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Name: Misaki Masaki Jurai
GP Classification: 2nd Queen of Jurai
Sex: Female
Race: Juraian
Age: 737
Birth Year: 1259
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Pink
Voice (Jpn): Yoshiko Sakakibara
Voice (Eng): Grace Zandarski
Spaceship: Karin
Powers: Super Strength
  Her Position
Quote: "How Cute :)"

Misaki showing disapproval of her Daughter's hair Misaki is the only daughter of Seto and is by far the most popular queen in the history of Jurai (except for Masaki, that is.) As she was growing up, Misaki became an enthusiastic, cheerful, lovable little girl. She was also a great climber. Misaki is the only person in the history of Jurai Empire who could climb the gigantic Heaven's Tree*.

When Misaki was four, she was chosen to be Azusa's wife. Problem: he already chose a wife: an earthling named Funaho. This caused a turmoil among the Royal family. Curious what all the fuss was about, Misaki decided to pay Funaho a visit. She went there her usual way- climbing. You can imagine Funaho's shock when she saw a little girl balancing on the side of the window. Misaki was too young to understand the law, so she figured that she and Funaho would be First Queens together. This innocent misunderstanding developed into a deep bond. Pretty soon, the two started to refer to each other as sisters.

As Misaki grew up, she became quite a fighter, winning one tournament after another. Her amazing fighting skills, plus a bright, cheerful personality made Misaki popular with Jurains. Meanwhile, Funaho was being ridiculed left and right by Amaki clan.One time, during an interview, a Amaki-based reporter asked Funaho a particularly nasty question, sending Misaki into tears. Poor guy quickly became a victim of a very angry mob. After that, no one dared to ridicule Funaho openly. Also, Misaki gave a lot of speeches about how cool Funaho was. Ultimately, it made Jurains accept Funaho as one of their own.

When Misaki was 19, she officially married Azusa. Meanwhile, Misaki developed a weird crush on Yosho. Every morning, she climbed into his room (while Yosho was still in his pajamas) and yelled "Yosho-chan. Good morning!!" He was suppose to say: "Good morning, Lady Misaki. You look very cheerful today, as usual." or she would be disappointed, puff out her cheeks, stick her cold hand in his blanket and tickle him. To make matters worse, Misaki watched Yosho go though his morning routine, an I mean EVERY part of the morning routine (she went as far as watching Yosho go to the bathroom.) After Yosho was done, Misaki would leave the same way she came, wishing him good day. This little routine stopped when Yosho was engaged to marry Ayeka. A day after the event, Misaki showed up at the usual time, looking miserable. She then said that Yosho is old enough to take care of himself and left abruptly. After that, Misaki never came to Yosho's room in the morning again... Yosho thought it was because of something Seto had said, but I think differently.

After growing up and marrying Azusa she became the second queen of Jurai. She is also the mother of Ayeka and Sasami. She loves anything that is cute and does not approve of people being disrespectful to herself or her family. If anybody is disrespectful, and she figures out that they are there will be hell to pay. She doesn't blast them with any sort of laser or something like that. She'll simply grab you and lift you off the floor. Usually by something that isuncomfortable such as your face or your hair. What she's doing to Ryoko above is what she does to people she does like. Imagine if you really pissed her off.

After Azusa's marriage to the earthling Funaho, there was a lot of turmoil on Jurai. The nobles did not approve of inter-racial marriages. Especially of their king. The king took a second wife both to try to quell the anger of the nobles and because it was arranged before he became queen. Much like Yosho's arranged marriage to Ayeka.

Misaki has two circular markings on her forehead. This is considered in Jurian society verydesirable. Misaki uses make-up to achieve this effect. It is believed that people with such markings are blessed by Tsunami. Even though some women use make-up to create these markings, those with true markings are rare. Sasami and Tenchi have true blessings. I believe that the one marking indicates that she is the first queen.

*For more information about Heaven's Tree, see Mistuki's bio