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Name: Tsunami
GP Classification: Goddess
Sex: Female
Age: 20,000+
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Pink
Voice (Jpn): Chisa Yokoyama
Voice (Eng): Sherry Lynn
Powers: In human form, Tsunami has the most potent Jurai energy. She also commands 10 Lighthawk Wings.
Quote: "I am the mind of this ship"


In the Tenchi Universe there are three sisters who are goddesses. Tokimi, Tsunami, and Washu. Tsunami's physical form is that of a gigantic tree. She is the first generation of Jurai's battleships. All other spaceship trees, including Ayeka's Ryu-Oh, and Yosho's Funaho are descendents from Tsunami. As with all other spaceship trees, Tsunami has a key. This key is given to Jurai royalty. Tsunami's key is called Tenchiken and is the sword which Tenchi has in the OAV and Tenchi Universe. Because this key comes from the first generation tree it can control other spaceship trees and has been given the name "The Master Key". Anyone from the Jurain Royal Family can use the key to override control over any other spaceship tree. Even if somebody else is using the tree's key.

Tsunami has a great amount of love for the Jurain people. With her watching over them they have ascended to the most powerful empire in the galaxy. The Jurains even cultivate trees made from the seeds of Tsunami to make their spaceship trees. The children of Tsunami's power are only rivaled by the power of Ryo-Ohki being helped by Ryoko's gems.

An average spaceship tree has two Lighthawk Wings. Tsunami has 10 this is why she is the flagship of the Jurian Empire. However, she is not under the command of a Jurian captain. Instead she does not have any captain. The closest thing to a commander that she has is Sasami.

Over 700 years ago Kagato, in an attempt to capture the power of Tsunami attacked Jurai. He used his captured Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki to do the attack. During the heat of battle, Sasami was where the spaceship trees were being grown. A battleship outside was shot down and crashed into the building. Sasami was knocked off the platform where she was and fell to her death. While she was lying there some of her blood entered a irrigation canal that was connected to Tsunami. Sensing Sasami's fading life, Tsunami used her power to assimilate Sasami into herself. The result was Tsunami and Sasami becoming one. For now they are seperate but one day when Sasami is mature enough they will become one.

As a battleship, Tsunami has the strength of 10 Lighthawk wings. She also posses an immense firepower and defensive shields. Tsunami can teleport and become invisible.

Tsunami also appears in the Pretty Sammy series where she is a candidate for the Queenship of a magical kingdom called Juraihelm. In order to become queen she must choose a champion who earns "points" by doing good things. She selects Sasami as her champion and gives Sasami her magical baton and Ryo-Ohki as her guardian. The other candidate creates Pixie Misa to thwart Tsunami's intentions.