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Name: Tenchi Masaki
Translation: Heaven & Earth
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Sex: Male
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Voice (Jpn): Masami Kikuchi
Voice (Eng): Matt K. Miller
Preferred Wpn: Tenchiken , it is also known as "The Master Key".
Powers: Tenchi can create 3 Lighthawk Wings.
Lighthawk Wings change their form to suit their users need.
For example one could be a sword another a shield and another armor.
Quote: "I would rather die, than forsake any one of them."
Tenchi Masaki

Tenchi Attacking With A Lighthawk WingIf you haven't guessed by the title Tenchi is the main character of this series. He lived on earth for 17 years until his perception of his life greatly changed...

Ever since he was young his grandfather trained him in the art of swordplay each summer while he was off from school. He trained less at home in the suburbs every night. He never knew why his grandfather trained him but he just accepted it. Tenchi grew up most of his life without his mother, who died when he was very young. He was raised by his father, Noboyuki and his grandfather Katsuhito. Because of this Tenchi gained a sense of responsibility.

Tenchi's Daughter Gives Him A Hug In The BathHis grandfather sensed great power in Tenchi. He learned his lessons well and became an excellent swordsman. Tenchi can create up to three Lighthawk wings. I'm not sure if he was born with this ability or if gained it after being regenerated by Tsunami.

Tenchi has a kind heart and is a bit indecisive when it comes to women. He has women who are interested in him all around him but he's yet to follow through with any of them. Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi, and Washu all have some interest for Tenchi.


TenchikenOne way or another Tenchi's sword eventually is introduced in each series. It has had three incarnations. During the OAV the sword which was used to remove the three gems from Ryoko was placed in a shrine to keep the demon forever imprisoned. When Yosho's daughter Achika had a bouncing baby boy the child was named after the sword. Thinking that the blade was damaged during the final battle between Ryoko and Yosho the people forged a new blade made of iron. By the time Tenchi finds the sword 700 years later the blade is well rusted and breaks almost immediately after being removed from the scabbard. The power of the sword is still intact however. When he strikes a nearby moss covered rock which has magical runes on it, the sword splits the rock in half. This opens the cave to where Ryoko is imprisoned and still recovering from her battle. Held within the hilt of the sword are the three gems. The power of the gems awoke Ryoko herself.

Tenchiken (The Japanese name for the sword) is also known as "The Master Key". The reason that it is called this is that it was Yosho's control mechanism for this Spaceship Tree, Funaho. Tenchiken, like other spaceship keys comes from the branch of a tree of Jurai. Usually the key is from the tree which it controls. The shape of the key depends on the user. For example Ayeka's key is her tiara. Since Yosho was to become the the King of Jurai he received a key from Tsunami, the first spaceship tree. This key can operate all other spaceship trees like a master key hence its name. Since Yosho was a master swordsman trained in Jurain Martial Arts the sword took the form of a Lightsaber-like sword with incredible power. Then again just about any part of Tsunami contains tremendous power. Tenchiken could be a blender which would kick you ass.

In the Tenchi Universe the sword appears almost the same. the hilt is smaller and Ryoko's gems are not present. The function is pretty much the same though but it is does not act as a master key for Jurain ships. In the English series the sword was finally given the name "Sword Tenchi" but I like Tenchiken better. This sword also appeared in Tenchi Muyo in Love. It was used briefly by Tenchi and by Achika who used it to slay Kain.

The sword also makes another appearance in Tenchi in Tokyo (Shin Tenchi Muyo). In this series the sword takes on an entirely different appearance. Once again the sword is a lightsaber-like sword with a lot of power. This time Tenchi received the sword from his mother before she died. The sword appears a bunch of crystals of even length. Because of its appearance and sentimental value, Tenchi made a necklace out of it which he wore until the day when he meant all the other characters. During that day he learned the power of the sword and it was split into a number of crystals which he gave to each of his new friends. Each person wears their crystal somewhere on their body.