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Noboyuki Masaki
Name: Noboyuki Masaki
Jpn Spelling: Nobuyuki
Occupation: Architect
Sex: Male
Age: 43
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Voice (Jpn): Takeshi Aono
Voice (Eng): Jay Hopper
Young Voice (Eng): Andy Philpot
Powers: Noboyuki has the innate ability to annoy and repel members of the opposite sex.
Quote: "This is the traditional attire for... peeping."

Noboyuki is the lucky devil that Achika fell in love with. They later married and nine years later gave birth to Tenchi. After Achika's death he never remarried. One of the reasons that Achika is believed to have fell in love with him is his appearance is similar to that of her father's During the movie Tenchi Muyo in Love Noboyuki was shown much younger. When he was he looked a lot like Tenchi.

Noboyuki in short is a pervert. He's constantly trying to get a look at the girls at the house. He has always enjoyed playing with the latest gizmos usually motion picture cameras. All of which just happened to be produced by Pioneer, talk about product placement. He also designed and built the house which Tenchi lives in. It was built in the suburbs of a major city, but got moved by Ryoko in OAV 1. The house crashed in the woods conveniently near Grandfather's shrine. The location was more convenient and the scenery better so they never tried to move it back.