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Name: Yugi
Age: 35,006
GP Classification: Juraian Mutant
Sex: Female
Height: 3'4"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Voice (Jpn): Unknown
Voice (Eng): Debi Derryberry
Powers: Force Field
  Energy Blast
  Summon Demons
Quote: "Beauty is in the eye of the destroyer"

Trapped in the early millenia ago and sealed away by Jurian priests, Yugi remained trapped beneath Tokyo until a recent earthquake released her. Upon her awakening, her 3 servants revived and joined her. Her goal is to capture the crystal that Tenchi wore around his neck until it was split into many fragments. Each fragment was given to one of the girls representing the bond that existed between them. Yugi wants this crystal but can't take it outright from Tenchi and the others. In order to weaken the crystal's power, Yugi sends a shadow of herself to Tenchi and tries to deteriorate the bond between them. This Shadow's name is Sakuya.

During her encounters with Tenchi and the others, Yugi makes friends with Sasami by creating a duplicate of herself, only less sinister. Using this duplicate she plays with Sasami and lures her away from danger, usually caused by Yugi herself.

Yugi wields a large amount of power, her energy blasts are a number of focused energy blasts channeled into one and released with devestating effect. She draws her power from crystals which she appear with usually between scenes.

She also has three servants which aid her in her conquest of earth. These servants are responsible for keeping Tenchi and Sakuya together and away from the girls. Yugi also employs demons, robots, and monsters as the need comes about. She is even capable of disrputing inventions of Washu such as her spy net.