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Name: Nagi
GP Classification: A-1 Bounty Hunter
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Voice (Jpn): Mizue Ohtsuka
Voice (Eng): Julia Demita
Spaceship: Ken-Ohki
Preferred Wpn: Laser Sword
Capture Whip
Quote: "I'm not here for you!"

Nagi is a top rated bounty hunter. And her latest bounty is Ryoko. Through many years of chasing her Nagi has gained a lot of respect for Ryoko as an arch-rival. And refuses to let anybody but herself capture or kill Ryoko.

She is ruthless and efficient. She goes from space bar to space bar searching for any leads on Ryoko. Nagi finally captured Ryoko in the Tenchi Universe but she escaped due to Ayeka's meddling. Ryoko turned the tables and had Nagi at her mercy. She spared Nagi because Ryo-Ohki wanted her to spare Nagi.

After this Nagi still wished to capture Ryoko, but she became much more honorable about it. In the last episodes of the Tenchi Universe she actually took on most of the Jurian fleet to make sure that nobody would capture Ryoko. She even passed up an opportunity to capture her because Ryoko was too injured to fight her.

Nagi has a cabbit as well named Ken-Ohki. Ken-Ohki is a male cabbit and develops a relationship with Ryo-Ohki. The love between Ryo-Ohki and Ken-Ohki is the reason that Ryo-Ohki wanted Nagi to be spared.