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Seto Kamaki Jurai
Name: Seto Kamaki Jurai
Age: Over 10,000 years old.
Race: Juraian
GP Classification: Queen Mother of Jurai
Sex: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Light green
Eyes: Blue
Voice (Jpn): Yukari Nozawa
Voice (Eng): Melora Harte
Spaceship: Mikagami.
Preferred Wpn: Power of Jurai.
Powers: Unknown
Quote: "I'll sit back and observe. Oh, ho, ho."

Seto is known throughout the galaxy as Oni Hime of Jurai (The Devil Princess of Jurai). She commands and receives the utmost respect from her subjects and expects nothing less than her orders followed to the T. After Seina’s unfortunate run-in with a horde of pirate ships, it is Seto’s flagship, The Mikagami, that has enough firepower to single handedly capture the entire pirate fleet. Because she knows she would not have apprehended the pirates had Seina not been there, she sponsors his trip to the Academy despite the fact that Interstellar Law prohibits purebred Earthlings from joining the Academy…but Seto’s word is as good as gold.

The mother of Misaki and the grandmother of Ayeka and Sasami, Seto was originally an orphan who survived the pirate raid on planet K-1190 (thanks to Washu's friend Naja Akari, who lost her life because of it). It was soon afterward she was adopted by Ushio, head of the Kamaki clan of Jurai's royal family, after he recognized her superhuman talents. Later, she was married to Utsutsumi, who succeeded Ushio as the clan's head. By nature, Seto is a kind person, but with a very short temper. She is also superhumanly strong, which can be very terrifying. She is also known for arranging marriages among the gentry of Jurai society. It is also said that Seto's political and military influence is even greater than that of the Emperor of Jurai himself. Seto also has an adopted daughter, Noike, who for a time lived with Tenchi and her granddaughters on Earth.