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Mitsuki Amaki
Name: Mitsuki Amaki
GP Classification:  
Age: Deceased
Sex: Female
Hair: Light Blue
Eyes: Purple
Spaceship: Kirito
Powers: Mistuki can synchronize with Heaven's Tree
Quote: ""


Mistuki is one of the characters that only appears in the Manga or Tenchi Muyo Novels. Most the Manga are availabe in the US through Viz comics. But I don't think that the novels are translated into english yet. I'm hoping that they will be included in the Third OAV. Mistuki is possibly one of the most tragic characters in the history of any Tenchi Muyo storyline.

Mistuki was the granddaughter of the Kotono Amaki- a man who was Jurai King before Azusa. Her mother died under unknown circumstances when she was very young. Thus, she wound up in the care of her father: Syuuzen Amaki- a man of mysterious origins.

As Mistuki grew up, she began to manifest an amazing ability. She could synchronize with Heaven's Tree- (a Royal Tree that houses the Jurai Royal Palace- Tenjyu) allowing her to see everything that was going on inside. At first, it didn't seemed harmless - until Syuuzen found out about it. You see, benief the noble and caring facade Syuuzen displayed hid a Pirate spy. The only reason why he married Mistuki's mother is to use his new position to discover Jurai's most precious, deepest secrets. And when he found out about his daughter's gift, the opportunity was just too big to pass up.

Since then, he asked Mistuki to spy on certain people, observe secret meetings, etc. Poor girl never realized what kind of damage she was doing to her homeland. All she cared about was making her father happy.

Then, one day,a minister from one of the Jurai's ally kingdoms was attacked by a Pirate guild. The attack was carried out using the information obtained by Mistuki. All of the escort ships were destroyed, and the prime minister would of surely perished if it weren't for Azusa's uncle. He managed to shield the minister's ship and cover it's retreat. Although the Prime Minister was safe,the loss was devastating.

Immediately, Seto realized it was an inside job. Using her spy network, she managed to put two to two together. Now, the top Jurai officials were faced with a difficult decision. Normally, both Mistuki and Syuuzen would be convicted of high treason and exiled with no royal trees to support them. However, this situation was anything but ordinary. As it turned out, Mistuki's amazing ability had a drawback. Her life depended on the energy of all five 1st-generation royal trees. Sending Mistuki anywhere outside Jurai meant immediate death. No Jurai noble could bring himself to murder an innocent girl.

Also, there were fears that if the incident was ever made public, it would cause people would lose faith in Jurai's security. After a hot discussion, Jurai King, Seto and Azusa's uncle decided it's best to hide the truth. So, both Syuusen and Mistuki were left untouched. But the incident was far from over. The officials from all member-nations of the Galactic Union, as well as Supreme Council of Jurai, demanded an explanation. Jurai King had to come up with a cover story. At the end, Azusa's uncle volunteered to be a fall guy. He was blamed for the incident and tried for high treason. As a punishment, he lost all his privileges and was exiled to an outpost planet. He was disconnected from his Royal Tree and forbidden to ever return to Jurai.

Mistuki was still considered to be too much of a liability to be allowed to walk around freely. She was confined to a specially designed chamber. It was a cozy little spot with a great view at Jurai. The chamber was declared off-limits to anybody except for Jurai King. She has spent at least twenty more years in the chamber. Of course, over time, she became bored and lonely.

Mistuki was looking though the palace when she saw Azusa. Back then, he was just an average 13-year-old who was training to become a next Jurai King. Azusa was lonely and bitter. He hated his life, his responsibilities, and especially his mentor, Seto. As she watched him struggle, Mistuki felt a kinship for him. Using her powers, she caused a transporter malfunction, teleporting Azusa right into her chamber. For Azusa, it was love at first site. And, despite their age difference, Mistuki felt the same way too.

Since then, the two started seeing each other on regular bases. But, like so many other forbidden romances, it all came to a tragic end. Syuusen, who kept Mistuki under surveilence, found out about Azusa's visits.Despite Mistuki's pleas, Azusa was sentenced to death. Fortunately, Seto came to the rescue. Using blackmail, she managed to get Syuusen to drop the charges.

Short time later, Azusa was called by the Royal Trees, which was a signal to begin an initiation ceremony. Azusa was escorted by Jurai King, Seto, Mistuki and representative from Tatsuki clan to the chamber that housed the Jurai Royal Trees . However, none of the lower generation trees accepted Azusa as a partner. Same thing happened with all 2nd generation trees. At this point, everybody was freaked. No one could bring themselves to believe that a young boy like Azusa would be chosen by a 1st generation tree. The owner of the 1st generation tree had more power then all second-generation trees combined.

Using the confusion, Mistuki offered to escort Azusa to the 1st generation tree garden. She led Azusa to a gigantic royal tree those size rivaled Heaven's Tree. Mistuki explained that it was her tree. It didn't have a name, so Mistuki asked Azusa to come up with one. Azusa protested, since only the owner had a right to rename his or her tree. Mistuki smiled and explained that the Azusa was now the tree's owner. Before Azusa could protest, Mistuki collapsed.

Azusa rushed to her side. Still smiling, Mistuki explained that she had enough with people getting hurt on her behalf. After what happened to Azusa , she decided that she should not cause anymore suffering and cut herself off from life-support. With her last ounce of strength, she told Azusa she loved him. Mistuki died in Azusa's arms.

Heartbroken, Azusa decided to name his tree Kirito- a Fogged Moon*. He took Mistuki's body aboard the ship, where it became integrated with Kirito's structure. Thus, some part of Mistuki will always be with Azusa no matter what.

On a side note, Kirito is the tree that appeared at the end of OVA 13. On another interesting note, Mistuki had a very unusual key- it was her right eye. It is unclear what happened to her real eye or how come the key took on such an unusual form.


* During one of their meetings, Mistuki told Azusa an old legend. It goes something like this:

... Long time ago, there was a goddess of the Moon. Her amazing beauty attracted many gods, but none of them could reach the Moon in the sky. Only the God of the Water could hold her by reflecting the Moon on the water. The other Gods became jealous of God of the Water and caused a storm in the water, making the reflection impossible. But the God of Water refused to give up on his beloved. When the Goddess returned to the sky, the God of the Water hid her by the fog so the other Gods could not see her. This is why the fog appears at the nights when the most beautiful full Moon can be seen.