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Mayuka Masaki
Name: Mayuka Masaki
Age: 16
True Age: 0
GP Classification: Tenchi's Daughter
Sex: Female
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Brown
Voice (Jpn): Junko Iwao
Voice (Eng): Julie Maddalena
Powers: Claws
Quote: "Hi Daddy!"

Mayuka slugging RyokoIn an attempt to get revenge on Yosho, the dark Jurain Tree's essence decides the best way to hurt the prince is by kidnapping his beloved grandson. She does by stealing some of Tenchi's hair. Combining the DNA in the hair with her own she creates a clone. This clone is given the name, Mayuka. Mayuka's memories tell her that Tenchi is her father. Somehow she is placed in the past where she meets her father. In reality she was just created and her memories are false.

Using Mayuka, Yazuha tries to steal Tenchi away to the Dimension of Darkness. Mayuka is an innocent girl caught up in a conspiracy which eventually costs her her life. Her personality and appearance shares traits Ryoko, Sasami, Ayeka, and Mihoshi. This makes it hard to tell who is the mother. She knows only that Tenchi is her father. Her memories of her mother are shrouded. She has very little modesty about her body. At one point in the movie she takes a bath with her father

Yazuha has a hypnotic control over her. At any given time Yazuha can take over Mayuka. Any resistance causes extreme pain which she is incapable of enduring. Mayuka's mission is to transport Tenchi to the Dimension of Darkness. In order to teleport him there she needs to make out with him. I don't quite understand this but...

Mayuka's powers are a combination of her Mother and Father. Her natural form is that of a furry beastlike creature, resembling her mother. She has the ability to create illusions. She can create a sword similar to the sword Tenchi can create. She uses this illusion ability to make it look like Tenchi's lighthawk sword. She uses her powers without her knowing in the movie, that is why her sword looked like Tenchi's.

At the end of the Movie she is killed by her mother and becomes a crystal from which she came. Using this crystal Washu was able to resurrect Mayuka. She was reborn as a baby and will be able to grow up. Will we see more of her in the future? Pioneer only knows :). I personally don't care for this character. But then again I don't like Mihoshi either.