vitale saying its been a great few weeks. I hope I get to do it again soon baby! Until then I'm Dick Vitale Signing off!!