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Sakuya Kumashiro
Name: Sakuya Kumashiro
Profession: Student
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Voice (Jpn): Mayumi Iizuka
Voice (Eng): Julie Maddalena
Powers: Sakuya is a Shadow of Yugi
Quote: "You're a lousy liar!"




Sakuya is a new character introduced in Tenchi in Tokyo which is also known as Shin Tenchi Muyo. She is the first character who Tenchi falls in love with. As you can imagine this does not go over very smoothly with the girls back at the house. Specifically Ayeka and Ryoko. While Sakuya is a normal human she is putting herself in danger by getting involved with Tenchi. After all he's on the hit list of many an alien villain. No to mention the danger involved in getting in the way of Ayeka and Ryoko.

She is attending a college in Tokyo. She is one of the most popular girls in school and there's a lot of word going around the school about the new guy who has stolen the heart of the girl that has yet to be impressed.

Sakuya is a shadow (incarnation) of Yugi. This means that Yugi and Sakuya are the same person, sort of like Sasami and Tsunami. Yugi sent Sakuya to interfere with the bond between Tenchi and the girls. By doing this the crystals that make up the sword become less powerful. Sakuya has no memories of her childhood, parents, or even how she got to Tokyo because she never experienced these things.

I don't really like this character. There are very few characters in the the wild world of Tenchi that I don't like. Mihoshi and Mayuka would be the others. Hey, what ever happened to Mayuka? Did she grow up to be Sakuya? Hmmm... anyway, I haven't liked the direction they've been going with the series lately. And the new voice talents gotta go. Let's see Sherry Lynn back as the voice of Kiyone eh? And Noboyuki's old goofy voice from the Tenchi Universe was superb.

In case you care about these things, something that I do, the voice talent for Sakuya and Mayuka are the same for a series of ads on Nick at Nite. Listen to the animated voice of Marsha Brady! I'd like to thank everybody who provided the above information. I still haven't had a chance to buy the Shin Tenchi Muyo tapes yet. But I just got a job today (January 26, 2000) so I should be purchasing them soon.