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Name: Sasami Jurai Masaki
GP Classification: Juraian Princess
Sex: Female
Age: 8
True Age: 708
Height: 4'0"
Birthday: February 14th
Zodiac: Aquarius
Blood Type: O
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Pink
Voice (Jpn): Chisa Yokoyama
Voice (Eng): Sherry Lynn
Spaceship: Tsunami
Powers: Sasami herself has no powers. However she is linked to Tsunami and what more do you need?
Quote: "You're a naughty boy aren't you Tenchi *Giggle*"
Sasami Jurai Masaki

Sasami is the younger sister of Ayeka. Sasami is a paradox of childishness and maturity. While she enjoys the childhood pleasures she also harbors a deeper level of maturity. Being a member of the Juraian Royal Family she inherited some abilities. But she lost these during her unfortunate incident.

TsunamiSasami was fatally wounded when Kagato commanded Ryoko to lead the first successful attack on Jurai. During the attack a Juraian battleship crashed into a building which Sasami was in. Sasami fell into a deep chasm where there were many trees of Jurai. One of these trees was Tsunami who sensed that Sasami was dying. Tsunami used some of her life force to save her. Ever since that time two triangular markings have been visible on her forehead.

Tsunami and Sasami are assimilated for the time being Sasami and Tsunami are separate beings but when Sasami grows up she will become one Tsunami. Because of this Sasami is haunted my terrifying nightmares which occur frequently. They usually are visions of things to come. Not exactly the way they will occur but they give her an idea of what is going to happen. Her nightmares are not set in stone though, she can change the future by making others make different decisions that would lead to thier future. An example was of her dream that Tokimi would take Tenchi away from her when she needed him.

Markings on Sasami's ForeheadThe triangular marks on Sasami's forehead are considered to be a status symbol on Jurai and that is something that all Juraians want. It represents power and only the most powerful of Juraians have them. Not even Yosho has these markings on his forehead. Some achieve this through the use of make-up, however Sasami's are real, and so are Tenchi's.

Sasami Atop Ryo-OhkiThere is also a spin off of Tenchi call Pretty Sammy. This spin off where Sasami is a magician and can generate any effect with an incantation and a wave of her magic wand was created in the mind of Mihoshi. Pretty Sammy first made her appearance in the Special Mihoshi's Space Adventure. Mihoshi's space adventure casts all the characters in different roles playing out the parts of Mihoshi's greatest job. During the special was the first appearance of Kiyone who later became a main character when the Tenchi Universe was released in Japan.

If you want to learn more about Pretty Sammy click here.