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 Select Music :
Name: Sagami
GP Classification: Juraian Border Official
Profession: Juraian Swordsman
Sex: Male
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Voice (Jpn): Unknown
Voice (Eng): Unknown
Preferred Wpn: Juraian Wooden Sword
Powers: Juraian Swordsmanship
Quote: "Excuse me. Now where are my manners, My name is Sagami."









Sagami was a very minor character who appeared in Episode 21 of the Tenchi Universe. He is a Jurian Swordsman positioned on the border of Jurian space. While Jurai has influence over a very large portion of space, it does maintain an inner border to keep space criminals from entering Jurain space and harming the citizens within.

At one of the checkpoints at which spaceships are checked is stationed Sasami's uncle. When Tenchi and the others were wanted for treason, they were caught at this checkpoint. Sagami is Sasami's uncle's right hand man. He follows his orders without question, even to the point of releasing highly wanted criminals into Jurain space.

Sagami is very saavy. He's a ladies man at heart and even hits on Tenchi when he was disguised as a schoolgirl to sneak past the border. Sagami is a rather skilled swordsman and stealthfully defeated a number of guards to aid Tenchi and the others' escape. Sagami believes in the old code of Jurain Chivalry. He also does not simply follow orders like a soldier. He fights for what he believes is right.